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  1. italian pat patriot

    Happy New Year !

    It has been a very tough year for obvious reasons and also our beloved team did not performed as we hoped... Let s hope 2021 will be much more better and a hopefully step by step a return to a normal life Here it is allready 2021 since approx 40 minutes Buon Anno ! FELICE anno nuovo a tutti...
  2. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 14 other games

    Let s discuss...
  3. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL week 13 other games

    Jets td...
  4. italian pat patriot

    Top passing leaders in Pats history

    No surprise in the top 5 1 Brady 2 Bledsoe 3 Grogan 4 Parilli 5 Eason
  5. italian pat patriot

    OT r.i.p. Diego Maradona

    The greatest playier probably tied with Pelé Probably the best goal ever...Mexico 1986... Genius and recklessness...
  6. italian pat patriot

    The forgotten 1976 - 1978 NE Patriots

    The Athletic made an article today concerning the awesome team we had 1976/1978 period...Pity i am not able to read it all but it must be fascinating and thanks to them for remember it...
  7. italian pat patriot

    R.i.p. Ennio Morricone

    A legend... Grazie Grandissimo Ennio... A sad day... Riposa in pace :crying::crying::crying:
  8. italian pat patriot

    No international games for 2020 Nfl season

    No 4 games in London Uk and no game too in Mexico City I totally agree...
  9. italian pat patriot

    Daily Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread - 4/6

    I risk to be fired from Ian but i take the is allready 1 pm...;)
  10. italian pat patriot

    Vikes @ 49 ers official thread

    Let s discuss...looks an interesting game...
  11. italian pat patriot

    Addio Oakland Raiders

    Raiders today are playing last game at Coliseum Another historical franchise will moove I feel bad for their fan base Pity and sad... We were rivals but today is the respect day for Oakland fans
  12. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL week 14 official thread other games

    Many crucial games... Bills Ravens...Saints 49 ers...lets discuss...
  13. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL week 9 other games

    Raining like an hell here so i am ready to start sunday games with the first here in Europa Texans Jags Let s start discussions waiting our road game @ Baltimore
  14. italian pat patriot

    Dolphins Redskins ticket cost...

    Seems usd 16...o_O:eek:
  15. italian pat patriot

    Week 1 Other Games Thread

    Are you ready ?
  16. italian pat patriot

    Divisional play.offs predictions

    Ne No Kc Lar Yr predictions ? ;)
  17. italian pat patriot

    report from my Super Bowl experience in MINNEAPOLIS

    if i do not consider the massive COSTS AND COLD I TOOK THERE...:D it was the best sport experience i have done in my life...22 hours flight in 4 days and a half...and also a loss...pity because i was 5-1 in my live Pats games...but overall experience was amazing...overall organisation was imho...
  18. italian pat patriot

    for not USA Patriot Fans - SUPER BOWL DAY let's count !

    let's count the many are we as a strong Pats Fans for THE DAY ? Italy is here so...from Italy GO PATS !!! I WILL PRATICALLY NO SLEEP AT ALL...hoping at least to go to work happy tomorrow...;) Next Country ?:)
  19. italian pat patriot

    was the last 01:15 'craziest' Super Bowl ever ?

    i start to think so... and you ? i'm still so excited after more then 3 days...
  20. italian pat patriot

    How many times have you seen the 4th quarter ?

    am i the only one that continues to see it ? i think that i have seen it already 5-6 times and i will see again it before go to sleep this evening (here is 21,40...) ;)