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  1. New England Pride

    Tom Brady

    I didn't see a thread regarding Tom Brady's pending free agency so I figured id start one to keep all thoughts organized. Please stay on topic and keep all discussions here.
  2. New England Pride

    Bill Belichick hoodie cutting video

    I am looking for a video that came out a few years ago where Bill Belichick was playfully teasing the interviewer about how the interviewer didn't cut his Patriots hoodie appropriately. Bill then went into detail about the technique he uses to cut the sleeves. Does anyone remember this video...
  3. New England Pride

    Patriots fans "meet up" in South Florida?

    Hello all, long time no post. I have recently relocated to the Ft Lauderdale area and I am looking for a great environment to watch Patriots games this season. It does not have to be a bar, my only requirement is being in a great atmosphere where I know the Patriots will be playing! I am...
  4. New England Pride

    When will Kraft, Belichick, and Brady have their "Meeting of the minds?"

    I think at this point in time most of us realize there is some type of tension in the Patriots organization. The truth likely lies somewhere in between ESPN's CNN style #FakeNews article and the letter that was put out by New England denying the articles claims. Robert Kraft has acknowledged...
  5. New England Pride

    Ben Watson tackle of Champ Bailey, 2005 playoffs at Denver

    Does anyone recall a study being done by either Yale or Harvard on this play? My Google search isn't finding it, but I believe this film was studied by a college and it was determined the play was a touchback and not down on the 1 yard line. Does anyone recall who didn't this study?
  6. New England Pride

    Brandon Cooks

    Is anyone concerned that he's not playing very effectively yet? I know it's still early, but we need to find a way to get this guy more involved. I was underwhelmed by him today. He got muscled around trying to get back inside on a slant early, and I saw him getting jammed pretty good a few...
  7. New England Pride

    The perceived need at Wide Reciever

    I'm a little curious why Bill believes we need a high end Wr. Obviously he sees it as a need with rumors of Jackson/Marshall/Cooks. Was Hogan not what Bill thought he could be? Does Bill think Mitchell isn't worth investing alot of snaps in? The combination of Edelman/Amendola being a little...
  8. New England Pride

    Opinion: Give Gronk some time to heal

    With Gronkowski being as limited as he is, it's surprising they have been suiting him up. To see such an important piece of this team limping coming out of his breaks is pretty scary. This guy is important and he needs to get his body right. Anyone else have any thoughts or opinions?
  9. New England Pride

    Bill Belichick "Under no circumstance would I underestimate Peyton Manning."

    As usual, Bill offers a whole bunch of nothing while dodging rediculous questions from the media during his press conference. For us fans who really know how Bill operates, there are a few nice quotes in each Belichick interview, you just have to dig through alot of non answers and snorting to...
  10. New England Pride

    I can't contain my excitement about this team

    I really just don't know where else to go with my excitement at this moment other than Pats Fans. This team isn't what we saw @Jets and @Miami and everyone knows it. As nervous as this team has made us all in the second half of the season, we are getting our number one reciever back among...
  11. New England Pride

    Who does New England play in divisional round?

    Who wins these divisional games and who ends up coming to Foxboro? [email protected] Kansas [email protected] Discuss here.
  12. New England Pride

    OT- Jets @ Bills

    Do the Jets win this game and grab the 6th seed or do they blow it and hand it to the Steelers? I think the Jets pull out a close one and grab that last wild card spot setting up a great game @Cincinatti wich could go either way. What do you guys think?
  13. New England Pride

    Resting Starters week 17

    Was anyone shocked that Belichick elected to rest his starters in week 17 last year? Was this situational or is it perhaps a change in bis philosophy? I remember them doing it in 2005 but it made a big of sense that year as we were playing in the wild card round and a loss gave us a far easier...
  14. New England Pride

    What seed does New England end up with

    What do you guys think? I think realistically they can drop a game and still get a bye, but if they win out they will get HFA. I'm gonna go optimistic and say they pull through Sunday night, win against Tennessee, and get some offensive players back @New York and get the 1 seed.
  15. New England Pride

    Greg Bedard says Edelman return for early playoffs not a lock

    Did anyone hear this on the sports hub yesterday? I don't have a link or anything but he most definitely said that Edelman isn't a lock for an early January return. I'm not sure if he was just speculating or if he had a piece of information about Edelman rehab. Any thoughts on this comment?
  16. New England Pride

    Rob Gronkowski injury

    Please post any news about #87 in this thread. Yes it looked bad but I will do everything in my power to stay optimistic about his latest injury. I saw something in the game thread with a picture of him walking. In it a reach to think this could be a 8-12 week injury?
  17. New England Pride

    Replay of Monday night game

    Does anyone know when this game will be aired again? I might have gone to the game and started drinking at noon time and blacked out before I entered the stadium. I literally missed the game so im pretty disappointed.
  18. New England Pride

    Aaron Dobson

    Welcome to Dobsonmania 2015. As we all know, he has had a hard time staying on the field in his first two years. Some of us would argue that the stress fracture in his foot was mis handled by the team and that has hurt his progress as a player greatly. Hopefully this is behind him now and he...
  19. New England Pride

    Brady states that Manning only has 2 years left to his 7-8 in leaked email

    This is two stories in one. The NFL stoops lower and lower on their smear campaign against the G.O.A.T. Did Brady ever copy off of a friend on a 3rd grade math test? If so expect an ESPN article on that soon. Onto the more hilarious part of the story. Tom Brady taking pride in dominating...
  20. New England Pride

    Amazing offseason

    I feel like the general concencus around Patriots Nation is that this has been a terrible off season. I really couldn't disagree more. Sure we lost Revis and Browner and definitely don't have as good of a team on paper as last year, but that has not ruined the offseason for me one bit. This...