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  1. M

    Whining Vs. Winning

    The Patriots have limited talent this season, so I'm not upset about being 4-6 as much as sad this divorce between Tom and Bill came to pass. Lots of people out there across the country wanted Brady to succeed while the Patriots struggled. And yes, the Bucs have been better in terms of wins and...
  2. maust1013

    We're on to the Giants

    After escaping the Skins game without major injury (fingers crossed on Dorsett) no thanks to Outhouse at LT, it is time to focus on handing out a TNF beatdown to that other team from the Jersey swamplands
  3. T

    We are on to Washington

    What an UGLY game if I ever saw one on offense. Great job by the defense, as usual. Time to bury it and move on to Washington. Yours truly will be at the game sitting on the 40 yard line right behind the Redskins bench. I expect the offense to put up big numbers after Bill kicks their rears...
  4. HailHydra

    James Develin on IR

  5. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Week 2 Pats @ Dolphins

    Would be great to get off to a 2-0 start this year. Looking forward to see how AB looks and if he plays today. After our great performance last Sunday night, I couldn't wait for today!! Defense looked awesome. Of course hoping for no injuries!!! Let's discuss. Go Pat's!!!!!!!

    Brandon King to miss 2019 season

    Tough break for Brandon.
  7. T

    Gameday Thread: Panthers at Pats

    Most important game of the preseason. What Tom says in the video below...
  8. BobDigital

    Pregame Thread: Panthers at Pats

    Let's talk a bit about this one now that were just over 24 hours away. Personally I love this being our 3rd preseason game opponent. They do a lot of things well that the Pats traditionally have issues with. A Cam led team has played and beat the Pats twice. Cam Newton is the type o QB that...
  9. P

    Slow Your Roll on the Patriots WRs… There's a Long Way to Go

    Slow Your Roll on the Patriots WRs… There's a Long Way to Go Steve Balestrieri Having Edelman, Gordon, Harry, Thomas, Phillip Dorsett, Jakobi Meyers, et al at the position is certainly cause for optimism, and if it were 2012 Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  10. Ian

    Nice Article on Cowart ... really like this kid

    Nice read and looking forward to seeing what he can bring. Really like this group, probably one of the best they've had during Belichick's tenure and Cowart's been a nice surprise. He's obviously had a good preseason so far and has been fun to watch. Have Rookie Byron Cowart’s Pass-Rush...
  11. P

    5 Monday Patriots Thoughts: Interesting Storylines Starting to Develop

    5 Monday Patriots Thoughts: Interesting Storylines Starting to Develop Ian Logue Here are some Patriots thoughts on the Monday morning. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  12. Family

    Veteran WR Dontrelle Inman has requested his release from the Patriots

    He understood the competition. Per Mike Reiss
  13. DaBruinz

    Scary Good Defense

    So far, this pre-season, the youngsters on the defense have shined. This week we get to really see the Vets like Bennett and Gilmore and how they are gelling. When it comes to just name recognition, the defense is ridiculous. Hightower, Collins, Bennett, Gilmore, DMac. Then you have unsung...
  14. patfanken

    Pats - Titans postgame thread

    Lets get this started
  15. Wheelman

    Preseason week 2 - Patriots @ Titans gameday thread

    You know nobody gives a **** about preseason when I'm the one making this thread.
  16. P

    What They're Saying: Jonathan Jones: After "Strong Camp", CB Poised to Earn a Bigger Role in...

    What They're Saying: Jonathan Jones: After "Strong Camp", CB Poised to Earn a Bigger Role in Patriots Defense Ian Logue Patriots training camp has seen Jonathan Jones as one of the most consistent performers in their defense, with Jones playing like a player who knows this is his chance to...
  17. R

    Regular Season schedule prediction.

    Vs PIT. W @Mia. L Vs NYJ. W @BUF. W @WSH. W Vs NYG. W @NYJ. W Vs CLE. L @BAL. W @PHI. L Vs DAL. W @HOU L Vs KC W @CIN. W Vs BUF. W Vs MIA. W Final prediction: 12-4.
  18. cstjohn17

    2019 Patriots PPG Predictions

    Taking a SWAG at PPG and rankings for 2019 Patriots. Offense - takes a dip, ends up around 25 PPG, top 10 - speaks to Brady, Scar and McDaniels as this group is a significant step down at skill positions Defense 20 PPG - top 6 - deeper unit but trend is towards offensive production, all...
  19. Ian

    8/14 - Wednesday Pats/Titans Joint Session Thread

    Should be an interesting couple of days. A few links from down there: Six Things to Watch in Titans-Patriots Practices this Week in Nashville 3 Titans players to watch vs. Patriots Titans excited for joint practices with Patriots
  20. jah

    Switch to 3-4 seems to be getting more official

    A 'hungry' Deatrich Wise appears to be fighting for a roster spot in a new role So, this tells me 2 things: 1) The switch to a 3-4 is real (although we know nickel is the true base) 2) The team sees Wise as a DE regardless of what kind of alignment we have