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  1. New England Pride

    Cam Newton explains how he ended up with the Pats

    I wish Cam would feel gratitude for the opportunity he has instead of feeling resentment for what he doesnt have in Carolina. Hopefully he can connect with that soon.
  2. New England Pride

    keep gillmore

    Have him play tight end. We have not had a viable replacement since Gronk retired.
  3. New England Pride

    The Tom Brady rumor thread

    What did you find to be misfiring about the documentary?
  4. New England Pride

    Brady's days as an NFL quarterback are finished

    Great thread and a valid point. Bradys days are truly numbered.
  5. New England Pride

    Tom Brady

    I didn't see a thread regarding Tom Brady's pending free agency so I figured id start one to keep all thoughts organized. Please stay on topic and keep all discussions here.
  6. New England Pride

    Titans to cut Dion Lewis

    I agree, but that's totally irrelivent to my post. My post was more so about time being an enemy to players, and stupid comments to the media do not create value.
  7. New England Pride

    Titans to cut Dion Lewis

    I see alot of people kicking the guy for the stupid comments he made. We see this time and time again, making stupid comments to the press doesn't add any value in the NFL. Its an unforgiving league, players go from elite to nothing burgers in 3 years. You can't beat Bill Belichick as a...
  8. New England Pride

    VIDEO: N’Keal Harry “Steady Hustlin”

    Guy dropped everything but his nuts...NEXT!
  9. New England Pride

    Toughest road ever?

    Pats over Cheifs Pats over Ravens Pats over 49ers Brady punches Jimmy G in the face post game, and Alex Guerrero refuses to provide Tb12 treatment. What's so difficult about this scenario?
  10. New England Pride

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 14 Chiefs @ Pats

    Not to oversimplify their issues but the vibe has been totally off since he was cut.
  11. New England Pride

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 14 Chiefs @ Pats

    Something feels off. I think the Brown situation is more divisive than people understand. 17 down at half is nothing to past teams, to this team, im not even sure if they believe in themselves.
  12. New England Pride

    Glazer: Odell Beckham wants out of Cleveland

    I strongly disagree. Brown has been more durable and more versatile for a longer period of time. One of the most fundamentally solid recievers the game has ever seen. Beckham is flashier and less consistent, but obviously would be a dream to have.
  13. New England Pride

    Glazer: Odell Beckham wants out of Cleveland

    Brown is most definitely a better player at this moment in time. Beckham likely a bit easier to manage.
  14. New England Pride

    Glazer: Odell Beckham wants out of Cleveland

    Would be a great addition to the Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski aquesitions that are coming in the next 48 hours.
  15. New England Pride

    Curran (again) - Are these Tom Brady's final days with the Patriots?

    Every problem has a solution. I think Brady is super pissed about the Brown situation. Bring him back as soon as the league will allow it and come to an amicable deal financially. If they cannot meet on those terms than it wasn't meant to be, but Bradys attitude and these Curran articles...
  16. New England Pride

    How Can the Pats Stop the Ravens?

    Best way to stop Baltimore is to win out because they are looking like 14-2 right now. I think Billy is gonna have something for that offense in the rematch and I think New England would be a small favorite at home.
  17. New England Pride

    As much as I absolutely hate to say it, Brady has not been playing well this year.

    Physically, I see Brady throwing the ball and moving around within the pocket better this year than last. Give him a left tackle and a center and things would be different.
  18. New England Pride

    We are on to Dallas

    What if Edelman keeps getting these looks innthe red area?