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  1. Boston Boxer

    2021 Season

    Game 1 in the books vs. NJ. I think the young kids did pretty well for the first game (didn't see the 3rd period or shootout). Miller was a beast and overall good start...and hey, we won a shootout!
  2. Boston Boxer

    2021 Red Sox

    obviously we start with the pitching, but what does this team need? I would like to look at Kolten Wong at 2b. Gold Glove and can hit a little. speed guy who can bring energy.
  3. Boston Boxer

    Bruins vs. Carolina

    this should be interesting as we get down to the finals. Go Bruins
  4. Boston Boxer

    Celtics vs. Bucks

    Game 1 is in the books and it looks as though the Celtics are now playing as a team and up to their the perfect time. I still expect the Buck's to make it a series but our boys look awfully good in game 1.
  5. Boston Boxer

    B's vs. CBJ's

    Charlie Coyle is really showing up in the playoffs. Nice effort in game one but Pasta needs to get going.
  6. Boston Boxer

    Last person to post wins...

  7. Boston Boxer

    with the 3rd pick in the NBA Draft...

    the Boston Celtics select, Jamal Murray, G, University of Kentucky we need someone who can shoot and this kid can shoot.
  8. Boston Boxer

    Dave Dombrowski...

    Dave Dombrowski hired by the Sox. Ben out as GM. Interesting
  9. Boston Boxer

    What to do with all the draft picks?

    So, we keep trading folks for draft picks. Does anyone have our draft selections for the next few years and what does everyone think DA will do with them
  10. Boston Boxer

    New Season

    starts tonight with an expo against the Habs. I am again looking forward to the season and interested in what this team will look like.
  11. Boston Boxer


    any predictions or favorites for the Celtics 2 #1s. Here are my 3 senarios that would be nice depending on who is available Vonleh Napier or Smart Payne or Stauskas Warren
  12. Boston Boxer

    Trades and stuff...

    So I read today that ATL want Jeff Green and they are exploring a trade...not much detail right now. This got me thinking and I will admit I dont follow basketball like the other sports. Do you think the Celtics are gearing up for a run at LeBon? Dont kill me because like i said, i am not...
  13. Boston Boxer

    Sox sign a beard...

    its back. Napoli signs a 2 year deal to return to the sox for $32M. OH YA!
  14. Boston Boxer

    Non Celtics Chit Chat...

    So, what is it with these old gezzers...MJ says the only person who could guard him is Kobe and he says that he could take LeBon one on one. Then Kareem says that Oscar Robertson was better than LeBron AND MJ. MJ also says that Kobe stole his moves. First and foremost, it is silly to try...
  15. Boston Boxer

    Sully done...

    Sullinger had back surgery and is now out for the year. The Celtics rolled the dice on drafting this guy and looks like they hit craps. He is out for the year and speaking from experience, back surgery is no joke. I doubt he returns to the way he was. Doubt he ever plays meaningful minutes...
  16. Boston Boxer


    would you trade Tim thomas for Patrick Kane?
  17. Boston Boxer

    Bruins v Habs 2-15-12

    what a goal by Benoit Pouliot!!! Bs 2-1 in the second
  18. Boston Boxer

    Opening Day

    Lester getting shelled, but sox hanging in there in the 5th. I think this Gonzalez kid is a keeper
  19. Boston Boxer

    All Star Weekend

    the slam dunk contest was THE dumbest thing i have ever watched...and i missed the 3 pt contest. Just a bunch of non-interesting stuff
  20. Boston Boxer

    CB with the first pick?

    I would make Patrick Peterson the #1 priority...package picks or whatever it takes. With him and McCourty at CB, it makes the D special. OLB, DE, WR, DE after that. With the way BJEG is playing, the need for a RB is not that high on the list