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  1. ViperGTS

    Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any worse..

    Tony Lewis, lead singer of the outfield, passed today at 62. Far too young. Rest In Peace good sir, and thank you for the memories you created for Patriots fans.
  2. ViperGTS

    NFL in 2050

    The best one :D
  3. ViperGTS

    Don Yee Interview on Cowherd Today

    Interesting watch, don’t hear from him usually.
  4. ViperGTS

    Another NFL Films Gem: Unlikely Heroes SB51

    I know to some around here...this is verboten. However, its not my fault NFL Films releases this stuff randomly. Enjoy.
  5. ViperGTS

    Another SB Ring Ceremony Vid- Katie Nolan

    They keep coming and this one is pretty sweet.
  6. ViperGTS

    NFL Films: Stories of SB51 That Were Never Told

  7. ViperGTS

    Elliot gets his TRO from Judge

    The NFL lied. Of course. They lied about TB yet no one brought that up. If Zeke was a Pat and a TB12 type case had happened the year before, they would have slapped that decision on the table and said no chance.
  8. ViperGTS

    Subtle Kelce trash talk

    During an interview, he said "Our defense is top tier in the league. Just like their offense has been known to be top tier." Subtle, subtle jab there. Doubt that's been missed in Foxboro.
  9. ViperGTS

    OT:QB Trade Idea (No not TB12)

    I was wondering and I'm probably a gazillion miles off here, but what if they traded Jimmy G PLUS another first, plus a second or so for one of the early picks to take a QB in this upcoming draft. Maybe a team that's feels they can't wait for a QB to develop could use Jimmy G right now instead...
  10. ViperGTS

    Jermaine Kearse?

    Report: Seahawks have Jermaine Kearse on trade block 27, 2.2 base salary this year. Great possession guy. Possible Dola replacement after this season? I'd ring the doorbell.
  11. ViperGTS

    It's time! Trade TB12 and Jimmy G! New QB in town!

  12. ViperGTS

    Jay Glazer Interview TB12/Gronk

    Came across these and thought they were worthwhile. Who would think to put TB and special teams in the same sentence?
  13. ViperGTS

    Other NFL pre-season games thread

    Figure a place for those who want to talk about random NFL pre season games. Up now are the Panthers and the Texans. First couple series and Savage looks mediocre. Probably gonna be Watsons' turn soon enough.
  14. ViperGTS

    Tom Brady's Mom Receives SB Ring

    Very cool! Patriots give Super Bowl ring to Brady's mother "He's been so supportive of my family and certainly everything my mom went through and knowing first-hand how families deal with it," Brady told on Friday when asked about the gesture. "He was always asking, 'How's mom doing...
  15. ViperGTS

    Classy Moment from Jason Taylor

    One of my favorite (outside of Sunday's against NE) players of all time. What a demon out on the field and no brainer Hall of Famer.
  16. ViperGTS

    Falcons Revenge Tour

    You Can't Stop the Atlanta Falcons "But here's what actually happened next. Rather than let the sickness linger, in the spring, Atlanta head coach Dan Quinn told all players in his first teamwide address that they weren't reclimbing Mount Everest from the bottom. No, they were already at "base...
  17. ViperGTS

    49ers Install Conditioning Ramp

    Sigh. They think this will help them. I don't think this type of ramp is exactly what Bill had in kind when he made his hill. This seems like it will put a metric sh*t ton of pressure on the Achilles tendons. They never learn that just because BB does something it doesn't mean it will work for you.
  18. ViperGTS

    Julio Jones loses 100k earring in lake..

    ....and hires a dive team to recover it. "Bobby Griffin, the self-described “Scubaman” of Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia, was hoping he and local salvage diver Richard Pickering would be...
  19. ViperGTS

    Chris Hogan-pre season workout video

    Though this was interesting and a pre camp time sink filler. I also believe DMac, or JMac are in the background in some shots. It's in NJ so makes sense.
  20. ViperGTS

    TB12 surprises Pats fan with wedding gift

    What an awesome gesture...and who the hell are these people to get such an ridiculously awesome gift? Anyways, I think it's pretty sweet. What a thing to have!