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  1. Cramden

    2018-19 Stanley Cup - Bruins vs Blues

    Another Finals. Being a Boston Sports Fan is so frigging delicious right now. So blessed!
  2. Cramden

    3 Games to Glory VI

    As a follow up to my query, it seems that any orders placed over the weekend for the Digital Download are being input today and my download code will be emailed by Noon. Doesn't seem like the ProShop is heavily staffed.
  3. Cramden

    3 Games to Glory VI

    Nope. I spent 10 minutes looking around the site for that option but couldn't find. It. I only went through with the purchase because I thought the download would be instantaneous. Almost 24 hours later and I still haven't received the download code and the ProShop is closed until Monday.
  4. Cramden

    3 Games to Glory VI

    Has anyone ordered the downloadable version? If so how long did it take to get your digital download code emailed to you? I ordered mine last night and received an order confirmation email but have yet to receive the code.
  5. Cramden

    Sony Michel on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night:

    That was awesome. He's built a lot thicker than I thought he was.
  6. Cramden

    Post Game Thread-Super Bowl Champs!!!!

    This never get's old. So blessed and proud to be witness to this run. Congrats Pats and fellow Pats Fans!!
  7. Cramden

    HoF Class of 2019- Ty Law inducted

    David Terrell Congrats Ty!!
  8. Cramden

    Congratulations Patriots

    Yup. Proud to be a fan. Painful, hungover day today but still love this team. Grateful for all the joy they've given me.
  9. Cramden

    EDIT: McDaniels to Colts is now NOT going to happen.

    Agree with all you said minus the Giants. Call me petty and bitter but I could never wish good things on that franchise.
  10. Cramden

    EDIT: McDaniels to Colts is now NOT going to happen.

    Could have been worse. At least Patricia didn't take the Giants job.
  11. Cramden

    Any word on Gronk's status?

    He's in uniform practicing. Can't do that without clearing the protocol.
  12. Cramden

    Who Saw Patriots at: Nickerson Field - Harvard - Schaefer/Sullivan Stadium.

    Started following the team in 74 but didn't make it to the Stadium until 1984. That was a BC Eagles game against Syracuse. It was the game before "The Pass" against Miami and Bernie Kosar the following week.
  13. Cramden

    Brady Hand Injury News, Tweets, etc. (Only)

    Wait, I read earlier in this thread from ML Carr that Brady won't even attempt to throw until just before the game Sunday. How can this be??
  14. Cramden

    Brady Hand Injury

    Isn't it a 12:15 practice today?
  15. Cramden

    Norway Loves The Pats

    Pretty sure it's referring to beer.
  16. Cramden

    Just turned 25 today and was wondering

    I was really hoping I'd open this and your question was "What's a Clitoris?" About 8 for me. Plunkett's last year with the team. Happy Birthday!
  17. Cramden

    ESPN hitpiece on Patriots (Rift with Brady/Belichick/Kraft) - Merged

    Sometimes we need to be reminded who the enemy is. Thanks for the reminder Rachel and all else who appear giddy while promoting this story.
  18. Cramden

    ESPN hitpiece on Patriots (Rift with Brady/Belichick/Kraft) - Merged

    After tuning in for 5 minutes I wish they weren't talking about sports. They're un-listenable. Had to turn it off until Shefter comes on in 30 minutes. Interested to get his take.
  19. Cramden

    ESPN hitpiece on Patriots (Rift with Brady/Belichick/Kraft) - Merged

    We were days away from finalizing our Disney trip for April. My wife after reading the story strongly suggested we switch it to Universal this year. Said the Mouse is dead to her until ESPN is jettisoned. Damn I'm lucky!
  20. Cramden

    ESPN hitpiece on Patriots (Rift with Brady/Belichick/Kraft) - Merged

    [email protected] ESPN. Couldn't care less, even if there may be some truth to what they say. It's actually amazing that the Trio has coexisted without issues for as long as they have. The fact that they plan to promote it heavily is just a compliment to how far we've come as a franchise/fanbase. Pretty...