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    Poll: Hoyer or Stidham vs Denver?

    there should be no way Cam should be available. 10-14 days is common quarantine protocol. Let's see what Stid can do... Hoyer us nothing more than a player coach.
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    Stidham was/is not injured.

    lol...dude came in and looked like he just pounded two red bulls..way too amped but expected. No second year camp due to Covid (which is probably the big reason Hoyer was the backup to Newton) Has thrown 20 passes in his career. yep time to give up him...give the side at least a couple of...
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    Running Backs (Five-Headed Monster)

    of course....has one of his best games as a pro and he's unavailable the next week.....
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    Stidham was/is not injured.

    While I don't disagree that BB has had some bad whiffs (mostly 2nd rounders used for draft or trade purposes)...its hard to call a 4th round QB a whiff. Current starting QBs come from the 1st-3rd rd...with only a few notable exceptions (brady-6, prescott-4, cousins-4).
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    Gronk says he had Bucs playbook when he was under contract with the Patriots

    so the breaking news is that Gronk would only come out of retirement if he could play with Brady on the Bucs.... definitely a slow news day
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    Draft thoughts ...

    welker wasn't drafted by BB and he was just killing the Pats whenever they played the not a good comp for draft discussion
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    Draft thoughts ...

    BB seemed to be on a high character kick for that pick...kinda like when McDaniels drafted that QB for Denver.
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    Draft thoughts ...

    and BB drafted Jordan Richards...sorry to say but BB doesn't hold my opinion too high when it comes down to which evaluation metrics should be used. Actually Welker was slow a the 3 cone but he was before Brady started to really favor timing routes.
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    OT: Bucs will keep OJ Howard

    smart move....they can keep Gronk on a load restriction while still running a nasty double TE formation.
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    Draft thoughts ...

    Edelman was 94th percentile...we didnt draft Welker. It's been a receiver evaluation staple for a while...just something that BB seems to favor. simply, quickness is favored over straight line speed. makes sense with all the short to intermediate cross routes the Pats favor.
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    Draft thoughts ...

    interesting take on the receivers this draft...a bunch didn't do the 3 cone drill (a BB must have) and only one who did met the Pats minimum standard. The UDFA receivers are all fast at the 3 cone drill.
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    Draft thoughts ...

    evidence that BB had a good draft
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    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    BB trades the 37 to GB for that would be funny.
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    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    not surprised....BB need a 2nd to take a Rutgers DB.
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    Why is rex burkhead on this team

    Harris is keeping Harris from playing. If Harris was better than Burk, he would be pkaying.
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    Jeff Howe: Pats in market for a WR and TE

    Edelman is out possession receiver
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    Raiders Release Clown Brown

    As much as I would like the Pats to take a flier on AB, they already have two out on DT and Gordon. Eldeman, Gordon, DT, and AB would be too many mouths to feed so one would have to go. Would you rather have DT or AB? AB is better but DT could be solid on the field and will be quality in the...
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    Barring Trades Are All Of These 23 Defensive Locks (or almost locks)?

    Chunt and Harmon are different safeties. I've always considered Harmon more a coverage safety while Chung plays closer to the line. Different skill sets so its not a one for one swap in the defensive scheme.
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    RG III is injured, anybody want Roger Goodell to be their Week 5 Quarterback?

    Not a good idea....TB might want to try to go "old school" and check-in for blitzing duty.
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    Jimmy's Value

    I view the Bradford trade as analogous to the Saints trading their entire draft for Ricky Williams or the Redskins trading 3 first rounders plus more for RG3...someone in the front office jumped off a cliff and everyone around just watched. They are outliers and aren't good comparisons.