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  1. Cramden

    Where in Clearwater/Tampa to catch game?

    I'm down in Clearwater, will be going to Thursday's game but need to find a place to catch today's game. Last year I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and it was eh. Norton's was OK but looking for something a bit better. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Cramden

    Want to say thanks!

    Been a member since 2005, on everyday but rarely post. Thanks to you all for helping me get through the past two weeks and let me vent during that time. Would have been much harder without this forum. Go Pats! Bring it home!!
  3. Cramden

    Revis calls Brady best player to ever play the game

    Per PFT. Important stuff below. “It’s pretty awesome to go up against Brady all the time,” Revis said today. “This guy is probably going to go down as probably the best player to play the game, the best quarterback to play the game. It’s great to get that competition when we practice against...
  4. Cramden

    At least Accuscore doesn't buy the hype

    NFL Picks and Predictions for Super Bowl - National Football League - ESPN I'm expecting to see the rest of that board filled with Giants logos before the day is out.
  5. Cramden

    Bart Scott: Welker's 'days in a uniform' are numbered

    For those wondering why Scott was so quiet you can stop now. Bart Scott: Welker's 'days in a uniform' are numbered - Projo Pats Blog
  6. Cramden

    Pats vs Colts replay tonight 9:15 pm NFL Network

    For anyone interested.
  7. Cramden

    Mayock's Draft Buzz

    Opening up the NFL Networks coverage was asked what he's heard about day one of the Draft. He mentioned two teams. He led off with "The rich get richer" referencing what's being said about New England's draft. They got 4 quality players in round 2. Ended his segment with people shaking their...
  8. Cramden

    Jay Cutler to Bears for Orton, 2 firsts, third

    Per NFL Network.
  9. Cramden

    Ball in Jason Taylor's court for Miami Dolphins reunion

    Some interesting quotes from a Miami Herald column by Armando Salguero where he seems to contradict himself. "The choice will be largely up to Taylor. And the choice largely will determine who Taylor is and what he is about. If he is still driven by a desire to put himself in the best spot to...
  10. Cramden

    Bodden on Sirius

    Sounded like a bright kid. Quick summary. Said NE was his first choice and stop. Wanted to come here from day 1. Him and NE couldn't agree on money for a long term deal. Wants to show NE what he can do and then sign a long term to stay here. Other teams were interested but no blow...
  11. Cramden

    Chiefs offer GM job to Pioli

    Sorry about another Pioli post but this seems to have a little more detail. Found it on Arrowhead Pride, quoting 610 sports radio. Report: Chiefs Offer Pioli GMJob - Arrowhead Pride
  12. Cramden

    Merged: threads about Specter's media appearances

    On Mike and Mike a few minutes ago said that Sal Palontonio is coming up after the break with breaking news coming from a conversation with Arlen Specter. Can't wait to hear this.
  13. Cramden

    Serenity now

    Why, why why do I keep doing this to myself. I didn't want to go to ESPN's website to see what they were saying but couldn't help myself. They have an article entitled "Former Patriots video assistant hints at team's spying history", which against better judgment I decided to read. I'm so glad I...
  14. Cramden

    Tom Petty press conference on NFL Network

    Anyone seeing this? He's aged well.:rolleyes:
  15. Cramden

    Love that NY Media. Keep those quotes coming!!

    Gotta love the in depth coverage they have in NY. No quote gets by that media. Here's a gem (guarantee?) from Reggie Torbor at the end of Serby's article today. Torbor recalls Brady smiling in the fourth quarter last month. "When we're raising that trophy and he's not," Torbor said, "I...
  16. Cramden

    Post Super Bowl Reebok commercial to feature 72 Phins

    Interesting. They're going to film 2 commercials and which one they air won't be decided until after the game.,0,5746487.story?page=1
  17. Cramden

    Hit the New England wide receivers until they say, "Uncle!"

    January 27, 2008 -- When you've missed four of the last five games, you do anything you can to find a way to contribute. So nickel back Kevin Dockery has been watching film of the Patriots and he thinks he found a way to slow down one of the most potent offenses in NFL history: Hit the New...
  18. Cramden

    Plaxico Burress implies Brady is far better than Eli

    Interesting quote from an article where Burress favorably compares the Giants WRs to the Pats. His reason why the Giants receivers don't have to take a back seat to Moss, Welker, Stallwroth and Gaffney? " But there's an easy explanation, Burress says, for the perception the Patriots'...
  19. Cramden

    Mercury Morris update

    Coming up next on Mike and Mike for anyone interested. Yeah, yeah, nobody cares what he has to say but we have 2 weeks to kill.
  20. Cramden

    Of all people, Tony Dungy makes a great point

    Just said on Sirius Radio that he's interested to see how the Giants play the Pats in the Super Bowl. He said in week 17 they had absolutely no pressure on them when the played the Pats tough, but now in the Super Bowl the pressure is huge. He also said he made his decision on his future and...