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  1. upstater1

    We are still the Patriots, and I will enjoy and look forward to a great future

    I have watched too much football to not have faith in Belichick and McDaniels. In Belichick's first stint in New England as a DC, he was the difference that brought us to the 96 Super Bowl. Then he went to the Jets w/ Parcells and that team was a bear to play against. I wanted Belichick in the...
  2. Triumph

    Report: JJ Watt led BOB mutiny in Houston

    Screw that job. Rumor is that McDamiels is on the short list.
  3. 203Pat

    Bill O’Brien fired

    See if that snake Easterby works his way up the ladder further.
  4. Ian

    OT: Texans Interested in AB?

    Desperate times are apparently potentially calling for desperate measures for Bill O'Brien: I don't know if he's a guy who can handle the type of challenges that might come with this one :rolleyes:
  5. PatsGuy

    BOB gets an extension

    Looks like he’ll b Houston’s coach for awhile
  6. Deus Irae

    NFL coaching and executives carousel: news and speculation

    Given that black Monday is coming, I thought it would be better to have one that's general like this, as well as the Patricia thread. If people disagree, the mods can merge them. Now, on to it, and we should probably try to limit the speculative reports to the more likely sources:
  7. Bradyking12

    If McDaniel's leaves after this season

    What if O'brien gets fired from the Texans would you guys be ok with O'brien being our offensive coordinator again? imo I think Josh stays but what if...
  8. M

    Bill O'Brien and Clock Management

    Bill O'Brien and Clock Management Bill O'Brien apologized for poor clock management. He should have called time out at 12 seconds rather than letting the clock run down to 3 seconds. He's right...Does he not understand that wasn't the only time he screwed up??? He wasted a time out on a...
  9. P

    Five Takeaways From Sunday's Win Over Houston

    Five Takeaways From Sunday's Win Over Houston Ian Logue Fortunately, the Patriots find themselves sitting at 2-1 after defeating the Texans 36-33 on Sunday, which may be a game we talk about at the end of the year given the fact it may end up having playoff implications should Houston be in...
  10. NE-VT

    The Patriots Offensive System: Erhardt-Perkins

    I feel the Patriots innovative and mutable offense during Belichick's tenure is deeply tied to the Erhardt-Perkins offensive system. You can read more about this EP system in this article. Speak My Language The tldr: The Patriots use a simplified terminology for their route calling. This...
  11. AtomicDawg

    2017 Training Camp - Day 13 (8/15/17) (Joint Practice with the Texans)

    The Pats are in WV ready to practice with the Texans. These guys know each other well so the competition will be very interesting.
  12. Clonamery

    Coaching TB "is one of the most difficult jobs"

    Bill O’Brien explains why coaching Tom Brady is ‘one of the most difficult jobs’ "One of the most difficult jobs you can have is coaching Tom because he wants to be coached, you coach him every single day, every minute of the day and all year round because he's all football."
  13. Dexter

    Joint Practices this year

  14. thecore762

    Texans fan starts GoFundMe page to oust Brock Osweiler

    TEXANS FAN STARTS GOFUNDME PAGE TO OUST BROCK OSWEILER Texans fan starts GoFundMe page to oust Brock Osweiler LOL Maybe we give the Texans JimmyG for a first round pick and a 2nd round pick? :p
  15. Froob

    Official Monday Night on BSPN Game Thread: Brock N' Roll vs Semen and the Donkeys

    Texans defense better show up, I can't stand how overrated Siemian is. And Gruden will take the ridiculousness to the next level lol.
  16. UptownPatsFan

    Slightly OT

    Lol! Tensions spike between Bill O'Brien and Brock Osweiler in Houston