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  1. Koma

    The Timeline - Tuck Rule - This Thursday Night

    After the Patriots-Buccaneers, a new episode of The Timeline will premiere about the Tuck Rule. Based on this list of interviewees, what do you think the tone of this show will be: Jon Gruden – Former Raiders head coach Amy Trask – Former Raiders CEO Ice Cube – Actor/Musician & Raiders fan Tim...
  2. Koma

    OT - For Those Of You Who Enjoyed Rugby 7s During the Olympics

    I know a few posters paid attention to this sport with Nate Ebner playing for the US team. This weekend, the Sevens World Series comes to Las Vegas. Most of the teams who participated in the Olympics tournament will be there, plus a few more (16 teams in this tournament vs. 12 in the Olympics.)...
  3. Koma

    You'll Never Believe This: Revis Tampering More Extensive Than Revealed

    From Tom Curran via a story by Manish Mehta: Curran: Jets’ 2015 tampering with Revis more extensive than NFL revealed If I'm Clark Hunt, I'm on the phone to NY asking why my team lost 2 draft picks and a total of $350k while the Jets were only fined $100k. If I'm a Jets fan with a tiny bit of...
  4. Koma

    Outrage Du Jour - NYDN Editor Wishes Career Ending Injury on Brady

    This was a tweet from Joseph Barracto, an assignment editor (and Broncos fan) with the NY Daily News: He deleted the tweet, but hasn't given any explanation for it. I wonder if there are any professional consequences for publicly wishing injury on a NFL player. People, in general, have...
  5. Koma

    If You Read One Article About Gauges Today...

    Read this one: I saw this tweeted by Bruce Allen today. It's long, but well worth the time. It gives a solid argument for determining which gauge Walt Anderson used and explaining the PSI loss in the footballs. It...
  6. Koma

    A Pattern of Behavior

    (I don't start a lot of threads, so, Mods, if you feel this should be merged or practice squad'd, I'll defer to your judgement. I felt strongly enough about this topic that I felt it needed it's own thread.) The thread title doesn't refer to the allegedly nefarious Patriots, but rather to the...
  7. Koma

    Too Much Rex Ryan is Never Enough

    I didn't like his loud-mouthed approach when he was hired, but I have to admit that Ryan can be pretty entertaining. I watched part of the "Strikeforce: Miami" MMA event last night and they interviewed Rex, for reasons that escape me. Being in Dolphins territory, he was booed soundly when he...
  8. Koma

    Spygate Article

    I know some people are sick of re-hashing this topic, so I figure the PS forum would be a good spot for this: From Bleacher Report: The Truth About Spygate: Punishing Success and Promoting Parity It's a lengthy article, but it summarizes the entire episode, as well as providing some...
  9. Koma

    Training Camp question

    In honor of my first ever thread, I thought I'd ask a question that probably has an obvious answer if I looked a little harder: When does training camp end? More to the point, the portion of it that's open to the public? I'd like to get up there, but knowing the end date will help me know...