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  1. Dragda

    Follow-up to the Butt Fumble

    I've watched this 20 times:
  2. Dragda

    Pats vs Titans coaches film review

    I went through the Patriots Titans game all-22 film from NFL Rewind. I only looked for big pass plays (over ten yards). I looked at both offense and defense. I would have done more, but I am on hotel wireless. Can you say "buffering?" Keep in mind my comments are only those plays I...
  3. Dragda

    All 22 coaches film from NFL.COM - reviewed 2011

    After seeing the thread that discussed the coaches film being available on NFL.COM for a fee, I signed up. Let me start by dicussing the service. I ordered the complete package for all teams which costs $69.99 right now. I don't know how quickly they will make the games available once they...
  4. Dragda

    Raider Game observations from the stands

    I am still a little punchy after a ten hour drive back from Oakland last night and into the morning, but I had a great time. Oakland fans are some of the best hosts of any opposing professional team. Due to a late decision to attend the game, air prices were too high to travel down there...
  5. Dragda

    Are you a PatsFans supporter?

    I enjoy checking in at during training camp and the beginning of football season. I decided to support the endeavor financially a few years back. For a mere $18 per year, I can see all the relevant links posted in one place, a bunch of creative "should we trade for...
  6. Dragda

    Field Turf question

    Question: You know that debris that flares up on Field Turf during cuts and sudden stops? the little particles that look like dark sand? What's that stuff called? I'd like to know the official word for it and any colloquial monikers attached to it. I am working on a writing project and...
  7. Dragda


    I live in Somerville and Gresham, OR
  8. Dragda

    Gresham in the house

    I live in both Somerville, MA and Gresham, OR. I pay income tax to two states! Yay!
  9. Dragda

    Watching tomorrow's game in Cambridge

    I don't go to bars traditionally, but I have to be out of the house tomorrow. Where's a good spot in Cambridge to watch the game? I live in North Cambridge, but anywhere in Cambridge is fine with me. I want to be able to hear and see well.
  10. Dragda

    Bledsoe seems to be transitioning well to retirement Coffee and wine is a big deal in the northwest. I hope he's successful at both endeavors.
  11. Dragda

    Dullest NFL book ever

    I just picked up Rozelle, Czar of the NFL. This may be one of those books I just never finish. Man, is it ever boring. There is a great sense of history, but the writing style and level of detail into the mundane just make this thing only useful if you have insomnia.
  12. Dragda

    The best RB in the draft

    Now that Jonathan Stewart has declared for the NFL draft, Mc Fadden may drop to the second round--or at least low enough where we may be qable to trade up or down to get him. Stewart is a much better prospect. In his bowl game with a freshman QB and the whole opposing defense concentrating on...
  13. Dragda

    19-0 can be beat under unusual circumstances

    20-0 is possible. 19-0 can be beat if somehow there are three 16-0 teams in one conference and the lowest seeded one wins four playoff games. While it is unlikely, there can be a 20-0. 16-0 can't be beat unless they extend the season to more regular season games. Come to think of it, that...
  14. Dragda

    If I hear "most underrated" 10 times per day...

    How can our OL be the "most underrated" when I hear how underrated they are ALL the time? I don't watch much talking head tv and very little sports talk radio. But I still hear the OL getting props all the time. How can it still be called overrated? It's the OL. Just an annoyance...
  15. Dragda

    More motivation

    I hope somehow none of the Patriot players are voted to the Pro Bowl. That'd be extra motivation to keep their noses to the grindstone.
  16. Dragda

    Anyone think Carolina called Bledsoe?

    Carolina is going through QBs like dixie cups. I wonder if Bledsoe's phone has been ringing?
  17. Dragda

    Upcoming Bills game

    I expect them to get some pressure on Brady. Schoebel is a great pass rusher. We'll double him whenever we can. Look for the Bills to try some twists/stunts to try and get him a favorable blocking matchup. They have some injuries in the secondary. Look for a big game from Brady and our...
  18. Dragda

    We should start a donation pool...

    ...for the mods. They are no doubt suffering from repetitive motion injury deleting all the troll posts and banning accounts.
  19. Dragda

    The trick to getting a good press conference out of BB

    After reading dozens of BB press conferences, the worst thing you can do is ask him about the Patriots. Ask him about the other team. Ask him about a specific player for the other team. The only insight he offers is of the competition. Some of it is pretty insightful. Ask him about the...
  20. Dragda

    OT: Single game Raider tickets

    I know this isn't the Raiders forum, but I wouldn't venture in one on a bet :) I will be in Oakland on Dec 4-8 and want to attend the Colts/Raiders game. (I'd like to wear a Moss jersey). I have scoured their team website and the only mention of tickets is for season tix. Does anyone know...