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  1. TheRainMaker

    Asante goes off on Bill/Pats organization

    No more Twitter, he finally speaks! He tells a heated confrontation between him and BB regarding his contract, says Bill holds players back, players are lying on how “good” it is and too afraid to speak up on how they’re treated like “s***”, Tom is the reason Bill gets away with signing “random...
  2. Biffins

    Belichick criticism mega-thread

    Here they come. Knives out! USA Today: Belichick's greatest mistake was betting against Tom Brady. I'll post other media content related to the title here as well so it's all in one place.
  3. S

    Lawrence Tynes: Giants were worried about Pats spying

    Former K Lawrence Tynes says Giants were afraid of Patriots spying on practices, calls New England fans ‘disgusting’ - “There’s a lot of smoke and a lot of questions — obviously we’ll revisit those when Tom (Brady’s) done — but I mean there’s a lot of things where you just kinda...
  4. S

    Bob Kravitz writes about Deflategate [Four Games in Fall Documentary] Not a subscriber so I can’t read it but this sounds like it could be an admission he was wrong without actually saying it. Where are those NFL PSI reports anyway? Does Kravitz know?
  5. R

    Why the hell did we not try harder to keep TB12?

    I remember at this time last year, we were talking about if Brady had regressed passed a point of no return. The answer is a resounding no, the roster in 2019 was full of scrubs on offense with an injured Edelman. Brady now has AB,Evans, Godwin and Gronk back and his completion percentage rose...
  6. DropKickFlutie

    Time for a New Offensive Coordinator

    Is Chad O'Shea, Bill O'Brien, or Charlie Weiss available? It is time for a new offensive coordinator for the following reasons: 1. Offense Inept 2 years in a Row. Even with Tom Brady this offense only scored 17.6 points per game the last 9 games in 2019, same as this year 20 points per game...
  7. ChrisR2223

    The moment you realize Brandon Allen is Better than any QB In New England

    Nothing else needs to be said. God I hope the Organization gets the QB position right.
  8. crawhammer

    Debate Brady vs Belichick?

    With Brady leading his new team into the postseason, his old team is floundering pathetically and will miss the postseason for only the second time in the past 18 seasons. The two seasons missing the postseason, 2008 and 2020, no Brady. The main reason the Patriots will not make the postseason...
  9. DropKickFlutie

    Pats league-worst this decade in drafted receiver receptions, yards, TDs "When McDaniels and Caserio were tasked with scouting New England's opposing receivers and corners, they took it further, creating a formula for size, speed, ball skills, scheme and assignments...
  10. DropKickFlutie

    Article: Curious Offensive Playcalls in Loss

    I'm glad this article calls out things. McDaniels play calls were messed up. Red Zone issues going on 4 weeks now. Offense improved when McDaniels let Cam make more intermediate passes in the second half. Also the onside kick by Belichick was baffling and lost all the momentum...
  11. Brick27

    Where’s Josh McDaniels fall within all of this?

    He had the tall task of functioning an offense post-TB12, and eyes rightfully should have been on him going into this year. So far he hasn’t been able to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. Is he really putting this team in a position to make the best use of players and “put them in the best...
  12. PonyExpress

    Patriots’ drafting over last 20, 10 and 5 years

    If you go to pro football reference, every player drafted gets assigned a seasonal and career value score called AV. if we just look at the career AV totals of players drafted by NE vs Balt vs Seat over the last 20, 10 and 5 year increments we see: Pats 20 yr AV total: 2691 Last 10 years: 1245...
  13. K

    Gilmore signing: Did the Patriots violate their own procedures?

    Jeff Howe claims that Gilmore's signing went against the Patriots' own stated procedures for signing free agents. In this podcast, Howe: Fair To Question Patriots For Gilmore Signing - Toucher & Rich - , Howe says that the Patriots didn't sign high-priced free agents without first...
  14. K

    Did Edelman's blocking win us the Super Bowl?

    How important was Edelman's blocking in SBLI? More precisely, if Edelman's blocks were average quality for a receiver, would we have still won? @bormio listed four key blocks in another post: Overtime touchdown by White. Edelman crackback block on Brian Poole #34, knocking him over. Without...