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  1. P

    New England Patriots News 8-25, AFC East Notes

    New England Patriots News 8-25, AFC East Notes Steve Balestrieri This is another example of how the Patriots approach things, They don’t concern themselves with what he can’t do, they focus on the things that he does well Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  2. S

    Predict the Colts' 2019 Record With Luck Gone

    Just wondering how well people think the Colts will do without Luck. They've gotten general praise for team building and coaching last year and seemed to be building in the right way. But how will they weather this loss? How well do we think Jacoby will do? How well do they want to do this year?
  3. M

    Pick the Bones?

    It is shocking and sad -- at least from a fan of the game perspective -- that Andrew Luck is retiring. My question is whether it is time to try to pick the bones of that franchise while the getting is good. Hear me out. I'm sure the Colts front office is as shocked as the rest of us. With their...
  4. Ice_Ice_Brady

    OT: Interesting Andrew Luck Injury Takes

    So the moron Irsay said this morning that Luck was dealing with a small bone injury (along with, or instead of, his calf.) He then said “I really feel very confident that he’s going to find his way through this thing,” which is not exactly something whose really confident would say and not...
  5. everlong

    Threat to the Pats in the AFC?

    Pundits think this QB will lead his team past them. His playoff performances say otherwise. 4-4 record 20.8 PPG 2254 yards, 281/game 12 TDs 13 Interceptions 73.4 QB rating 0-2 vs Patriots and outscored 88-29
  6. 1960Pats

    Remaining Playoff QB's

    I took all of the remaining QB's and gave them points for how far they've gone in the playoffs and the % of seasons they qualified for the playoffs. The Pts are based on the level that each QB reached. 1 for making the playoffs 2 for reaching the divisional round 3 for reaching the...
  7. P

    Patriots Week 5 Report Card, New England Downs Colts Again 38-24

    Patriots Week 5 Report Card, New England Downs Colts Again 38-24 Steve Balestrieri He started the first drive of the game by going 9-9 and throwing a touchdown pass to Cordarrelle Patterson. His only incompletion of his first 13 was a drop Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry -...
  8. P

    Players To Watch Patriots-Colts Week 5

    Players To Watch Patriots-Colts Week 5 Steve Balestrieri Andrew Luck be targeting Eric Ebron heavily tonight. Chung will no doubt see a lot of action against Ebron and it should be an intriguing matchup to watch. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not...
  9. M

    OT: Colts board in meltdown over Luck's arm

    and that they brought Jacoby in for the Hail Mary. Colt fan panic delicious Something is wrong with luck.....
  10. NE-VT

    Jim Irsay said Andrew Luck's injury 'inside his head'

    Dungy: Irsay said Luck injury 'inside his head' Nice way to alienate your franchise QB. What an owner. -------------- Edit 1: The level of incompetence of the Colts is comical. Yet Colts' handling of the Luck situation is also tragic. There is even talk that Luck might retire...
  11. Soul_Survivor88

    Andrew Luck could be out until October

    Unfortunate news. I hate the Colts franchise, but respect Luck for his class and professionalism. Wish him a speedy return to the field. So does this mean Jacoby Brissett will get his chance to start?
  12. P

    2017 Colts: Suck for Chuck

    2017 Colts: Suck for Chuck John Morgan While we anxiously await the start of the 2017 NFL season, here is a peek behind enemy lines. For Pats fans, a bit of schadenfreude for one of the co-conspirators in the scheme to frame the Patriots by those that never learned the Ideal Gas Law...
  13. M

    Luck on PUP?

    Andrew Luck to be placed on PUP List
  14. Rusty Coupe

    OT: Andrew Luck 2017

    Adding a veteran backup quarterback isn’t a priority for the Colts right now Because from this photo it would appear certain that Luck will be ready to go week 1 /s
  15. One-Be-Lo

    OT: Andrew Luck's Level

    Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving I was speaking with my uncle yesterday (huge Pats fan, highly intelligent, works for a certain Bureau, a man I highly respect and admire)... We were talking about the steelers colts game and how AL was out. He began singing his virtues, and I was a little...
  16. Deus Irae

    My bold prediction: Steelers over Colts on Thurday

    Andrew Luck in concussion protocol
  17. S

    Even PFF has Brady Dominating

    So usually PFF doesn't like Brady's style of play - they prefer the "throw-it-up" high difficulty long completions to the high-percentage short and intermediate routes with good YAC that is Brady's traditional style. But this season, he is starring on all their measurements: He even gets a...
  18. M

    Suck with Luck

    When the Colts "sucked for Luck" there was this universal feeling of how lucky the Colts were to get Luck to follow Peyton. Don't get me wrong Luck is a solid QB, especially in this league right now. (Though he fails the aesthetics eye test for me, spoiled by Brady of course) The cool thing I...
  19. AtomicDawg

    Grigson: "Luck's contract makes it hard to build a defense"

    Grigson: Luck’s contract takes cap space, affects Colts’ defense