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  1. Wheelman

    Reminder: NFL Championship Chase Champ game weekend, 12PM ET on FOX

    NFL films presents NFL Championship Chase, recap/highlights of the 4 remaining playoff teams on FOX at 12 PM Eastern Time zone.
  2. Double TE

    Chiefs beat awesome QBs at home this yr.

    Case Keenum Jimmy G Blake Bortles Andy Dalton Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson Phil Rivers David Carr Andrew Luck I hope TB12 is up for the task...
  3. BobDigital

    The Patriots are the most balanced team left.

    The Patriots haven't look like themselves this year and that has a lot of fans as well as me concerned. But as we all know, it isn't just about how good you are. It is about how good the field is. What about the other teams in the NFL? I wouldn't call the Patriots the best team this year...
  4. SammyBlueCat

    The irrational fear of the Ravens on this board

    Reminds me of when the movie "Jaws" first came out and people in Kansas and Oklahoma were seeking counseling.
  5. S

    Wild card weekend game thread: Seahawks @ Cowboys

    Maybe it’s just me but it feels like the Seahawks have a surprise deep playoff run in them this year. Upset today wouldn’t surprise me.
  6. S

    Wild card weekend game thread: Colts @ Texans

    As we know if HOU wins then we know our opponent next weekend. Season series split and the road team won both times, Hou won 37-34 in OT September, Colts took the rematch in Indy 24-21. Colts have a below average run game but a very good passing game to exploit a Texans defense ranked 28 vs...
  7. M

    Pats 4th in scoring O, 7th in scoring D

    Essentially 12-4, should have had one seed (Miami debacle) 8-0 at home really not too shabby in actuality
  8. Joey007

    Patriots Against Other Playoff Teams This Year:

    Say what you will, but we’ve shown up against the best competition. Hopefully that trend continues.
  9. B

    Poll: LAC at BAL, Who will win? Who do you want to win?

    Pick One
  10. B

    Poll: Indy at Houston, Who will win? Who do you want to win?

    Pick one
  11. Dr Pain

    This is funny - Terrible, Terrible Things Happened To Every Team That Beat Patriots In 2018

    This is funny - Terrible, Terrible Things Happened To Every Team That Beat Patriots In 2018 Terrible, Terrible Things Happened To Every Team That Beat Patriots In 2018
  12. Quest4SevenHomie

    Could we see a rd 2 of the 2007 AFCCG ?

    The one where the Chargers were banged up, had no running game and Rivers played with a acl injury and Brady played like crap but the defense was lit as hell?
  13. Deus Irae

    NFL Coaching News: They didn't even wait until Black Monday to start the beheadings

    According to PFT, Bowles and Koetter have already been axed. Jets fire Todd Bowles Dirk Koetter fired by Buccaneers
  14. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Antonio Brown Mega-Thread

    OT: Antonio Brown was benched for game 16 and was not injured Antonio Brown didn’t play in must-win Week 17 game because he skipped practice all week after “heated dispute” with teammate, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Report: Antonio Brown missed game for disciplinary reasons, not injury...
  15. M

    The Bettors Still Have Us As 4th Most Likely To Win the SB

    Sports Betting News and Vegas Odds We are 2nd to KC and 4th overall, which all seems reasonable.
  16. A.C Vegas

    Playoff predictions

    Well it is that time of year again so i thought i would kick off the playoff guessing. Wildcard Colts conquer Houston Bolts Beat Ravens Bears Bully Eagles Cowboys Cancel Seahawks Divisonal round Colts Collapse Chiefs Pats Punish Chargers Saints Suplex Cowboys Bears Berate Rams Conference...
  17. Triumph

    Other NFL teams playoffs thread

  18. Quest4SevenHomie

    Should we start to worry?

    As our team continues their quest for the #2 seed, other AFC teams are quickly moving closer to grabbing that spot and the Chargers or Texans are looking like they'll reach it sooner than anyone. Should we start to worry? I think we should definitely consider starting to worry about the AFC...
  19. Ice_Ice_Brady

    MVP is Mahomes or Brees. Who gets your vote? (Poll)

    No write-ins, not even a Ray Lewis option. There is a zero chance of someone else winning. All the Vegas books have these two neck and neck with no other competition, despite clueless blurbs from writers with their tunnel vision (Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, etc probably will each get less...
  20. jmt57

    Obligatory Week 17 Playoff Picture Thread

    In case anybody wants to play around with different scenarios, the worldwide leader has this interactive tool: ESPN.com's 2018 NFL Playoff Machine - Simulate Matchups and Scenarios There is also this neat flow chart with every scenario for every team still in contention: 2018 N.F.L. Playoff...