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  1. condon84

    Former Patriots staffer Michael Lombardi joins Bill Simmons to talk Belichick, Garoppolo, Dolphins

    Former Patriots staffer Michael Lombardi joins Bill Simmons to talk Belichick, Garoppolo, Dolphins Michael Lombardi talks Belichick, Garoppolo, and laughing at Colts Some great insight. On James White On the Colts Some more goodies in the article and on the podcast with Bill Simmons.
  2. condon84

    Don’t let justified Patriots hatred distract from their greatness - NY Post

    First NY Post article I've ever enjoyed. Quote in the article from Willie Colon “Personally, I’ve always respected them for the level of football in which they play and how they execute,’’ Jets...
  3. condon84

    Former Steeler Chad Brown says he learned from the best — Bill Belichick

    For all the negative press out there regarding the Pats, it's refreshing to read something positive. Do yourselves a favor and stop clicking on the negative news. “I learned more...
  4. condon84

    Official Futbol 2014/2015 thread

    Don't see a thread on European soccer here so I might as well start one. Team I follow - Arsenal Season is already starting to fall apart. Giroud's gone for 3-4 months. Might be time for a panic buy and go get Cavani.
  5. condon84

    Interesting read on statistical analysis and predicting games

    Read this this morning. This guy built a program which uses algorithms using statistcis to predict matchups and how players college players will perform in the NFL. What was interesting is that a few NFL teams have worked with him and how well he did predicting 2011 postseason games. Lastly...
  6. condon84

    We'll be back next year and make another serious SB run

    Some of these threads about getting rid of Welker, BB, or Brady are nuts. Next year is again set up for us to make another serious run. We'll sign some new players, resign some of our own, but the main thing is that BB and Brady are still on the team. Resign Wes, get a legit deep threat...
  7. condon84

    Ninkovich and Banta-Cain, your NE Patriots starting OLB

    Yup. Unless Cunningham can break up this amazing tandem, this is what we'll be looking forward to.
  8. condon84

    Every 1st down run by the Jets...

    Seems like almost every 1st down run by the Jets netted them 4-5 yards and put them in favorable position to get another first down. I can't understand why we weren't more prepared to handle their running game when everyone knew they were going to pound the ball in there. Mayo was a...
  9. condon84

    Okay I'll put it out there: Mankins for Haynesworth

    Mankins wants out of NE and Haynesworth wants out of DC. Mankins would thrive in Shanahan's blocking scheme. Haynesworth, on the other hand, don't want to play in a 3-4 scheme. However, it's been discussed here that our base defense last year was a 4-3 and if we can get the financials...
  10. condon84

    Trevor Pryce: Junior Seau is their best defensive player, point blank

    Game, season lost months ago -, North Andover, MA Interesting article....
  11. condon84

    Our recent draft picks vs. the Ravens' recent draft picks

    It was the big difference today. The entire Ravens' OL, Ngata, Suggs, Ray Rice, Johnson. They were all making plays for them. You compare it to our recent draft picks like Maroney, Merriweather, Mayo, and the ones that couldn't even get on the field. Flacco didnt' even need to throw today...
  12. condon84

    So being a 3rd seed is now meaningless?

    If the 3rd and 4th seed end up in the AFCCG, the 3rd seed would host that game. Why is that meaningless? In 06, the Colts (3rd) hosted us (4th) and we lost the game. Also, isn't Brady undefeated at home in the playoffs? Can we still get the 3rd seed if the Bengals lose?
  13. condon84

    What's worse? Indy loss or NO loss

    The Indy loss was a heartbreaker because of the manner it went down. Up by 17 points in the fourth quarter and we blow it by being passive aggressive. Or against NO, where we get completely embarrassed. Tom played awful. Wilhite sealed his status as the new Hobbs, and our second half...
  14. condon84

    17 point lead in the 4th quarter

    We can question Bill's call to go for it on that 4th and 2 and Bill deserves criticism for the way that drive transpired, but what really is troubling is that we gave up a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter to a depleted Colts team. The main issue is that we again started playing soft and...
  15. condon84

    Colts vs. Pats: Here's what you need to know by Sunday (IndyStar)

    Funny read. One of the excerpts: Here's what you need to know by Sunday | | The Indianapolis Star
  16. condon84

    OT: Larry Johnson rumored to be close to being released

    If he does become available, should we take a chance?
  17. condon84

    Theory on why Vrabel was included on the deal

    Is it possible that the reason Vrabel was included in the deal was so that we could clear cap space with the intention of the Chiefs cutting him during preseason/training camp so we could resign him at a cheaper price? Assuming also Vrabel agrees and is willing to play along. THis would explain...
  18. condon84

    Our offense

    Our offense looks great when we play with urgency and open it up. Even though Cassel missed Moss and had some errant throws, overall, I think he played great. I've been griping about our conservative playcalling and settling for FGs. Tonight, our group showed that they can go up and down the...
  19. condon84

    We played not to lose the game tonight

    We played not to lose the game tonight and I think that's the reason why we ended up losing. I thought this game was a good opportunity to give Cassel a chance to throw the ball because the Colts were down to their 3rd and 4th CB starting the game. We had Moss who we all knew would receive...
  20. condon84

    Seymour's pass rush

    Seymour usually only plays the 1st and 2nd down. And when it is in passing situations, Jarvis comes in and is used as the pass rusher along with Wright. Now in our system, our DLs first priority is containing two gaps and playing the run. They can't just go up field and pressure the QB. This is...