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  1. P

    Patriots who played for the 9 gap years when they didn't win a Super Bowl (2005-2013)

    Pretty long article and interviews with past Patriots ‘Gap Years’ Patriots on the Brady-Belichick Super Bowl Drought Because New England won six titles in an 18-season span, many forget about the nine-year “Super Bowl drought” in Foxboro. Those who were there didn't. Players from those...
  2. S

    OT: Randy Moss says he is the GOAT WR

    I think he was the most feared. 0 Super Bowl rings though. TO as the second best over Rice? That's a really warm take.
  3. B

    Semi-OT: Steelers Quest for Perfection. What would you like to see happen?

    I'll be honest, obviously I've known the Steelers have been undefeated but I never really considered a perfect season as a serious reality....until today. At 11-0 while I still don't think it will happen it at least deserves to be discussed as a possibility. Now, I can pretty sure guarantee...
  4. S

    2019 Pats vs 2007

    I see a few comparisons being made on social media. Exciting to think about it for sure but I think it can’t be said enough how good that 2007 team really was, regardless of the outcome of the last game. They went 7-0 I believe in the regular season vs playoff teams and the schedule was a very...
  5. Tunescribe

    Program alert: Pats vs. Giants 2007 (regular season game) on NFLN now

    I was there in person. :cool: I remember getting into the stadium about an hour before kickoff and all the programs already were sold out.
  6. Pessimistic Pete

    The 4 eras of the Brady/Belichick Patriots

    I feel like there have been 4 "eras" of the BB/Brady run 2001 - 2006 Peak: 2004 Last Gasp: 2006 2007 - 2009 Peak: 2007 Last Gasp: 2009 2010 - 2013 Peak: 2010 Last Gasp: 2013 2014 - 2018 Peak: 2016 Last Gasp: 2018 The peaks representing that general collection of Patriots at their best...
  7. Quest4SevenHomie

    Could we see a rd 2 of the 2007 AFCCG ?

    The one where the Chargers were banged up, had no running game and Rivers played with a acl injury and Brady played like crap but the defense was lit as hell?
  8. oldrover

    "Top Ten NFL Teams" on NFLN... spoiler...

    Undefeated Dolphins... ...rank lower than 2007 Patriots.
  9. oldrover

    Hypothetical: if you could trade winning both Giants SB's for the two most recent ones... would you?

    This thought came to me in the Eli aftermath. Let's say for the two recent ones, the narrative was switched... Brady threw the pick at the goal line against Seattle... and the Falcons came back from 28-3. Would you accept that in exchange for beating the G-Men twice and also having a perfect...
  10. RobertWeathers

    McDermott: "2017 Pats Better Than 03, 04 and 07 Teams"

    Clearly hes doing some major tire-pumping. Sean McDermott thinks 2017 Patriots are better than 2007, 2004 teams
  11. P


    Boone's hr wasn't talked about after 04, and 07. Bruins collapse against Philly was a mere footnote after 2011. Is 07 now just something people won't talk about as much because of 14 and 16? My friend asked me if 07 hurt. I say yes but the memory of that game fades more after what we've...
  12. P

    Question About 07 Pats

    Maybe a dumb question. Nonetheless: Would the 07 team have been better off losing a game or two in the regular season? There wouldn't of been pressure of being undefeated.
  13. P

    After The Patriots Recent Success, It’s About Championships, Not Perfection

    After The Patriots Recent Success, It’s About Championships, Not Perfection Bob George Of course you would love to see the Patriots shut up the 1972 Miami Dolphins and put a stop to those stupid parties they have when the last NFL team loses its first game in any given year. Continue...
  14. QuantumMechanic

    Must Read Article: How the 2007 Patriots Changed Football Forever

    The Ringer on how the 2007 Pats changed football Really good read. How Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and the 2007 New England Patriots Changed Football Forever
  15. DarrylS

    Giant Shaun O'Hara admits to choking Seymour in "helmet catch" SB LXII...

    Shaun O'Hara admitted to grabbing Seymour by the trachea during the scramble by Eli that led to the "helmet catch" during Superbowl LXII.. interesting admission, if the refs caught that penalty we would have been 19-0 and raising the 6th banner.. Put an asterisk * next to that win by the...
  16. Uptown

    Stallworth's Nostalgic '07 memories

    Here are a few highlights (within the article) during the bittersweet '07 season...Enjoy Donte Stallworth Perfectly Sums Up Just How Good 2007 Patriots Were
  17. scott99

    Did the failures of 2005-2013 make 2014 & 2016 that much sweeter for you ?

    I've been watching a lot of Pat's stuff on YouTube. From 1970's-1990's as well stuff from the 2000's and 2010's (I'm a history buff as well as a longtime Pat's fan since 1975). And I've been thinking a lot about the teams from 2005-2013. We had won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls from 2001-2004, a...
  18. P

    Daily Notebook: Wednesday Patriots News and Notes 5/24

    Daily Notebook: Wednesday Patriots News and Notes 5/24 Ian Logue Here's a look at this morning's top stories for Wednesday, April 24th, 2017. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  19. Bradyking12

    2016 Patriots Tougher Than 2007 Patriots?

    '16 Patriots came back after being down 25 in an unbelievable frame of time starting towards the end of the 3rd quarter we start running the table, meanwhile the 2007 squad had trouble just putting up a second 7 late in the 4th, switch teams and '16 Patriots beat Giants and Falcons beat '07...
  20. BobDigital

    What a difference a few years makes.

    I wanna take you back in time a bit. Not too long ago. 2013. The Pats were the class of the NFL but it wasn't the same feeling we have today. They were a team that won a lot in the early 2000s and had very good team since than but lost to the Giants 2 times. Just lost to Peyton in the...