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  1. bresna

    Brady's Bucs Contract - Next Year?

    This might belong in a cap discussion, but I was just wondering... I read that Brady is on track for an additional $2.5 Million in bonuses if he wins the Super Bowl (all that is left is $500K is for a Super Bowl win). I was laughing to myself as I thought, do these bonuses now convert to LTBE...
  2. bresna

    CBA & Player Contracts - Can The Pats Even Sign Brady?

    I was reading a story on WEEI this morning: and it got me to wondering about this line: "the Patriots can sign him to a new contract at any point — they have the exclusive rights to negotiate with him up...
  3. bresna

    Lot 3, 14, 16 & 20 (P2, P7, P8 & P9) Parking Going Up To $60

    Buried in this Boston Herald story about "free parking", Patriots expand free parking option at Gillette Stadium, there's this line, "Prices on the stadium side of Route 1 will remain at $40 for preseason games, but will go up to $60 (from $40) for the eight regular season games (there is a 10%...
  4. bresna

    Brady Went Back To His (Illegal Next Year) Old Helmet After The Bye/Playoffs/Super Bowl

    I was re-watching the Super Bowl tonight and I noticed that Brady was wearing his old - illegal next year - helmet. I thought that was weird, so I played back the two playoff games. Both were played with the old helmet. Hmmm... Well, a Google search seems to show that Brady switched back to his...
  5. bresna

    Patriots VIP Parking - Putnam Parkway Access Road?

    I am going to the Green Bay game next week and the person I am going with has a VIP parking pass. I see instructions on how to enter these lots via the Putnam Parkway on the Revolution site: Season Ticket Holder Putnam Parkway Instructions for October 17 but there are no such instructions...
  6. bresna

    Tom Brady 12/22 Press Conference - What's With The Hat?

    No Patriots logo? No official NFL gear? It looks weird.
  7. bresna

    Ticketmaster Settlement - Why No Patriots Games?

    So I get an E-mail telling me that because Ticketmaster has been ripping me off for decades of Patriots' ticket purchases due to unnecessary fees, I will be getting 17 vouchers for free general admission tickets to certain events. The list of events comes out and there are no Patriots games...
  8. bresna

    McNally Didn't Go To A Bathroom? Then What Kind Of Room Was It?

    I was reading this article from SI: Despite power being affirmed, Goodell loses again and noticed this quote: "Locker room attendant Jim McNally, who called himself “the Deflator,” illegally took the balls into a bathroom before the 2015 AFC Championship Game, then denied taking them into the...
  9. bresna

    Patriots Ticket Exchange Acting Wacky This Week

    Has anyone else seen the wacky stuff that I've been seeing these last two days in my efforts to buy two tickets to Sunday's game? I've seen these things on 3 computers, using 3 web browsers and 2 operating systems. The reCAPTCHA screen routinely rejects what I type, even though it is clearly...
  10. bresna

    Blue Bloods Writers Take A Shot At Patriots Fans

    The writers of the CBS television series "Blue Bloods", big Jets fans who once wrote a scene forcing Patriots fans Donnie Wahlberg & Bridget Moynahan to don Jets jerseys, were at it again a few weeks ago. There is a scene where Donnie Whalberg's character asks his partner, played by actress...
  11. bresna

    Indy Game Tomorrow - No Sell-out?

    If you go to, you'll see quite a few tickets still available. What happens if the game doesn't sell out? Blackout in effect or do these tickets not count because they're returns from the visiting team?
  12. bresna

    Interesting Patriots Angle To Alosi's Resignation

    I posted about this in the regular NFL Football Forum but since it has to do with the Patriots, I figured some of us here might be interested in it. Yahoo Sports has a story on the resignation of Sal Alosi at Jets strength coach Sal Alosi resigns - NFL - Yahoo! Sports. If you read it, there's...
  13. bresna

    Tomase's reasoning behind his article

    Check out his comments in the WROR Podcast from Feb 5th:;105.7+WROR&start=57&expand=true&match=none&filter=0 go to the 12:20 mark. While...
  14. bresna

    Indoor Tailgating Sunday?

    Can anyone PM with some indoor tailgating facilities, preferably ones that charge one price for open bar and a lower price for just a seat, munchies and hot chocolate. I'm bringing my daughter and I'd love to get inside rather than standing around a Coleman stove freezing our butts off. It's one...
  15. bresna

    Eagle-Tribune's Hector Longo Slams Pats On Branch Dealings

    Hector Longo, Patriots beat writer for the (Lawrence) Eagle-Tribune, writes that the Pats statement on Branch is "Bruin-esque", comparing it to the time Harry Sinden told Joe Juneau to learn to yodel when he threatened to play in Switzerland. Article at...
  16. bresna

    2006-07 Pre-sale Cancelled?

    I am at the website trying like crazy to find out what happened to the pre-sale that was supposed to start at 10:00 AM today. What happened to it? Did they cancel it? If they did, it'll be that much harder to try and get single game tickets with a Saturday sale date.
  17. bresna

    Bob Ryan Just Blasted The Pats On WROR

    He was asked about AV's signing. He started out with "In Bill I Trust" but by the end of the conversation he was saying that of the whole team, AV and Brady were the two franchise guys and he went as far as saying AV was more valuable than Brady! He also said that Bob Kraft should have...
  18. bresna

    Lawyer Milloy's Departure From Buffalo - Quotes?

    A few years back when the Patriots made the choice to let Lawyer go, he was pretty vocal about the way he was treated (or mis-treated in his eyes). Has anyone seen if Lawyer blasted the Bills or threw a few teamates under the bus on his way out of Buffalo? I wonder if he has any regrets for...