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  1. aluminum seats

    Gut Feel - CIN and MIA are locked into their picks

    This pearl was just too precious for any of the draft threads eh? ;)
  2. aluminum seats

    Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

    That’s a great little fact. I know all teams can talk about injuries, but scary to think what they could’ve done if those guys were consistently healthy. Amazing what they did anyway. Jules is an all-time favorite for me, on and off the field.
  3. aluminum seats

    OT: 28-3

    Even better for me was the Falcons forum. I actually made it a pasttime for awhile going to the Jets and other message boards and reading their game day threads and they were all the same and oh so sweet
  4. aluminum seats

    MLB moving All-star game and draft out of Atlanta

    You get the difference between that and responding, right? Actually, going by what you post, maybe not
  5. aluminum seats

    Because hyperbole is mind-numbing when it becomes "truth"...

    Yeah, I'm not sure posting clips of an NFL QB completing passes is really a great defense of, really? He was able to complete passes?
  6. aluminum seats

    Three HOF Careers for Brady

    Well, Anderson's pretty close actually. Really, most MVPs get in, but there's about a dozen who didn't (Pats' current QB will be another). But a two-time MVP? They're all in. Not to mention the only 16-0 season that will ever be. Think you're just a bit jaded by how amazing Brady has been...
  7. aluminum seats

    MLB moving All-star game and draft out of Atlanta

    You're not "blunt." Don't flatter yourself. You're obsessed with race, and incredibly muddled in your thinking. You'll notice I don't direct posts to you. Waste of time, as is this one. So go on, go off squawking to someone else with your bad faith arguments.
  8. aluminum seats

    MLB moving All-star game and draft out of Atlanta

    Two things: 1. Where did I excuse any of the name calling? Answer: I didn't. 2. I intentionally engage with you as little as possible on this forum, because you're racist and you argue in bad faith, among other problems. No point. Spirited back and forth? Bring it on. What you bring...
  9. aluminum seats

    MLB moving All-star game and draft out of Atlanta

    I agree these threads shouldn't devolve into name calling like they usually do...but the name calling was going both ways here so calling out one side of it is more of the problem than a solution.
  10. aluminum seats

    Billy on the Street

    I think he's funny for a few minutes at a time, but then I need a break
  11. aluminum seats

    WOW is Broadchurch good TV.

    So you gotta watch the third now right
  12. aluminum seats

    Better Call Saul Season 5 back tonight

    I like to do a rewatch before the final season of great series...the start was so long ago, really brings it all back. I did that with Game of Thrones...of course that ending was a bust, but still
  13. aluminum seats

    WOW is Broadchurch good TV.

    Loved the first season but not sure where they go from here—do the next two seasons hold up?
  14. aluminum seats

    MLB moving All-star game and draft out of Atlanta

    What specific aspects of the Georgia law are you talking about? I’d honestly like to know because I have read the text and don’t know that I see what the issue is.
  15. aluminum seats

    Three HOF Careers for Brady

    He won 3 Super Bowls during that stretch dude
  16. aluminum seats

    Happy 3-28 Day!

    “It’s only a game. Where do you want to go for dinner?”
  17. aluminum seats

    How Much Has Our Receivers Improved?

    Well, the conventional wisdom seems to be set that Agholor was one of the worst free agent signings this year. So based on that I have to assume he'll end up being the best signing the Pats made.
  18. aluminum seats

    Path cleared for Jimmy's return? [SF trades for #3 pick]

    Well...that is a bit of a massive price tag if he's their backup QB