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  1. aluminum seats

    Belichick should trade the 1st rounder for Garoppolo

    So I went back 27 years, to the start of the Cowboys dynasty. Good a place as any to consider the modern era, although I know the game has changed quite a bit since then. Thing is, I’d say the importance of getting the QB has actually been underplayed. In that time, these quarterbacks have won...
  2. aluminum seats

    Flashback: when the thought of the Patriots in the Super Bowl seemed crazy

    Whatever you think of Bill Simmons now, when he started he wrote a lot of things that spoke for the typical Boston sports fan. This was written a couple of days before the tuck rule game (I have no problem calling it that) when it seemed bizarre that the Pats were actually in contention. The...
  3. aluminum seats


    Apologies, I don’t remember the initial injury, what do we know about his status? Important dude.
  4. aluminum seats

    Bedard says there’s finally something for Belichick to harp on the defense about...what is it?

    Seriously, can someone tell me? I don’t subscribe to BSJ. Other than Jackson getting targeted by the refs, seemed like a pretty perfect performance.
  5. aluminum seats

    Suggestion: Trade for Adriel Green

    He might help...
  6. aluminum seats

    Do we care about who the players are poll

    Been a ton of conversation lately about Antonio Brown, character, doing the right thing, winning, losing, life and death, etc. Seems to me at the heart of it is whether or to what extent you care about players' behavior and how that affects your viewing. So, going to try to put this into poll...
  7. aluminum seats

    Welcome to the 53, Jakob Johnson! And remember...

    Welcome to the 53, Jakob Johnson! And remember... Pronunciation: Jakob Johnson
  8. aluminum seats

    Poll: Is Gronk really retired or is he coming back?

    When Gronk initially retired, I joked that I was going to be in denial and he was going to eventually come back. But there's been enough rumblings where this no longer seems completely crazy. Or at least I don't think so? Curious what the board consensus is...massive denial going on, or maybe...
  9. aluminum seats

    Can Boston win the championship grand slam?

    Can Boston win the grand slam of championships this year, winning the title of all four major sports in the same year? OK, probably not. But as the basketball and hockey playoffs about to start, it is a uniquely exciting possibility for the city of champions. At a minimum, both the Celtics and...
  10. aluminum seats

    Anybody else hate the rule change to review pass interference?

    Just feels like a headache coming. Per Schefter via Reiss: Patriots' Bill Belichick advocates for more time working with players For example, the Rams would have gotten the call on Cooks & ball at the one in the Super Bowl. I see a lot of headscratchers coming. I don’t love instant replay in...
  11. aluminum seats

    OBJ to Pats—what do we think?

    Took a look but didn’t see a thread about this, maybe I’m missing it. What do we think? Guy is a top talent, I’m sure Brady and Belichick could easily get him to knock off the flakiness, and the Pats wide receiving corps is pretty much on the brink of disaster at this point. Contract seems...
  12. aluminum seats

    We all know officials can decide games..the lead official tomorrow is...

    Patriots will have enough of a finishing kick to win this one - The Boston Globe “John Parry, who is the head official Sunday, has a rather interesting track record when it comes to both teams. The Rams are 7-0 in games he has officiated, with two of the wins coming this year. And the Patriots...
  13. aluminum seats

    Bedard says Brady was bad against Jets?

    Anyone subscribe to BSJ? I just saw the headline.
  14. aluminum seats

    Is Baker Mayfield being a whiny b#%&! about Hue Jackson?

    Guy gets fired, gets offered another job, takes the job. Mayfield snubs him like a child. Hey Baker, not everybody gets a $20 million signing bonus so they have to keep working to earn a living. Maybe I'm missing something, guy seems like an ass.
  15. aluminum seats

    Brady Winningest QB in Buffalo this Century

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! KRYK: Patriots’ Tom Brady now winningest ‘Buffalo’ QB this century Probably the only incredible takeaway from Monday’s game is that no Bills quarterback since Brady ascended to starter in 2001 has won as many as 15 times on this field, as he has. Tyrod Taylor from...
  16. aluminum seats

    Philly HC Doug Pederson says pressure off the Eagles, they can have fun now

    GTFO. Pleasure to watch that team collapsing.
  17. aluminum seats

    Props to Dick Stockton

    I know people get really worked up about announcers, and maybe he's another one that people dislike for this or that reason. But I was just listening to him calling the Broncos/Rams game, and I'm thinking, dude's in pretty fine voice there, good announcer voice. Then I'm thinking, he called...
  18. aluminum seats

    OT: Bruins & TB

    I guess as a result of not being a huge hockey guy, I’m a little confused why the Bruins are playing Tampa Bay already? How do the first and second seeds play each other in the second round?
  19. aluminum seats

    Poll: Will Tom Brady Win Another Super Bowl

    After the 2007 loss, it was 4 years before the Pats returned to another Super Bowl. Same for 2011. The departure of both coordinators led to a three-year break. The hangover for this one is bad, mostly because of the Butler fiasco. But the AFC is still weak, and Brady has never been better...