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  1. fgssand

    SB 51 Radio rebroadcast Sunday 4th 1/4 & OT

    just heard this on Felger & maz..... It will be this Sunday, I did not catch the time.....I'll edit if I find out.
  2. fgssand

    Kraft kept this team here.......Thanks!!

    Great read as we all gear up for another AFC Championship game.... Say whatever you want about Kraft and deflategate BS, but do not ever lose sight of the facts.....were it not for Bob Kraft, none of our Patriot riches would have happened, period!! The staying home team It was clear from the...
  3. fgssand

    Still no Collins? [Update: Over the Bug, But Needs to Regain Strength]

    Wed 11/18: Still no Collins? Collins has not been seen in the locker room or even at the facility..........this bummer update was from a Twitter post by WEEI's Ryan Hannable. He said he would know more within a hour or so when they hit the field for practice. This is getting scary........
  4. fgssand

    Deflating deflategate --[Mod Edit] AEI Opinion Piece in NY Times

    This is what we've been saying all along, NY Times finally gets it right. WHY did it take this long?? Our study, written with our colleague Joseph Sullivan, examines the evidence and...
  5. fgssand

    What's next....possible third level that plays out in favor of the NFL & Goodevil getting his??

    Read this just now and maybe, just maybe we can see the knife turning towards the farce this entire issue has been, the rat that Goodell is and possible expose some of the total arrogant mean spirited jerks from the NFL and their poison penned mediots. With the Sally Jenkins article, followed...
  6. fgssand

    Great view of last 5 min of SB and some Very stupid, bitter 12th men

    Interesting video shot by a fan from his lower corner shows the last Brady drive with awesome view of Edelmans catch and then of course the very corner where the two plays of a lifetime for Butler occurred. "Stolen Signals" A very dumb thread by some very bitter, stupid...
  7. fgssand

    Saturday NFL Goodell missile

    I have to believe that they are just sitting on more BS and will release it sometime Saturday to screw with us a little more. BB & RK rightfully poked the bear, but that bear has teeth and isn't going to just lie down. Hopefully BB is way on front of it this time (unlike the Tomase BS from the...
  8. fgssand


    It had to happen, the annual 19-0 post -- I am best suited to go there as I am the #1 homer on this site and in Patriot nation. A few years ago, I left the desert for the long trek home, claiming how much I hate Phoenix, the desert and all things Arizona, never to return. OK , I changed my...
  9. fgssand

    The man can You decide -- wilfork.

    He can cook, he can dance.......or whatever it may be called, methinks his achilles has to be getting better. Its all we got to go by.
  10. fgssand

    Tweets from breer and rapaport / DA & Gronk

    From Rapoport....They say what is holding Gronk from playing the most is forearm, not back. On one hand, it's great his back is set and ready to go, on the other hand - 5 surgeries, a ton of time on forearm and still having issues regaining strength? WTF? From Greer....As for DA - the talk is...
  11. fgssand

    Dumervil may not be close to 100%........per schefter

    Adam Schefter just reported that while the Denver Broncos reported Dumervil injured with an "ankle injury," sources tell him that Dumervil is also nursing a knee injury suffered on that play where he forced the fumble on Big Ben last week.
  12. fgssand

    7/17 it's OVER, maybe, says PFT

    July 17 emerges as target for the announcement of a deal July 17 emerges as target for the announcement of a deal | ProFootballTalk Man I hope so.................
  13. fgssand

    let's go BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here we go...let's steal game one baby and not look back.
  14. fgssand

    looking forward to seeing Bodden back there.........

    Just found this and it reminded me how good this guy is............ YouTube - ‪Leigh Bodden Highlights‬‏
  15. fgssand

    DRAFT time.....

    For the next week -I am going to enjoy the draft, today, tomorrow & Saturday and the days after reading all about it. NBF for me - NOTHING BUT DRAFT!! After that i will return to my grumpy mood until this thing is resolved.
  16. fgssand

    Brady still emotional over his #199 selection

    This special airing Tuesday looks to be really good. FINALLY - something this year rekindled my football flames in a positive way. For one clip anyway, this should get it going as well for my fellow football junkies. Extra Points - New England Patriots News and Analysis -
  17. fgssand

    The PATRIOTS are coming..............

    New England Patriots's photos - GameDay is finally here #fb | Plixi Full Size Rotate Embed Report...
  18. fgssand

    Stopping Jets offense

    Let's get down to it.......I am not scared of the "Sanchise" in any way. I think, at this point he is an above average QB at best, possibly headed towards "good" as his career progresses. Nothing to fear and we certainly have faced and beaten much better this year. What does concern me a whole...
  19. fgssand

    BB gets more out of Deion Branch than perhaps any player in the histroy of the NFL.

    Not sure this has been noted elsewhere. but BB really knows how to wheel and deal. A commenter on has a great perspective on the Branch trade: "Justin Says: October 12th, 2010 at 6:51 am On the news of Deion Branch returning to New England I realized something. The Patriots...
  20. fgssand

    Merged: Thoughts on picks/compensation for Moss

    We now have double picks in each of the first FOUR rounds. Our own Oaklands -- 1 Carolina's -- 2 Minny's -- 3 Denver's -- 4 Hello rookie cap