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  1. Actual Pats Fan

    Letter to Patriots Hall of Fame Selection Committee on Julius Adams

    I am calling to verify their direct address prior to sending it. I will post a copy of my letter for you when I send it. My impression is, the more of us do this, the greater the chance we will be heard and taken into consideration. Thanks for...
  2. Actual Pats Fan

    RIP, Chick Corea

  3. Actual Pats Fan

    Roger Goodell has some kind words for Tom Brady Roger Goodell has some kind words for Tom Brady now that he is no longer with the Patriots Joe Biden has some kind words for Anita Hill and innocent incarcerated African-Americans Rand Paul...
  4. Actual Pats Fan

    Tracy Sormanti

    Our youngest daughter Emily was a Junior Patriots Cheerleader in 2013, and they performed at halftime of a preseason game when Danny Amendola caught his first pass as a Patriot.
  5. Actual Pats Fan

    Happy Birthday, Irving Fryar!

    (Yesterday, 9/28) Irving was selected with the first overall pick of the 1984 NFL Draft, becoming the second wide receiver to be taken number one overall. He came here and did his job. The media lambasted him after his pregnant wife stabbed him before the '86 AFCCG. I suppose they would have...
  6. Actual Pats Fan

    Six Degrees Of Separation - And More!

    Excited? Me too. Six degrees of separation - Wikipedia Jarrett Stidham is a second year fourth round pick out of Auburn, who just turned 24 yesterday. He is competing for the Patriots' starting quarterback job in 2020. Jarrett Stidham was teammates with Tom Brady Tom Brady led the Patriots...
  7. Actual Pats Fan

    Our Heritage. Our History. Who We Are.

    Happy Fourth Of July. So who's in favor of replacing the American Flag? Anyone? On the subject of heritage and history, this is an informative, reality-based look: I don't care what you think that represents, you're not babysitting my f*cking kid tonight. The endless media fake narrative...
  8. Actual Pats Fan

    Super Bowl XLIX Tonight On NBCSN

    Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX to air Tuesday night on NBCSN, including interview with Malcolm Butler Along with a glorious, happy ending, we can recharge the loathing of Chris Collinsworth and the entire sick collection of criminals who cooked up and implemented the DefameGate witch hunt...
  9. Actual Pats Fan

    OT: The Greatest Baseball Game I Ever Saw

    On NESN right now. Appropriately, Al Michaels on play by play. For sheer drama and roller coaster momentum shifts, unmatched. Steve Crawford said, "In the bottom of the ninth, with one out, the bases loaded and the pennant on third base; if there'd been a bathroom on the mound, I'd have used...
  10. Actual Pats Fan

    Annual Patriots' Hall Of Fame Injustice, I Mean Nominations

    Tom E. Curran "...HOWLING will ensue[sp] that someone has to DO SOMETHING about the CEMENTHEADS that ALLOWED this to HAPPEN!!!" So. Tom's got three guys who rode Brady's coattails, and played with other teams. Lots of fans agree that there should be a chronology, so heroes of the past do not...
  11. Actual Pats Fan

    O.T.: R.I.P., Kenny Rogers

    They named a whole Houston USFL team after him:) I saw Kenny live thirty years ago. He knew how to have fun. "Why is it that skinny, scrawny guys have that deep, bass voice? 'Hey baby...' Meanwhile, big rugged guy like me is squeaking, 'Ya picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille...' It's...
  12. Actual Pats Fan

    Top Ten Greatest Athletes To Play For Robert Kraft

    1. Tom Brady He's the consensus GOAT at his position, joining fellow Patriot John Hannah, and earning his place on Boston's Mt. Rushmore. He's only played for the Patriots and I hope it stays that way. Hog, of course, was fed up and was ready to demand a trade himself. His dad instructed him...
  13. Actual Pats Fan

    I know who I'm rooting for today

    A great general once said, "You tell your men, 'You're soldiers. "That's our flag. ' "You tell them, 'Nobody takes our flag. ' "Raise your flag so it flies high where everyone can...
  14. Actual Pats Fan

    Former Patriots DE Larry Eisenhauer passes away

    Larry Eisenhauer - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia R.I.P., Wild Man Born February 22, 1940 in Hicksville, NY Patriot RDE, 1961-1969; uniform #72 Pats 6th round (42d overall) selection of the 1961 AFL draft, from Boston College Larry Eisenhauer - Wikipedia He was nicknamed "Wildman" by...
  15. Actual Pats Fan

    It's just so damned weird not playing this time of year

    The last time we weren't in the AFCCG was NINE years ago. BEFORE the Bruins finally won a Cup in my lifetime without Bobby Orr. The last time we didn't make the Super Bowl I was moonlighting at Bertucci's. Last night I dreamed I was asking Denver Pyle if he hypnotized Bill Belichick into...
  16. Actual Pats Fan

    Opening And Closing Each Decade

    Well, we closed out this one with a tough loss, but I'm proud of how we fought back and took the lead late yesterday. We opened up this decade on January 3rd, 2010 with another depressing loss at Houston where Wes Welker went down for the playoffs. In between, I'd have to rank Malcolm Butler's...
  17. Actual Pats Fan

    If you haven't seen this...

    ...then you should. Pretty cool. The Goofy Years – The Laughable Patriots of Yore
  18. Actual Pats Fan


    So, after this interesting subject NFL hate map and with that familiar rumbling of loathing in anticipation of shoving the Jets' faces in it on Monday night, I figure it's time to Eat your heart out, haters, cuz Patriots fans know best how to despise those who...well, the fact is, they...
  19. Actual Pats Fan

    R.I.P., Peggy Lipton (August 30, 1946 – May 11, 2019)

    So if you were a guy growing up in the Sixties and you liked girls she had to be on, like, your top ten list or something...
  20. Actual Pats Fan

    Vote now for the 2019 Patriots Hall of Fame Should Be Inductee

    Julius Adams Pictures and Photos | Getty Images Russ Francis Patriots Pictures and Photos | Getty Images Mosi Tatupu Pictures and Photos | Getty Images