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    We're on to Day 2

    To summarize an historic Day 1 of free agency... The Pats needed a TE. They signed one of the best in Jonnu Smith. The Pats needed WR help. They signed two very good ones (not elite, but very good) in Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne. The Pats needed DT help. They signed Davon Godcheaux...
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    The decline, unit-by-unit

    The end of the dynasty thread got me thinking about a unit-by-unit comparison between the last Patriots' championship team (2018) and their current team. Just two years removed. Just the starters. For the 2020 roster, I'm color coding them - black if they're equivalent to 2018, blue if...
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    Roster hopefuls - explosive athletes

    As I think about the upcoming year (hopefully it happens), I think about the Pats getting younger and much more explosive and athletic on both sides of the ball. To that end, here's some players I hope make the roster and make contributions... - RB JJ Taylor - For a small guy, he hits like a...
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    Brady, Brees, Manning

    Michael Hurley tweets: This is really crazy, if Pro Football Reference's indoor/outdoor split is accurate. Percentage of games played in dome/retractable roof: Brees: 52.7% Manning: 48.9% Brady: 8.2% So ok interesting topic. Here are their career passer ratings in domes, outdoors, and in...
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    All time greatest tight end

    We all want to say it's Rob Gronkowski. But I want to make a distinction between "best" and "greatest". I think Christian Laettner was perhaps the "greatest" college basketball player I ever saw (I never saw Alcindor or Walton play in college). His achievements were just off the charts. But...
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    Best Pats' Player By Year (non-Brady edition)

    From 2001-2018, here's a list of the Pats' players who had the best seasons, by year, other than Tom Brady. Just one man's opinion, but I'd love others as well. 2001 - Troy Brown. 101 rec, 1099 yds, 5 td 2002 - Ty Law. 4 int, 79 tackles, 1 FF, 1 FR, pro-bowl 2003 - Ty Law. 6 int, 73...
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    The Cliff

    Brady's "cliff". Even though they won the Super Bowl, with Brady leading them on another 4th quarter game-winning drive, the critics were vocal. Many were appreciative of Brady's work but at the end of the season and the SB, critics were saying that they won because of the defense and running...
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    SB Key Matchup

    I see the most important matchup in the Super Bowl being Thuney/Andrews/Mason vs. Donald/Suh. Three on two. Suh has the potential to be a wrecking ball. Big, fast, quick, and strong. But it feels like his actual production has never matched his physical ability. Career-wise, he's been an...
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    Draft forum?

    I feel stupid because I can't find the draft forum here on Patsfans. Can someone please just post a link so I can bookmark it? Thanks. And happy new year everyone!
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    What's going well right now

    Lombardi saying that the Pats aren't playing well right now so he's not buying them: Mike Lombardi Not Buying Patriots In Playoffs Citing Their ‘Significant Issues’ I'd like to discuss the things that ARE going well for the Pats right now. In my mind here are some: - The running game. The...
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    Brady and Pass Distribution

    Got this idea from some comments in other threads about how Brady is locking on to just a couple of receivers. Looking at the last five seasons, trying to see how Brady is distributing the ball. The last five seasons featured two Super Bowl-winning seasons, a Super Bowl loss, and AFCCG loss...
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    The real reveal: Home vs. Road

    This is like one of the most stark home-road splits I've seen the Pats have under Belichick. Home: - 6-0 - 33.5 points per game - 446.7 yards per game - 19.7 points allowed per game - 337.8 yards allowed per game Road: - 3-4 (4 games worse in the loss column) - 23.3 points per game...
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    NFL scoring discussion

    In 1980, teams averaged 20.5 points a game. This year they're averaging 24.2 points a game, an increase of 3.7 points a game per team over a 38 year period, and increase of 18.0% over that time frame. Why is scoring up so much? Well, clearly yards are easier to gain, especially by way of...
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    Tom F-ing Brady is our quarterback

    Let's all remember that. His last three Super Bowls: 37-50, 328 yds, 4 td, 2 int, 101.1 rating, 28 points scored vs. all-time great defense 43-62, 466 yds, 2 td, 1 int, 95.2 rating, 34 points scored and greatest comeback of all time 28-48, 505 yds, 3 td, 0 int, 115.4 rating, 33 points scored...
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    The SB defense - statistical anomaly

    The Patriots gave up 538 yards and 41 points in the Super Bowl. Just horrific numbers any way you slice it. And that's for sure colored how we view the defense moving forward. It seemed like a replay from the first four weeks of the year. During those four weeks, the Patriots fielded the...
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    Pats Dynasty vs 49ers Dynasty

    NE from 2001-2017 SF from 1981-1998 Avg record: - NE: 12.3-3.7 - SF: 11.5-4.0 (skewed by the strike-shortened 1982 season) Regular season win %: - NE: .768 - SF: .739 First place finishes: - NE: 15 (88.2% of the time) - SF: 13 (72.2% of the time) Avg place finished: - NE: 1.1 - SF...
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    2018 NFL Teams Stock Watch

    Buy, sell, or hold? Which three teams do you put in each category? Buy: - San Francisco. They're up and coming. I think JG is the real deal. They have a good coaching staff and they started playing well before JG got the starts, so this was already a team on the rise. They have a TON of...
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    The Key Reason for the Super Bowl Offensive Explosion

    No, it's not bad defense. The key reason is that the officials did not call a single offensive holding penalty all game long. But believe me, there was PLENTY of holding. There have been other games where very little holding was called, but zero holding penalties in the Super Bowl. Not...
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    Tom Brady and the AFCCG

    Discounting 2000 and 2008 for obvious reasons, he's been in the league for 16 seasons. In those 16 seasons, he's been in the AFCCG 12 times. 75% of Tom Brady's seasons, he's played in the Conference Championship Game. Think about that. Here's how he's done, by year (2001 means the game was...
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    Who wins the Super Bowl? The case for...

    Philadelphia - #1 seed in a very tough NFC. - #3 ranked offense, #4 ranked defense. - #1 point differential in the NFL this year. - Home field advantage in the NFCCG. - Points allowed at home this year: 24, 7, 24, 10, 23, 3, 10, 6, 10. Last four home games, they've allowed a total of 29 points...