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  1. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Are the Patriots Possibly AFC Championship Contenders? Suddenly, it's Not as Crazy as it Sounds

    Are the Patriots Possibly AFC Championship Contenders? Suddenly, it's Not as Crazy as it Sounds Ian Logue Can the Patriots get back to the AFC Championship game' Suddenly that no longer feels impossible. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs...
  2. R

    Are the Chiefs in trouble?

    This strikes me like the Seahawks. Once everyone's contract came up and you had to pay wilson the talent deteriorated and while the Seahawks still are a good team they aren't anywhere near the 2013 team. They paid Mahomes, hill and kelce. And pretty soon Mahomes will have a 45million cap hit...
  3. Ian


    Game two, here we go :)
  4. S

    Divisional round GDT: Browns @ Chiefs

    Maybe no CEH for the Chefs today. Uh oh! :) Go Browns!!
  5. S

    Divisional round GDT: Ravens @ Bills

    Take down the Ratbirds! Bills 31 Ravens 20
  6. 1960Pats

    OT: AFC vs NFC 2020

    I'm a big AFL supporter going back to the beginning when the NFL crapped all over the Pats and the rest of the AFL, so I've been following the head-to-head battles for more than a half century. This is a big week for the AFC/NFC. The AFC has a 29-26-1 record with 8 more games to go (4 this...
  7. jmt57

    NFL Playoff Picture, Week 12

    Five games last week were between two teams with winning records. In the AFC the Chiefs kept winning while the Colts, Titans and Browns improved to 7-3. The Raiders leapfrogged to the final playoff slot, while losses by Baltimore and Miami placed them just behind on the outside looking in. In...
  8. Deus Irae

    Taking stock of the playoff races at the quarter pole of the NFL season

    After just 4 weeks, are we already settling most of the playoff spots? We've got 7 slots this year. Right now in the AFC: Bills Steelers Titans Chiefs Browns Ravens Colts Right now in the NFC: Eagles Packers Bucs Seahawks Bears Rams Saints/49ers/Panthers/Cardinals I thought people...
  9. oldrover

    MNF: Squaws versus Kakapoos game thread... who are we rooting more against?

    Chiefs to win and get overconfident before next week? Ravens to win and beat the physical stuffing out of KC? I can’t decide. BTW, if you were not aware, the kakapoo is a kind of bird. I choose to use it in reference here to the Ravens, because, apparently, I have the mind of a third grade...
  10. thecore762

    Ravens QB Lamar Jackson improving

    He is getting better and better as a passer, sure they beat the lowly Browns but I think the Ravens are the real deal, I can see things coming down between the Chiefs and Ravens for the afc this year. I can’t stand either teams...but damn they look ways better than any other teams. We shall see...
  11. doctahwhodat

    Cam top 5 AFC QB or no?

    Who is better? 1. Patrick 2. Ben? 3. anyone in AFC East? 4. Carr? -no Who you got?
  12. 1960Pats

    AFC vs NFC 2019

    I know that I'm in the minority here, but I'm a big time follower of the AFC vs the NFC every year. It goes back to the beginning of the AFL when the NFL looked down their noses at us, which still goes on today in spite of the reality that the AFC has been the stronger conference by a large...
  13. Patstastic

    Barring Injuries, Is a Pats-Chiefs AFCCG Inevitable?

    Luck has retired. Colts are out as a contender. Chargers have key injuries (And their chokers.) I do think the Steelers are improved. But Tomlin holds them back. Injuries can change things. But is this rematch nowca safe bet? Or is there another team lurking who could be dangerous? (Jags maybe...
  14. everlong

    Threat to the Pats in the AFC?

    Pundits think this QB will lead his team past them. His playoff performances say otherwise. 4-4 record 20.8 PPG 2254 yards, 281/game 12 TDs 13 Interceptions 73.4 QB rating 0-2 vs Patriots and outscored 88-29
  15. Joey007

    Pats Trivia: Who is the only AFC team the Pats have never faced in the playoffs?

    ??? The Patriots are likely the only team in the league that can say they’ve faced all but one team in their conference in the playoffs at some point in their history. But there is still one team they’ve never faced. I think it’s a pretty incredible accomplishment and shows the consistency...
  16. Deus Irae

    Inspired by the FA thread: Rank the AFC by team talent, minus the QB

    I think this has the potential to be either an interesting topic, or a complete bomb, and I'm curious to see how it goes. So, quick ground rules that I'd like to go by, just so we can keep things orderly: Please first rate the teams based upon talent only. If you want to add in notions of...
  17. HailHydra

    What IF: The Super Bowl was Chiefs + Patriots vs Saints + Rams

    In the scenario, both AFC teams had a combined roster and same for NFC teams. Who'd you take to win? Here's the AFC roster that I think would make sense. QB: Patrick Mahomes RB: Sony Michel, James White WR: Tyreek Hill, Julian Edelman, Sammy Watkins TE: Travis Kelce OL...
  18. S

    Adam Vinatieri

    That was tough. His contract is up yes? I wonder if we saw him for the last time.
  19. P

    Chargers Beat Baltimore; Sets Up Great Matchup With New England

    Chargers Beat Baltimore, Sets Up Great Matchup With New England Steve Balestrieri The Bolts came back from 16 points down on the road in Pittsburgh and 14 points down on the road in Kansas City to win both games… Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not...
  20. Ice_Ice_Brady

    If the Pats lose, would you root for Chargers/Chiefs in SB?

    For as long as I can remember a loss meant not only losing but having to watch the Steelers, Ravens, or a Manning team get a chance to walk away with the Lombardi. So essentially I’ve rooted hard for the NFC in each Super Bowl for the past 20 years. Obviously no one here can be a real fan...