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  1. amfootball

    OT: Is this Rodgers last season in Green Bay?

    Looks like the Packers are not giving Rodgers any assurances after next season. If he does go, what team do you think he goes to? The one thing I will say, is the Packers are pretty loaded. This isn't the same as Brady leaving the Pats when our roster was putrid. GB has been 13-3 the last 2...
  2. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Brady's Championship Might Have a League-Wide Effect on Frustrated QBs

    Brady's Championship Might Have a League-Wide Effect on Frustrated QBs Ian Logue Frustrated quarterbacks, take note. Change can sometimes be a good thing. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  3. oldrover

    Aaron Rodgers wants a new contract? Nice timing. :whistle:
  4. S

    Divisional Round GDT: Rams @ GB

    Packers 24 Rams 10 Not that cold. Low 30’s
  5. Joker

    TNF...Packers vs. 9ers...11/5

    Should keep our interest tonight...I despise the DDD so I'm going for the DreamyJimmy-less 9ers...
  6. 1960Pats

    Aaron Rodgers GOAT Talk Again

    Once again the stupid talk is heating up because Aaron Rodgers is off to a 4-0 start and Brady is 43 and well over the hill. Funny, but I didn't hear how great Brady was when, with 3 rings already on his fingers, he started out 2007 at 18-0. He had to take it to the incredible level of 9 AFC...
  7. RobertWeathers

    OT: Aaron Rodgers Is A Human Corrosive Substance

    What an enabled, know-it-all, punk. Does he realize he is undermining his coach? What an ass. He gets his prior coach fired and he's already working on getting his current one axed. One thing is clear: He wouldn't survive one minute here. There is no way the AR/LaFleur marriage is gonna work...
  8. Joey007

    NFL 100 All Time Team Special This Fall: (Features a special guest)

    Boy oh boy, I cannot wait for this.
  9. P

    Four Wednesday Patriots Thoughts For 6/26

    Four Wednesday Patriots Thoughts For 6/26 Ian Logue Some midweek Patriots thoughts after an interesting couple of weeks. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  10. J

    What an absolutely demoralizing sight if you are Aaron Rodgers

    Brady on a night where he's getting his 3rd ring since Rodgers won his only ring and he does this
  11. stevedogc

    Another thing Brady is better then Rodgers at......

    check chugging a beer off the list. Honestly, Rodgers should lose his man card for that try....pitiful
  12. P

    New England Patriots News 12-09, AFC East Notes

    New England Patriots News 12-09, AFC East Notes Steve Balestrieri Did you Know? With four receptions today, James White will set a new Patriots team record for catches by a running back in a season. Tony Collins caught 77 passes in the 1986 season. White currently has 74 catches on the...
  13. Wheelman

    Gridiron Heights, Season 3 Episode 14, It’s Playoff Picture Day! Tough Day for Aaron Rodgers…

    I was wondering if they would do the same thing as last season with the AFC and they did lol! Love it! For context I'll post last seasons video first.
  14. Bleedthrough

    Amazing stats putting Brady's winning in perspective

    Tom Brady 205-58 Regular Season Record .779 113-18 Home Record .862 92-40 Road Record .697 27-10 Playoff Record 5 Super Bowl Wins Peyton Manning 186-79 Regular Season Record .702 101-31 Home Record .765 85-48 Road Record .639 14-13 Playoff Record 2 Super Bowl Wins Drew Brees...
  15. M

    The Lost GOAT in GB... POLL Added.

    No More Calling Rodgers A Diva, It's Silly @reflexblue
  16. P

    HC Mike McCarthy fired after Packers lose at home to Arizona

    McCarthy fired After a loss to Arizona, the Packers fired Mike McCarthy as head coach. Possibly Josh McDaniels to be considered?
  17. M

    Packer board: Not as much AR GOAT talk these days...

    Rodgers admits progression and tempo are his fault
  18. stevedogc

    Amazing stat/fact regarding Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers has never had a 4th qtr comeback against a team with a winning record. "But, but he can make all the throws"! Sorry if this has been posted prior, but I just heard this on radio and could not believe it. And some people actually think he is better then Brady. By this fact...
  19. Joey007

    Aaron Rodgers Family Drama

    Wow. Now be fair, it is hard to say much because we don’t know what’s happened between him and his family. But his disconnection with his family definitely remains a flawed part of Rodgers personal life.
  20. M

    Rodgers hidden turnovers

    Rodgers hidden turnovers Relatively decent link