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  1. CheeseMonkeys

    Brian Hoyer

    Uh oh... The latest reports are that Brady will practice throwing lefty in preparation for Sunday's game.
  2. CheeseMonkeys

    Will Patriots make a run at Demaryius Thomas?

    Look at the value we get out of a guy like Brandon LaFell. Now why would we spend top Dollar on a wide receiver when there is better value in cheaper guys... Although, I do feel like it is important to grab a guy in the off-season if Gronkowski happens to get hurt again, it just won't be a guy...
  3. CheeseMonkeys

    Jets, Bills, Dolphins merge to fight Patriots

    Jimmy Garoppolo might be the 2nd best QB in the division.
  4. CheeseMonkeys

    Looking for serious people to Join FF league

    If anyone is interested in joining my private FF league, I have some slots open. I ask that if you're interested in joining that you stay with it to the end. It ruins the fun of the league if someone doesn't check their lineup or make any necessary adjustments. Anyone really serious about...
  5. CheeseMonkeys

    What will Dobson become?

    Yeah, the whole "Chad Jackson 2.0" thing just sounds dumb. Chad Jackson only had 13 receptions in his rookie season, which doesn't compare at all to Aaron Dobson.
  6. CheeseMonkeys

    Belichick revelations could soon mean the end for TFB?

    The only thing I got out of that was that Bill plans to still be here after Brady. He hopes to be able to win a super-bowl without Brady because in 5 years Brady may not be here and in all likelihood Bill will.
  7. CheeseMonkeys

    OT: Julian Edelman, Chander Jones: BurgerTyme.

    So i've heard this out of a couple posters recently. I'd so much rather have Edelman over Emmanuel Sanders! Seriously, I don't understand what the hype is over Sanders. Start appreciating the fact that we have a pretty good WR in Edelman.
  8. CheeseMonkeys

    OT: Julian Edelman, Chander Jones: BurgerTyme.

    It was a pretty juvenile sketch featuring a couple Patriots. That's funny to me.
  9. CheeseMonkeys

    Want to try the Wonderlic test?

    "You scored 30 That's as good as Philip Rivers. He scored a 30"
  10. CheeseMonkeys

    Pats draft QB Jimmy Garropolo from Eastern Illinois in the 2nd round

    I don't see much resemblance to the 2007 offense at all.
  11. CheeseMonkeys

    More Production From WR's To Make Up For TE's

    I see a lot of projections of the starting lineup with Edelman as the #1 receiver... not sure I like him as a #1. Although he may have the most production, the #1 usually lines up outside and that's going to be Lafell and Dobson. As long as one of those guys can exceed expectations, the WR...
  12. CheeseMonkeys

    Talib on P.Manning vs Brady

    Why can't these NFL players be humble? The appropriate answer would be something like: "Tom and Peyton are both great Quarterbacks in their own right. I'm happy to say I've worked with two of the best to ever play the game." Just seems more respectful to his former teammate.
  13. CheeseMonkeys

    Elite Defense if no major injuries?

    Darrelle Revis being healthy and productive is paramount to the success of the Defense. When Talib was hurt, there were many issues. If Revis isn't quite Revis this year, or he's injured, then I expect there to be some difficulties. A healthy Revis could spell elite for our defense, especially...
  14. CheeseMonkeys

    Your week one starting lineup if the season started tomorrow?

    Some of the hardest hitting safties were average in height. Rodney harrison 6'1 (not bad size though), Troy polomalu 5'10, Bernard pollard 6'1. Having said that, I'd love a massive SS.
  15. CheeseMonkeys

    Your week one starting lineup if the season started tomorrow?

    I can't take it anymore. This season needs to start now! It feels so far away. Well, at least I have the summer to look forward to... It'll be repetitive to list the whole lineup but I'll make a prediction now that Dobson lines up as #1 receiver. Lafell is #2 and Edelman is in the slot...
  16. CheeseMonkeys

    Patriots sign WR Johnson

    Screw you for being misleading. I was excited for a second...
  17. CheeseMonkeys

    So, are the Pats now going to keep their SS 'in the box' like Seattle does?

    The closest thing the Patriots have to Kam Chancellor is Brandon Browner. He isn't likely to play safety this season, except for rare occasions. Jamie Collins won't play SS. interesting theory, but no. The Patriots lineup will most likely be... CB: Revis CB: Dennard SS: Ryan FS: McCourty...
  18. CheeseMonkeys

    Does this just make too much sense? (Andre Johnson wants out of Houston)

    I think the Patriots should highly consider trading for Andre. A player like him is what we're missing in the games that matter. We need to be able to continue to move the chains which will rest our D (which continues to improve), and take pressure off of other receivers. There's too much...