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  1. italian pat patriot

    The forgotten 1976 - 1978 NE Patriots

    The Athletic made an article today concerning the awesome team we had 1976/1978 period...Pity i am not able to read it all but it must be fascinating and thanks to them for remember it...
  2. Vindicate

    School a Youngster: What Made John Hannah So Good?

    Hey guys, I'm a '93 kid who thoroughly enjoys wasting time in the late hours of the night looking up questions such as "What made playerX so good?". These players tend to be people who were from before my time, or just in a sport to which I don't pay much attention. This is one of those "I...
  3. QuantumMechanic

    First AFCE Championship question

    In a few days (December 10) we'll be at the 41st anniversary of NE winning its first AFCE championship ever by beating the Bills 26-24 at Schaefer Stadium. I was there and it was great, but for others who were there or watching on TV (assuming it wasn't blacked out) I have a question. So NE...
  4. Wheelman

    Patriots HoF induction ceremony broadcast

    Broadcast keeps cutting to a place cover when they're bringing out former Patriots HoF'ers. Way to ruin it. Unbelievable. The individual who decided to do this should be fired on the spot. Edit: Looks like they cut that BS out. So suspend the individual without pay for a month instead.
  5. Actual Pats Fan

    Vote now for the 2019 Patriots Hall of Fame Should Be Inductee

    Julius Adams Pictures and Photos | Getty Images Russ Francis Patriots Pictures and Photos | Getty Images Mosi Tatupu Pictures and Photos | Getty Images
  6. M

    Poll: Grogan was a beast, no?

  7. lusdawg

    RIP Andy Johnson
  8. yukon cornelius


    Another thread comparing Mankins to Hannah got me thinking......not sure some here realize just how good he was - he is still arguably the greatest guard of all time he defined the term mauler......he was just nasty i know some of these have been linked before....
  9. P

    Raymond Clayborn to be honored today at Gillette Stadium

    Raymond Clayborn to be honored today at Gillette Stadium John Morgan The Patriots will honor the newest member of the franchise's Hall of Fame today. During a half time ceremony at Gillette Stadium the Pats will hold a ceremony for Raymond Clayborn. The legendary number 26 is coincidentally...
  10. P

    Belichick Has Kind Words For Patriots' Clayborn

    Belichick Has Kind Words For Patriots' Clayborn Ian Logue With Raymond Clayborn set to be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Saturday night, Bill Belichick was asked on Thursday about the former New England defensive back finally earning the honor of having his name added to the Hall...
  11. P

    Patriots History: Happy Birthday Richard Bishop, Sammy Morris

    Patriots History: Happy Birthday Richard Bishop, Sammy Morris John Morgan Today's installment of the history of the New England Patriot franchise includes seven birthdays. Most notable among this group for their play on the field are defensive lineman Richard Bishop and running back Sammy...
  12. P

    ICYMI: Former Patriot,Team Dentist, Bill Lenkaitis Passes Away

    ICYMI: Former Patriot,Team Dentist, Bill Lenkaitis Passes Away Robert Alvarez Former Patriots Center Bill Lenkaitis passes away from cancer. Continue reading...
  13. oldrover

    Bill Lenkaitis passed away...

    Long-time Patriots center Bill Lenkaitis passed away Anchored the great Pats o-line of the 70's at center... and also was the team dentist. To me, he WAS Pat Patriot. Thanks, Bill, for some great memories. Prayers for your loved ones. And may the Lord rest and keep your immortal soul.
  14. P

    Russ Francis - All World Tight End

    Russ Francis - All World Tight End By: John Morgan The Patriots head coach said "If you've got tight ends that can do the same things as your wide receivers, you're just more flexible". Bill Belichick talking about Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez? Nope, that was Ron Erhardt 32 years ago, in...