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  1. jmt57

    Week 10 TV Maps: TB @ Car, Buf @Ariz

    Week 10 NFL Maps are up. CBS is broadcasting all of their games in the late time slot, due to their coverage of the Masters continuing until 3:00 pm ET on Sunday. On a side note, this is the first time I have noticed that former Patriot Aqib Talib is working in the broadcast booth...
  2. jmt57

    Week 7 Maps - Nantz, Romo to call Pats-SF game

    The Pats-SF game gets some good distribution on both coasts, while flyover states get KC at Denver. Pittsburgh at Tennessee dominates in the early time slot for CBS (and rightfully so - it probably should have been flexed to Sunday night). CBS Late...
  3. jmt57

    Week 4 NFL TV Maps

    The only out of town fans that will not see the Pats are those in the home markets of Buffalo (all New York except NYC and Albany) and Raiderland (Nevada, NoCal and central California). Early game for most (including New England will be the Tampa Bay BradyGronks home vs the Chargers. Hat Tip...
  4. jmt57

    September 27 Weekend TV Coverage

    Looking ahead to next week's games, a fair amount of out of town fans will be able to enjoy watching the Pats play the Raiders - even though it is one of several early games. The game will definitely be televised in all of New England (including Hartford), in Nevada (current Raider territory)...
  5. jmt57


    Here are the initial PRELIMINARY maps for week one of the 2020 season. Please keep in mind that there will almost definitely be some changes between now and Sunday. The Pats-Dolphins post-game show is not going to get very good ratings, given the fact that the Bucs at New Orleans will kickoff...
  6. FortressX

    CBS Tabs Jim Nantz, Tony Romo To Call Patriots-Dolphins In Week 1 I think this is more a reflection of the lackluster CBS games that week.
  7. IcyPatriot

    Tony Romo & CBS - $17 million / year.

    ESPN Prepared To Make Tony Romo Highest-Paid Sportscaster In History
  8. PatsFanInVa

    "Reminds me of Priest Holmes"

    The Pats are playing the Chiefs, which means Patient + Sudden Michel ma Bell Cow is heading to Arrowhead, where Priest Holmes played. In Fantasy Football, I got my hands on Priest as often as possible a little more than a decade back. I also picked up Trung Candidate once, with the witticism...
  9. T

    Can someone explain the penalty on Gronkowski catch?

    Gronk caught a pass and rumbled another 10 to 15 yards. The play was negated by some sort of blocking penalty, on 83 Dwayne Allen, I believe. The senile commentators barely mentioned it and failed to explain it. Was it legit or not? If so what was the infraction? Looked totally bogus to me but...
  10. jmt57

    NFL Week 17 Games (w/TV Maps)

    Good broadcast distribution for Pats game through the midwest and west, but not good news for out of town fans in the southeast. 506 Sports - NFL Maps: Week 17, 2018 National Broadcast on NBC, Sunday Night: Indianapolis @ Tennessee; Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth CBS Early: Red: NY Jets @...
  11. V

    Romo still sounds like he's on the toilet

    Trying to squeeze one out in tense situations
  12. jmt57

    NFL Week 16 Games (w/TV Maps)

    Preliminary NFL Week 16 TV Maps, per our friends at 506 Sports. Not official (or even semi-official) yet. 506 Sports - NFL Maps: Week 16, 2018 NATIONAL BROADCASTS Saturday Afternoon: Washington @ Tennessee (4:30 PM ET, NFLN; Curt Menefee, Nate Burleson, Steve Mariucci) Saturday Night...
  13. jmt57

    Week 15 NFL Games, with TV Maps via 506 Sports

    In case any out of town fans were wondering, you are in luck this week as long as you don't live in the SF/Oakland bay area. Red: New England at Pittsburgh; Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Gray: NO GAME due to local home game on FOX In case anybody is interested, here's the rest. This is the first week...
  14. jmt57

    Week 13 NFL Games (with TV Maps)

    Excellent broadcast distribution for out of town fans this week: NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night: New Orleans @ Dallas (Fox/NFLN) Sunday Night: LA Chargers @ Pittsburgh (NBC) Monday Night: Washington @ Philadelphia (espn) CBS Single Red: Baltimore @ Atlanta; Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Green...
  15. maust1013

    Rodney Harrison's Booth Debut

    Gotta say I had my doubts but so far Rodney is killing it. Listening to him it's hard to believe he's never done a game before. As a first timer making his debut on the national stage in primetime he sure is giving Witten plenty to take notes on.
  16. jmt57

    NFL Week 9 Thread (with TV Maps)

    Week 9 NFL Maps are out. As is always the case, some stations can and will change the game they decide to air between now and Sunday. H/T to JP Kirby at 506 Sports for taking the time to put this together. National Broadcasts: Thursday Night: 1-6 Oakland @ 1-7 San Francisco (Fox/NFLN) Sunday...
  17. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Cris Collinsworth‘s interception before halftime

    Has a TV broadcaster ever been credited with throwing an interception or is this a first?

    Joe Buck & Troy Aikman

    I don't know if there is a better commentary duo in the NFL than these two guys - what a refreshing change from the ******* Collinsworth that we have to listen to on sunday nights and almost so bad that muting the game is a better option Buck and Aikman are fantastic commentators and don't...
  19. V

    Joe Buck

    So he doesn't think a guy pretending to poop and then wiping his ass with a football isn't a disgusting act, yet Randy Moss fake mooning the crowd is the worst thing ever. Did he just have an irrational hatred for Moss?
  20. B

    Keith Jackson passes at 89

    My favorite college football announcer of all time. The way he pronounced ‘Alabama’ was pure music.