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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. Jangles

    How Much Has Our Receivers Improved?

    A lot from worst in the league, a literal laughingstock that you can’t believe someone got paid to assemble on an nfl roster to potentially ok
  2. Jangles

    Lebron James becomes part owner of Red Sox

    Especially the new guy
  3. Jangles

    Player Signing RapSheet: Agholor to Pats

    too bad there isn’t a QB on the team to take advantage of that how does he play 3 yards off the LOS?
  4. Jangles

    JuJu might be done in Pittsburgh!

    I’d rather pay scam Newton 40 million per year then watch that clown make tiktok videos in the locker room and dance on opponents logos.
  5. Jangles

    Your dream scenario for the 2021 Pats...

    Cam is cut before the first game, michel and Harry are traded to the jets for a 6th round pick that would be a nice start
  6. Jangles

    Player Signing Cam newton resigned 1 year deal

    I don’t think anybody thinks he isn’t a franchise QB because he dresses like a rich housewife. It’s probably because he’s terrible. Maybe that’s just because of the team around him. But I think if you throw any 6’5 250lb guy back there not much changes.
  7. Jangles

    Player Signing Cam newton resigned 1 year deal

    I’m just worried about his mental health
  8. Jangles

    Player Signing Cam newton resigned 1 year deal

    Time to fire Bill? He clearly has Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia
  9. Jangles

    N'Keal on the block?

    I bet if Bill packaged Harry and a 3rd round pick he could probably get some teams 6th round pick in the 2025 draft do it
  10. Jangles

    NEW ARTICLE: Sony Michel Working Towards Strong 2021 Season, Shares Workout "Hype Video" Over Instagram

    Hopefully he’s brushing up on some skills that will help him after his nfl career those will be necessary next year when he’s out of the league if he hasn’t been careful with his money
  11. Jangles

    What is A Bill Belichick Patriots team?

    A bunch of jags dragged to a super bowl by Tom Brady sums up a Bill Belichick team
  12. Jangles

    Patriots have spoken to every team about QBs

    Good nowhere to go but up with the QB situation if they can’t find one maybe the should put Harry back there. Couldn’t be worse than Cam and it would open up a spot for an NFL caliber receiver
  13. Jangles

    Belichick should trade the 1st rounder for Garoppolo

    Trade a first? how about just wait until he’s released
  14. Jangles

    Russell Wilson might be unhappy in Seattle

    It would be fun watching a $40 million QB whine to the media about how he has no help
  15. Jangles

    JJ Watt might be on the block

    Why else would he come here? It won’t be to chase rings.
  16. Jangles

    Belichick criticism mega-thread

    Maybe Mccourty is tired of deep post season runs and likes the longer break without worrying about playoffs
  17. Jangles

    Belichick criticism mega-thread

    Belichick might have a hard time working his old magic. I agree with the articles that the temptation to join the pats to chase a ring is gone. There’s no QB, no WR’s, no TE’s. It’s not exactly a spot where they’re just a guy away from making the leap into serious contention. And right or...
  18. Jangles

    Will Belichick call Tom to congratulate him tonight or tomorrow?

    Bill is too busy trying to figure out how many fifth round draft picks he can trade our first for
  19. Jangles

    Congratulations Tom Brady on #7!

    The greatest any of us will ever see Without a doubt
  20. Jangles

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION OFFICIAL Super Bowl Bucs/Chiefs Game Thread

    I’m sure it’s been posted already but I missed it this has to be the best halftime lead of all time for Brady in a SB right? this is going wonderfully so far. Let’s pray it continues