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  1. P

    NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: A Look Back The Patriots 2013 Win Over The Saints On Boston's "Comeback Day"

    VIDEO: A Look Back The Patriots 2013 Win Over The Saints On Boston's "Comeback Day" Robert Alvarez A look back at the seven year anniversary of the Patriots comeback win over the Saints on Boston's day of comebacks. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit...
  2. PatsBoy12

    OT: Talib Hangs 'em Up

    I figured this is somewhat Pats related news. Mods, merge with a relevant thread if necessary. Aqib Talib has decided to hang up the cleats. Aqib Talib, former All-Pro CB, announces retirement after 12 seasons
  3. Bradyking12

    What year was more impressive for Tom Brady? 2006 or 2013

    Both years lacked Wrs, '13 injury riddled, Both years went 12-4 even tho should of went 13-3 in 2013 (Bs call at the end of first Jets game, maybe even 14-2, I remember there was a another Bs call towards the end another game either MIA or Panthers) Both years made AFCCG and lost.
  4. oldrover

    Tom Brady motivation & productivity, past & future

    So, let's say Jimmy does well next year. And the negative nancy drumbeat continues about 'should the Pats have kept Jimmy'. Anybody else think that Jimmy's production could be an additional motivating factor... a POWERFUL one... for Brady to perform as well as he can... for as long as he can...
  5. AtomicDawg

    Luke Kuechly admits Panthers "might have got away with one" in 2013

    Yeah, I remember screaming at my TV after this call. And Brady chasing Clete Blakeman off the field.
  6. scott99

    Did the failures of 2005-2013 make 2014 & 2016 that much sweeter for you ?

    I've been watching a lot of Pat's stuff on YouTube. From 1970's-1990's as well stuff from the 2000's and 2010's (I'm a history buff as well as a longtime Pat's fan since 1975). And I've been thinking a lot about the teams from 2005-2013. We had won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls from 2001-2004, a...
  7. Brady6

    Forgotten talent to keep in mind when mocking the draft and free agency

    Armond Armstead, DT – Mark Harrison, WR – Corey Grissom, DT – TJ Moe, WR – DJ Williams, TE – Steve Beauharnais, LB – Jake Bequette, DE – Chris Barker, OG – Sam McGuffie, RB/WR – Reggie Dunn, WR/KR – Marcus Fortson, DT –
  8. English Patriot

    I'll admit i was wrong - Amendola didn't work

    He couldn't have been more useless in the title game. I don't know if he's hurt but honestly i don't care. I hold my hands up and admit i was wrong about Amendola being able to mask the Wes loss. Edelman completely, completely overshadowed and outplayed him in the slot this year and deserves...