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  1. Actual Pats Fan

    Happy Birthday, Irving Fryar!

    (Yesterday, 9/28) Irving was selected with the first overall pick of the 1984 NFL Draft, becoming the second wide receiver to be taken number one overall. He came here and did his job. The media lambasted him after his pregnant wife stabbed him before the '86 AFCCG. I suppose they would have...
  2. Vindicate

    School a Youngster: What Made John Hannah So Good?

    Hey guys, I'm a '93 kid who thoroughly enjoys wasting time in the late hours of the night looking up questions such as "What made playerX so good?". These players tend to be people who were from before my time, or just in a sport to which I don't pay much attention. This is one of those "I...
  3. Actual Pats Fan

    Vote now for the 2019 Patriots Hall of Fame Should Be Inductee

    Julius Adams Pictures and Photos | Getty Images Russ Francis Patriots Pictures and Photos | Getty Images Mosi Tatupu Pictures and Photos | Getty Images
  4. M

    Poll: Grogan was a beast, no?

  5. P

    Former Patriots Head Coach Rod Rust Passes Away

    Former Patriots Head Coach Rod Rust Passes Away Robert Alvarez On Wednesday morning, the New England Patriots announced that former Head Coach Rod Rust had passed away on Tuesday at the age of 90. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs...
  6. Mack Herron

    RIP Rod Rust

  7. Bradyking12

    1985 Patriots Or 1996 Patriots

    If you could choose which one wins the Super Bowl in their respective seasons instead of losing to who they lost to which team would you pick and why 1985 Patriots 11-5 Road to Super Bowl XX HC Raymond Berry/GM Billy Sullivan (QB Tony Eason/QB Steve Grogan) Wild Card Patriots Defeat Jets 26-14...
  8. Hop Hop Schaefer City

    We Aren't Who You Thought We Were

    What it's like to be a real Pats fan.
  9. yukon cornelius


    Another thread comparing Mankins to Hannah got me thinking......not sure some here realize just how good he was - he is still arguably the greatest guard of all time he defined the term mauler......he was just nasty i know some of these have been linked before....
  10. P

    Raymond Clayborn to be honored today at Gillette Stadium

    Raymond Clayborn to be honored today at Gillette Stadium John Morgan The Patriots will honor the newest member of the franchise's Hall of Fame today. During a half time ceremony at Gillette Stadium the Pats will hold a ceremony for Raymond Clayborn. The legendary number 26 is coincidentally...
  11. jmt57

    RIP Lester Williams - Patriot NT in the 1980s

    Former Patriots NT Lester Williams Passed Away Born Jan. 19, 1959, in Miami, Fla., Williams played in 40 games for the Patriots from 1982-1985, including as a starter in Super Bowl XX. During his four-year career in New England, Williams recorded 39 solo tackles, 60 assists, five sacks, three...
  12. P

    Belichick Has Kind Words For Patriots' Clayborn

    Belichick Has Kind Words For Patriots' Clayborn Ian Logue With Raymond Clayborn set to be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Saturday night, Bill Belichick was asked on Thursday about the former New England defensive back finally earning the honor of having his name added to the Hall...
  13. italian pat patriot

    Spirit of '76 on Patriots.Com

    30 years later a look back on the 'famous' 1976 NE Patriots i LOVE those articles ! pity, as we know, the end of the season...