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  1. G

    AAF suspends football operations

    I may be in a post-Super Bowl state of football euphoria, but I'm going to give the new league a shot. I'm interested to see some of the ideas they have for new rules in action, and they've got enough guys I've heard of where I think it might be worth a look. I know there's a handful of...
  2. Triumph

    Bill Polian refs gave NE 2 super bowl appearances.

    And, Edelman punt had no conclusive evidence that he DID not touch the ball. Call on the field should have stayed. Bad call on Ford in a championship game.Never should have been called. Gift for NE. I don't recall the other call that sent NE to the super bowl, but Polian does. NFL Sirius...
  3. D

    Commissioner Bill Polian?

    Jerry Jones wants Roger Goodell gone - here's who he wants instead [Pro Football Weekly] Reports are that Jerry Jones wants to replace Roger with Bill Polian. Even considering how much pull Jerry has, I can't see this happening. But it really speaks to how divorced from reality this guy has...
  4. Froob

    Is BB the GOAT GM?

    Most agree he's probably the GOAT coach but, in the salary cap era he's also managed to win five super bowls with final say on personal. Where's that put him all time?
  5. TommyBrady12

    Bill Polian: Pats are not that good

    Bill Polian Has Some Fighting Words For Patriots, Says They Aren’t Invincible
  6. P

    Daily Notebook: Wednesday Patriots News and Notes 5/10

    Daily Notebook: Wednesday Patriots News and Notes 5/10 Ian Logue Here's a look at today's Patriots-related articles for Wednesday, May 10th, 2017. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  7. oldrover

    Bill Polian: "We had a 1st round grade on Brady"

    Bill Polian claims Colts had a first-round grade on Tom Brady This guy is pathological! Polian...
  8. C

    The Marvin Harrison Murder Story

    With all of this talk about whether TO (and now Moss) should be in the HOF, how in the hell did Marvin Harrison get in? Where were the character concerns then Polian?
  9. AtomicDawg

    Bill Polian on Moss/T.O. in the HOF: "I take neither"

    Unreal. Same guy who drafted Carruth, Marvin Harrison, and who said "BREAK HIS LEGZZ!!" in the press box re: Doug Flutie. I can see the whites of my eyes as I roll them. :rolleyes:
  10. N

    Now Bill Polian takes a shot at the Patriots

    Please merge if this has been posted. Boy, am I furious on reading this moronic shots: :mad: Bill Polian Takes Veiled Shot at Patriots, Says Peyton Manning Won His Super Bowl ?the Right Way, Honestly? | NFL | Why the heck did Mr. Kraft and BB keep quiet and did not fight...

    Did Polian turn up the RCA heat?

    Wonder if it was more than a coincidence that Polian and Irsay knowing that the Patriots players were tired from the previous game and many were overcoming the flu that making the temperature setting in the dome feeling more like Miami in September would cause those guys to wilt later in the...
  12. R

    PFT: Polian Has A Hidden Agenda

    POLIAN HAS A HIDDEN AGENDA? We noted recently an apparent overlap in the representation of kicker Adam Vinatieri during his negotiations with the Colts. It seems to us that Gary Uberstine initiated contact with Indy while Vinatieri was still being represented by Neil Cornrich's firm...