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  1. Chevy

    OT: Realized I am a spoiled Patriots fan today

    Sitting at home, getting some work done. I figured Youtube + 3GtG would be great background noise. So I searched, wanting to start at the beginning. No results matched up? Why? I searched for - 3 Games to Glory Patriots 1996. And, yes, I tried a few other variations, stumped as to why I only...
  2. B

    Crazy throwback stat:Curtis Martin

    So I’ve been looking back at the 96 team since that is the team that ultimately made me love football. Here’s a crazy thing I noticed from the game against INDY that year. The Pats opened with two really long drives, one for 10 plays and one for 11 plays. So that’s 21 plays of which 18 of...
  3. jmt57

    Today in Patriots History Thread: 1/24 - Hank Bullough

    For the handful of people that seem to be interested in this discussion, I figured we could attempt to put these posts in one thread going forward (at least until discussion careens off the rails). March birthdays and events: Happy Birthday, Don Blackmon 3/14: Don Blackmon Happy Birthday...
  4. Pape

    Drew Bledsoe E:60

    Sunday night for your viewing pleasure, E:60, featuring Drew. Bledsoe's E:60 special airs Sunday on ESPN 2 at 7 p.m. EDIT: FCB pointed that that the show airs on espn2
  5. Joey007

    Little OT: Why does Ben Coates never get any HOF consideration?

    Is it purely just that he lacked a lengthy career? That’s what I’ve always assumed. Couldn’t be for his production he had during his prime, though. Made the all decade team in the 90’s, second on the team only to Shannon Sharpe. But you could argue for a good 3-5 year stretch in the mid 90’s...
  6. B

    Remember the 96-97 AFCCG: Pats vs Jags

    Surprisingly this is NOT the first time the Jaguars and Patriots have met in the AFC Championship Game. They met in 1997 (1996 NFL season) with it being Drew Bledsoe vs Mark Brunell. Some highlights can be found starting at the 22:44 mark of the video below. What REALLY sticks out is just how...
  7. P

    Patriots Set To Face A Conference Championship Foe From Long Ago

    Patriots Set To Face A Conference Championship Foe From Long Ago Bob George There once was a time when the Patriots actually did beat a team coached by Tom Coughlin in the postseason. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)

    21 Years Later here we go again - A look back at the 1997 AFCCG Jax @ NE

    Remembered this game very well back in 1997 (some of you here were probably not even born yet lol) ..the world was shocked when the Jags went to Mile High and beat the heavily favored Broncos in the divisional round only to lose a very hard fought defensive battle with Drew Bledsoe and Company...
  9. Bradyking12

    1985 Patriots Or 1996 Patriots

    If you could choose which one wins the Super Bowl in their respective seasons instead of losing to who they lost to which team would you pick and why 1985 Patriots 11-5 Road to Super Bowl XX HC Raymond Berry/GM Billy Sullivan (QB Tony Eason/QB Steve Grogan) Wild Card Patriots Defeat Jets 26-14...