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    Antonio Brown

    AB gone allows for KC to enter the picture. Pats Org lookin stupid and cowardly at same time. That Sterling glint is less shiny now. Rudderless operation. And after TB pours his heart and wisdom out to AB. He'll work it out in one of his new gyms with a Super Model. 6 more practice games coming...
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    Antonio Brown

    BB and his home wrecking girlfriend aren't exactly Saints.
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    Ravens or Chiefs? .. or No?

    Chief's by >2 td's
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    Antonio Brown

    Bad news for NFL. Barring disaster should be clear sailing for Pats.
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    19-0 . . . Are They Going for It?

    15-1, KC pre xmas coal in stocking. And certainly wouldn't brag about this schedule, LOL.
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    Josh Gordon is a Different Dude than Last Year

    There's a new hypnotic method now that mimics highs that can't be traced.
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    Antonio Brown

    Where does it take place Moscow??
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    Antonio Brown

    Thought it was today. They met with his accuser for 10 hrs. Don't sound good for AB.
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    Josh's new toy: the death alignment

    don't need Gronk. Gronk needs Gronk. He had his day. Give him a statue. How much do we want out of a human being?
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    Brady is 17 TDs away from breaking passing touchdown record.

    With this receiving corps he should break it this season easy if they can keep Brown and Gordon out of trouble. Thats a big if. And if our OL doesn't get him broken up. tick tick....look at freak accident to Big Ben. Should do it this season but look at freak accident to Big Ben. I don't think...
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    Running game concerns

    So the guys that open the holes have nothing to do with it? If's not a perfect team. The good teams now are not scoring 30+ points running the leather. Or do we have to up that now to 40+ games. Like Arena football.
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    Shaking my cane at the volume of Flags and Reviews

    NFL is in self destruct mode.Uncanny how dumb grown men can be in prominent positions.
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    Josh Gordon is a Different Dude than Last Year

    we like what we see but don't know. Pats playing in the turlet lately may get bit on the arse..
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    Antonio Brown

    The cowardly commish will eventually sit him down.
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    Bring in competition at Kicker.

    how bout the snapper or holder???????
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    Running game concerns

    Some games the run will carry the day and so on. No one can shut us down. We ‘re stealthy able.
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    Gronkowski: I had at least 20 concussions

    Gronk, luv ya more then TB, take care. We need a statue of him for loyalty, courage and entertainment. 1 concussion is too many.
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    Hoyer Cut

    insult to the plumbers, BB would be nothing without TB!!!!!!!!!
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    Extended Season Soon

    The NFL is way over it's head in mediocre Teams. Empty seats. ratings down. An absolutely stupid Commish controlled totally by owners. Drugs, criminals, politics becoming part of the game. The gig is up. Now they want to show more of it's weaknesses.
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    Gronk's Big Announcement

    Gronk drawing this out too far. Hook up with a Carnival. Stay retired. We don't need you. It's a myth. Gronk is pain free but this is painful to watch. Now go away. He was great and was paid great.