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  1. BobDigital

    5 early bold predictions on 2021 NFL season

    #1 KC won't make the AFC title game. KC has been to the super bowl 2 times in a row. Since the salary cap era the only team to EVER go 3 times in a row is the Pats. KC already achieved the incredibly rare feat of going to 3 straight AFC/NFC championship games. People have already penciled them...
  2. S

    Orlando Brown Jr wants out of Baltimore

    Could we use the beast? That would be a... very big loss for the Ravens.
  3. S

    Divisional round GDT: Ravens @ Bills

    Take down the Ratbirds! Bills 31 Ravens 20
  4. vuudu

    Earl Thomas allegedly sent intimate videos with his wife to her Parents.

    CTE? This is not normal behavior. I have labeled him as an ahole but this is beyond the pale. Sign the beast?
  5. Triumph

    2020 Divisional round weekend

  6. BobDigital

    Wildcard Weekend Wrap up

    6 games in the books and we're down to the elite eight... mostly elite. Here are my thoughts this weekend. Feel free to post your own as they will be scatter shot. Maybe a break down will come later but few games deserve it this week IMO. In case you need a reminder it was IND 24 @ BUF 27...
  7. Joey007

    Vrabel’s punt on 4th and 2

    With this being in the playoffs. This might actually be considered the worst punt of all time. The moment he made that decision, Tennessee deserved to lose.
  8. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wild card game discussion: Ravens @ Titans

    Go Vrabel and go Titans. That is all.
  9. Triumph

    2020 Wild Card Weekend

  10. everlong

    Root this weekend for...

    The Jets :yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck: Along with the 6-9 teams the Chargers, Cowboys, 49ers and Vikings so that Pats get to draft 11th which would get them as high as 5th trading that pick and their 2nd rounder if they really like one of the QBs. Maybe they could get to 4th if whoever ends up...
  11. Jlaff

    Another Silver Lining on Loss (Ravens still out!)

    Was just watching SNF and I saw the Miami win keeps Baltimore out of the playoffs for now (Miami wins the tie breaker). Maybe I'm too young to know better, but I hate the Ravens far more than the Phins. Was very happy to see that. Also means that loss to the Pats still stings for the Ravens...
  12. Joker

    MNF: 12/14 Ratbirds vs. Browns

    Ravens giving 3 points....they murdered Mayfield the last time they met. No excuses for "world's greatest!!!" Lamar Jackson tonight.
  13. P

    NEW ARTICLE: LOGUE: NFL Picks For Week 14

    LOGUE: NFL Picks For Week 14 Ian Logue Here are my picks for this week, but best of luck to everyone else as we head into Sunday's set of games for Week 14. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  14. M


    We're not out yet. Let us say that BALT loses to PIT and the giants, and we win out. With "expected" results of the other games, we still have a chance. Bill "just" needs to beat the teams he knows best, those in our division.
  15. oldrover

    TNF: Cowflaps versus the Ex-Parrots

    Rooting for the former, natch. Apropos of nothing (except another Monty Python reference): What sounds like a bell and smells like poop? DUNG!!!! ...I’ll stop now. :)
  16. betterthanthealternative

    Apparently the COVID Innovation Lab is in Baltimore

    From the Athletic: In a statement released Saturday by team president Dick Cass, the Baltimore Ravens announced they had "at least four unique strains of COVID-19" in their facility... "Three of the four were stopped and not spread within our organization. Unfortunately, the fourth was a...
  17. denverpatsfan

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wednesday Afternoon Football game thread: Bal @ Pitt

    Is this the last shot at some team beating the Steelers?
  18. S

    Ravens threaten wildcat strike?

    Aaaahahaha. I know it's probably Florio being Florio but my popcorn is ready anyway. Fack Goodell and this league. :D
  19. jmt57

    Week 12 TV Maps (Steelers-Ravens to play Sun... Tue... make that Wed)

    The Week 12 NFL Maps are up. Uncertainty about where the postponed Thursday night game between the Steelers and Ravens would land has been alleviated, as the NFL has announced that game will be played at 1:15 pm ET Sunday on NBC. As far as I know this will be the first time in pro football...
  20. 203Pat

    Covid thread for the other 31 teams

    I am surprised we don't have one yet but it looks like the Falcons now have an outbreak. And for the love of god, no politics please.