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  1. WinstonSmith

    2021 Cap Space

    Saw that the old Cap Thread was closed. Below is from Miguel's tweet today: (1/3) These numbers are for 2021. Will change as we get closer to March 17 $175M League Cap plus $20M Carry Over plus $4M in LTBE/NLTBE adjustments equals $199M Adjusted Cap number for the Patriots subtract $143.1M...
  2. WinstonSmith

    Zebra Gate

    So it would seem that Kraft is funneling cash to NFL officials to ensure winning the battle of the flags. I’m hopeful that by year’s end we can have a gate for every letter of the alphabet. Prediction: Kraft eventually shares a cell with Hernandez and earns a new nickname – Incarcerated Bob...
  3. WinstonSmith

    Brady on D and C in 5 minutes (8:20) 9/8

    Just a heads up. Should be interesting.
  4. WinstonSmith

    Kessler did not throw Mcnally under the bus...

    There seems to be a new “misunderstanding” that is being presented as fact by some sports “reporters” and radio guys that Kessler threw McNally under the bus and conceded that the balls were deflated in the bathroom. This stems from Browns initial twitter play by play not including the...
  5. WinstonSmith

    CAHC pronounced Cawk.

    Cool Anti Homers Club – Boston Chapter: Re: New Membership drive. Please nominate qualified candidates in this thread. The top vote getters will be submitted to chapter president Felger for consideration for membership. Qualifications and required behavior sets: Work for a Boston sports...
  6. WinstonSmith

    Jackie Chiles defense of deflategate

    The prosecution of deflate-gate is totally inappropriate, lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous! You can use the following simple Jackie Chiles debate technique to win any deflate-gate argument. If there was no crime then Brady shan’t do the time. 1. Pregame PSI’s weren't properly...
  7. WinstonSmith

    Getting the Defensive Band back together.

    Monday, if Jones is back, will be the first time since adding Talib that the defense has all of its core team members together. Dennard, Talib, and Gregory have made steady progress in the defensive backfield - while Chung, Jones and others are coming back from injuries. The defense will gel...
  8. WinstonSmith

    NEP 2012 draft class: 100% Graduation rate?

    I have the entire NEP draft class of 2012, except for Ebert, as safely making the 53. With the cuts at WR - Ebert becomes at least a dark horse to make it. I think this says as much about last year’s defense as it does the quality of the Pats' draft, but it’s amazing that all of the NEP...
  9. WinstonSmith

    Spygate Book

    I’m curious if anyone has read Spygate: The Untold Story, which was just recently released. I had not heard of it and just stumbled upon it on Amazon. From reading the four reviews it doesn’t look like it covers any new ground and is most likely a sensationalist pile of crap.
  10. WinstonSmith

    Josh McDaniels: The X Factor

    Mcdaniels has a unique Patriots' insider/outsider perspective, which was shaped and refined by his head coaching experience in Denver. It necessitated that he have a big picture perspective and take into concideration how to incorporate offense, deffense and special teams into a unified game...
  11. WinstonSmith

    A Prayer for Ochocinco

    Ocho has spent his life preparing for the moment that he saves the Patriots' season. His narcissism, ADD, and lack of a clear understanding of the playbook will serve as the perfect foil to the Giants methodical defensive game plan of shutting down Tom's usual suspects. Run to the hash...
  12. WinstonSmith

    Pro Football Reference on Pats Record

    I’m a fan of NFL reference. The layout is a bit clunky but they have a lot of good stats and the blog is usually quite good. They have a decent Pats article, which contrasts the Pat’s 6-1 record to their relatively high negative total yardage margin and conclude that the Pats are somewhat...