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another brady vs belichick debate

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  1. TheRainMaker

    Asante goes off on Bill/Pats organization

    No more Twitter, he finally speaks! He tells a heated confrontation between him and BB regarding his contract, says Bill holds players back, players are lying on how “good” it is and too afraid to speak up on how they’re treated like “s***”, Tom is the reason Bill gets away with signing “random...
  2. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots Fourth And Two Podcast: Do You Think Belichick vs. Brady Is Relevant?

    Patriots Fourth And Two Podcast: Do You Think Belichick vs. Brady Is Relevant? Russ Goldman This episode starts with a discussion on the Super Bowl and then after that we share our views on Belichick vs. Brady. In the second half of the show we were joined by Bob Hyldbrug who has written two...
  3. Biffins

    Belichick criticism mega-thread

    Here they come. Knives out! USA Today: Belichick's greatest mistake was betting against Tom Brady. I'll post other media content related to the title here as well so it's all in one place.
  4. J

    Will Brady ever thank Belichick from stopping Montana from winning 6?

  5. Simpelton

    Reminder: EVERYONE knew that Brady would have between 1 and 3 productive seasons

    The fact that Brady is successfsul outside the Patriots organization in the first year was known. It's also irrelevant. Preparing for Life After Brady was going to have to happen sooner or later. Whenever Bill chose that time, we knew it would be with a couple productive years to go. This is...
  6. P

    NEW ARTICLE: New England Patriots News 02-07, Putting a Bow on the "Patriot Way"

    New England Patriots News 02-07, Putting a Bow on the "Patriot Way" Steve Balestrieri “Is it Brady or Belichick that was the Patriot Way”. “It’s only an issue to the people who don’t understand it.” Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down...
  7. doctahwhodat

    Poll:If Brady wins SB 55, the Pats Dynasty 30 for 30 is?

    If Brady wins SB 55, the Pats Dynasty 30 for 30 is?
  8. lancerman

    Amendola: Tom Brady is the Patriots way. That’s why he’s in the Super Bowl and the Patriots aren’t.

  9. DropKickFlutie

    A vote of confidence for the painful philosophy of: "Better to let a player go too early than too late"

    Just saying it's too early to be dissing Belichick, and the philosophy has generally worked out for 20 years that it's better to let a great player go a year early than a year later. Clearly Tom Brady still has gas in the tank; he put up one of his best 4 regular seasons ever in Tampa, and...
  10. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Brady Proved on Sunday the Patriots Gave Up On Him Too Soon

    Brady Proved on Sunday the Patriots Gave Up On Him Too Soon Ian Logue Obviously, everything has to end. Moving on from Brady needed to happen eventually, but the fact New England put Brady in the position to have to move on is the part that will potentially go down as one of the more...
  11. G

    Brady vs. Bill, Perspective of a non-Pats Fan

    Hi all. :thumbsup: Brady vs. Bill seems to be a controversial topic here. Some insist it is a "thing," while others say it shouldn't even be discussed because nobody is even looking at things that way. As an out-of-towner non-Pats fan, I can say that it definitely is a thing. I and many others...
  12. ChrisR2223

    Rex Ryan no free agents came to New England for Belichick only Brady

    Rex sticking his foot in his mouth again. Comments?
  13. BobDigital

    Belichick's 'prove it' time table.

    The debate Between Brady and BB was never who was more important in my mind. That was always Brady. The question is, can each hold on to their GOAT legacy without the other? In my mind Brady has already proven he can be successful without BB, not that he needed to. Anyone know knows...
  14. B

    Why the BB vs Brady argument is unfair

    Alright, we all know the trendy storyline all season has been..........who will fair better "Brady vs Belichick"? It's as if the outcome will finally decide the age old debate of who was the bigger contributor to the Pats success, Brady or Belichick? It's as if Pats fans have to decide if they...
  15. crawhammer

    Debate Brady vs Belichick?

    With Brady leading his new team into the postseason, his old team is floundering pathetically and will miss the postseason for only the second time in the past 18 seasons. The two seasons missing the postseason, 2008 and 2020, no Brady. The main reason the Patriots will not make the postseason...
  16. B

    The most successful GM in NFL history

    Yeah, yeah, the cupboards are bare. The shooting stars have been few and far between. It seems like there is always a talent deficit.... The most successful GM in the history of the NFL is Bill Belichick. Full stop. He has predicated his roster building philosophy, as a good GM does, around the...
  17. P

    For the "Brady made Belichick" crowd

    20 years later, remembering Bill Belichick’s grueling first season with Patriots I originally typed "morons" instead of "crowd" but changed it, to appease the "that's uncalled for" snowflakes here. This is a great article by Howe, with honest insights from players, coaches and front office...
  18. PatsBoy12

    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    I thought I'd post this for anyone who will be following the Bucs this season (and likely next), like me. I'm posting their initial 53-man roster, but maybe this can be the one thread dedicated to their news throughout the season for those interested? Mods, you okay with that? I'm sure there...
  19. T

    Report: Brady almost left after SB 52 loss to Eagles... Things with Belichick got really bad, according to Jeff Benedict's new book...interesting stuff. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did here...
  20. farn

    CBS ranks coaches, no wonder NE is so successful

    Top 10 head coaches in NFL: Bill Belichick still reigns, but who fills out the rest of the list? Not that I necessarily disagree with (most of) their list, though I’d never put Reid over Carroll... It just struck me that not only is BB the best coach, it isn’t even close. If THIS is the...