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OT: UK Pats Fan Suffering depression
2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    OT: Ramadan Kareem

    Greetings and Blessings to all ,,,just to say as our Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us,,which starts this Friday 24 th April. For myself and all Muslims all over the World ,,as we fast and pray ,,we will pray for all mankind and to rid us of this Virus and to bring the whole World together as...
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    BRAVE Patriots Fan

    Hello to all and Congrats on a great Win in Philadelphia. This deserves a thread ,,Really ,,,,the bravest Fan of the New England Patriots Medal goes to the gentleman I saw on television while watching the Ravens v Houston game. ! Clear ,,and I actually rubbed my eyes twice to make sure what I...
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    Is Rob Parker on ' Suicide Watch ' ?

    Much as I enjoyed last night's walloping of Pittsburgh,( really left some plays that should have been in the 40s for us) my mind could not help but pray for a certain Rob Parker and just wondering if anyone has heard if hes ok ?. Most probably he will put the blame on Tomlin and Pittsburgh and...
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    WOW ,,,,Gronk the Horse just finished 2nd in the Dubai World Cup

    Amazing performance by Gronkowski one the World's Richest Race,,,,,photo finish ,,lost by a nose !!!! 7 Million Dollar Race,,,I think around 2 Million for second place.
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    Love from Bahrain.

    Hey all ,,,,How about them Patriots ? Honestly couldn't feel more proud ,raised my 2 sons as Pats fans ,,one graduating from Northeastern,,the other still in College here and may I proudly also say they have over last 5 years made many of our cousins also follow the Patriots. Ok where can I...
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    Firstly and most importantly CONGRATULATIONS TO all Pats fans all over the World. I had to make this my thread for a couple of reasons. Parker said he will migrate to Mexico if we won,,,on television,,so has he packed his bags yet ? Biggest hater ,,cannot wait to see his expression . Yesterday's...
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    That 'Sick' human being named Rob Parker

    I am convinced now after his latest quote that he is being paid to hate on TB12 and the Patriots. I am sorry if I am writing something you all must know already ,,,but how in God's name can he say what he said ??? He was asked " would you rather go 1- 0 in a Super Bowl or 5 - 3 ? " His answer as...
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    At LAST,,, we have a RB

    God Bless Sony Michel. Ever since C. Dillon we have not had a real bruising RB of this calibre . Imagine if J. Hill didn't go down from that freak accident from one of our own players to take him to IR. Imagine both Hill + Michel ,,just WOW. Still I am praying that Sony stays healthy because his...
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    Mike Felger !!

    Ok,,,,as most of you all know,,i am from Bahrain,,,an Island Kingdom in the Middle East right next to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . So being so far away from Boston i need to ask this question about Mike Felger ,,,,,,does he hate the Patriots and Bill Belichick ? I cannot understand his rant nor...
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    Firstly ,,,,,,,YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Congratulations all,,,,,lucky we are far apart ,, because i want to kiss everyone here !!:D Was awake till 6 am ,,and coudnt sleep with joy,,,because this one is SPECIAL. Very Special, just like Bob Kraft said...
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    Happy New Year Pats Nation

    Salam Alaikum to all. Been a while since my last post , but always keeping up reading your posts here. Its that time of the Year to wish you all and your families and all mankind on Earth a very Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Peace and Love is all we pray and wish for ( Ring number 5 too in...
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    Who the F**K is Rob Parker ?

    Hello and please excuse my ignorance as an Arab from Bahrain,,,,who the hell is this moron Rob Parker ? I like listening to Skip Bayless although i hate his opinion on BB ,,and he is on a program called Undisputed with another idiot which i know you all understand who i am talking about. But my...
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    Shame on America

    Today's Decision 2-1 ,,which takes it to 2-2 if you include Judge Berman is a sad day for all players in the NFL. What i find sad ,,is the rejoicing of most of America ,,on a player who has been a GREAT Ambassador to the Game and for his Country. Someone who's only guilt is that he is good and...
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    Brandon Lafell's Game

    Hello and greetings to all. Hope you all had a great start to 2016 and i know mine will after we beat Kansas City tomorrow ,,Inshallah . As much as i have been disappointed with Lafell this Season after his return from injury,,i believe he has to now turn up big to assist our corps coming back...
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    Marshall oh Marshall

    First of all let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance of your wonderful Holidays. My question if ever i met Marshall Faulk is ,,why the hate so much ? Please let it go ,,for Gods sake . Wasn't Kevin his cousin ? Why still after all these years do you carry this...
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    Tanguay = Dumb Ass

    In Latin Tang means Dumb ,,and uay means Ass . How can you in the USA ..especially in Boston put up with this dumbass ? How in Gods name can anyone hire him ? Don't you know how he makes you Americans look ? How does he walk around at night ? Does he have body guards ? I may be an Arab from...
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    How I Feel - MERGED (by accident - Ian) Brady Suspension Upheld

    :mad: Right now i don't care if Tom Brady plays a single game for us this Season, don't care about winning on the Field either. The ONLY WIN i care is in the Court. I want Tommy to sue the hell out of the NYJFL. I have just finished fasting during our Holy Month of Ramadan and as much as i...
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    Article on Breitbart Sports

    Hello and please don't ask me to post it here because I don't know how But great article on a retired QB saying how all qbs including himself doing what Tom Brady is getting picked on. Please read it and kindly someone post it here.Thanks
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    Firstly ,,very warm greetings to all , and wherever in this World you are,,,Salam Alaikum. I must confess the last few days has been like a nightmare to me , as i know for most of you. You see i am angry inside , and confused for many many reasons. I am confused that we are the legitimate and...
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    Auburn's Corey Grant

    Don't know if I should write about a player in the Draft here, but the more I read about this kid , the more I think we may draft him. I never like to predict who BB will pick because its virtually impossible to predict it !! However because of the situation at RB this year I believe in my heart...