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    I think we can say Edelman does not have to have Brady

    .... in order to be a top flight NFL receiver. It was his drive and hard work that has made him great
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    #7 - here we come!!

    Bama ain’t winning the NC
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    Baskin Robbins and the NFL

    Both have a “Flavor of the Month” 2015 Cam Newton 2016 Matt Ryan 2017 Carson Wentz 2018 Patrick Mahomes 2019 Lamar Jackson 2020 ????
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    Challenging for uncalled OPI under the new rule

    There were numerous successful challenges for this in games today. Right now this seems to be the biggest effect of the new rule. I think teams do not know how it is going to be called, and are running various pick plays to find out. This seems like this could be the most unpredictable...
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    Rereading the Pittsburgh postgame thread from last year

    Was cleaning out some old e-mails off my computer. There is some serious gold there - many of you would hang your head in shame. Mod Edit: Post Game Thread - Pats @ Steelers Also: Game Day Thread - Official Game Day Thread Week 15 - Pats @ Steelers Idle thoughts - the "pluses and minuses"...
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    Playoff receptions

    With 5 on Sunday, Julian Edelman will pass Reggie Wayne and move to 2nd all-time. Is only 11 sort of 100 - could get in a couple of games. Would still leave him 51 behind Jerry Rice though.
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    Gronk says he is “all in” on the rest of the year

    .... well, that’s big of him.
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    Logan Ryan out for season with broken leg

    A potential foe with a big loss. Hard to overrate good health this time of year.
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    Denver WR Emmanuel Sanders ruptures achilles

    in practice. Awful injury for his position (any, really). Probably puts end to Broncos’ hopes.
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    S Eddie Pleasant released

    Richards staying. Of course
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    Punt returner - who is it?

    Reiss indicated today that the #1 PR job looks to be Berrios vs McCarron - with one of them making the team and backing up in the slot. If so, who is it and will it be solely about PR ability or will WR ability be a big factor?
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    2018 is going to be a fun year

    Brady was quoted as saying he just wants football to be fun again. The last few years have seen success but have been hellish too. 2014 - no SB win in 10 years going in, dreadful start. 2015 - Deflategate. 2016 - Deflategate and his mother’s cancer. 2017 - Hunted as the champ with huge...
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    Keith Jackson passes at 89

    My favorite college football announcer of all time. The way he pronounced ‘Alabama’ was pure music.
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    Steeler LB Ryan Shazier has spinal surgery

    Reported has “spinal stabilization” surgery last night in Pittsburgh. Other details not released, but clearly has suffered a serious injury.
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    Joe Thomas injury

    Thomas has been talked about so much, feels like an honorary Patriot. Lost for year due to torn triceps yesterday - after playing over 10,000 straight offensive snaps over 10+ years. Will be a first ballot HOFer and never played in a playoff game. Loyal to the Browns to the end.
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    Ordered 3GTG - oddity noted

    Finally ordered 3G2G DVD from Pats' site. Opened it up and in SB 51 box, but discs all labeled SB 49. I thought I got the wrong discs, but then saw they said Falcons vs Pats. When I played them it was SB 51. We have won so many, people can no longer keep track.
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    OT: Justice for the 96

    After 28 long years and an appalling police coverup, 6 people are going to face criminal charges in the 1989 Hillsborough massacre where 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives when they were crushed due to overcrowding at a FA match held at Sheffield. The police commander will face manslaughter...
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    When you got them down, you break their ****ing neck

    Everyone laughed (cringed?) when JE told this story on the bench to Mitchell during one of the playoff games. But that turned out to be exactly what the Falcons failed to do. When we made it 28-9 but failed on the onside kick, Atlanta was in business at our 41. 5 yards from a legit FG shot...
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    SweetWater Brewery pays off its bet

    ...with Sam Adams. Produced Patriot Extra Pale Ale. " A soul-crushing pale ale that will leave you feeling deflated. No GOAT harmed in the creation of this beer (but we gave it our best shot!) #rogerthat"
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    Good things come to those who wait

    The Patriots and their fans were denied 19-0. But a win today, with all that it would mean, would be super special. May the football gods let us have this moment.