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    You gotta finish strong and head into the playoffs with momentum

    this idea is basically BS. look at the last few years: in 2006, SB champion Colts went 2-3 in December, losing by 27 to the Jacksonville Jaguars and by three to a 6-10 Houston Texans team before narrowly beating a 6-10 Miami Dolphins team to finish the year. They went and won four straight...
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    How the betting public sees Week 17

    Houston is a 7 point favorite over the Pats. clearly bettors expect the Pats to rest some key players while Houston goes all out...if this game had been played last week the Pats would have been favorites. so, the money says the Pats sandbag ditto for the Bengals...they are 9 point dogs at...
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    I can't believe how badly the defense was hurt by the lack of confidence BB showed

    oh wait, they came out and played just fine this week, somehow, despite the fact that BB gave them such a huge diss last week. never mind. this is why playing armchair psychologist is a fools game
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    Reaction from the media if the Pats had converted the 4th down

    would have been like this 1996 Big XII Championship game Texas is up 3 at their own 28 with just over 2:30 left They went for it on 4th and inches...and got it Reaction afterwards: "What a call by Mackovich!!!" "You deserve to win the football game with guts like that" this is what...
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    When to go for it on 4th down?

    How about every single time Interesting story, apropos of this 4 part study which tackles the problem of when teams should be going for it. it's a great read for the more analytically minded football fan out there. there have been a few of these studies, and they all say the same thing really...
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    Cassel's contract (and effect on the deal)

    Cassel has not signed any new deal besides the 1 year franchise deal I had assumed that any team trading for him would want a deal in place for the long term - otherwise they are risking a high draft pick for 1 year of a player, which is a disaster. this is of course what KC is currently...
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    my take on the major changes we need in 2008

    there aren't any. BB built arguably the best team of all time this year. play the SB 100 times, and we win 65. things just didn't go our way Sunday, but that doesn't mean it was a flawed team or that the Giants are a better team. it just means that...things didn't go our way. 1 bad game...
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    on 'running well', 'variance', 'luck', etc and how times can change

    from 2001 to 2004, the Pats led a pretty charmed existence. yes, they had terrible injuries in 2003 and 2004, but they won a remarkable number of close games where the key plays tended to go their way. they were the best team in the league in 2003 and 2004, but even the best team can't expect to...
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    Giants winning drive last night = Pats winning drive vs the Ravens

    Well, not exactly, but it's similar for one reason. Versus the Ravens, we got the breaks. Versus the Giants, the Giants got them all. some of the Ravens stuff was pure luck, like Ryan calling the TO. some of it was stuff that doesn't always happen, like the Refs having the good sense to...
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    NFL Statement on Pats/Rams taping story

    "We were aware of the rumor months ago and looked into it. There was no evidence of it on the tapes or in the notes produced by the Patriots, and the Patriots told us it was not true." from Mike Reiss
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    2 threads on SB gambling deleted, can a mod post why?

    just want an explanation here, thanks
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    SB gambling thread

    all numbers are from, umm, a source Super Bowl full game: Pats -12 (-110) Pats Over/Under 33 Giants Over/Under 21 Total Over/Under 53.5 1st Half #'s: Pats -7 Pats O/U 17.5 Giants O/U 10 Total O/U 27.5 anybody have any ENTERTAINMENT wagers they will be making? so far there is only 1 bet I...
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    Pats margin of victory in bad/good/ real bad weather

    I saw this on another board, figured folks here would be interested.
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    Aaron Schatz co-costing with Dale Arnold right now

    this one of the key guys from Football Outsiders, really a knowledgeable football fan, and a key guy behind their advanced stats and game charting project. I know lots of folks on here don't like stats, you should listen to this guy to get an idea of his knowledge, etc. maybe even better...
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    Football Outsiders blueprint to beat the Pats

    Here: it's a long, detailed, X's and O's detailed gameplan to slow down the Pats offense. a very interesting read for those interested in such things.
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    suggestion for thread starters

    Hi all, Just a friendly suggestion here. when you start a thread whose main point is to discuss an article/video, I think good form to include a summary/excerpt of the article, or at least something to discuss besides a link. OP's limited to this amount of content...
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    the difference in the defense between this week and last

    was not as much as some would have you believe. Baltimore's RB's ran 36 times for 162 yards (4.5 Y/C). Pittsburgh's RB's ran 27 times for 157 yards (5.8 Y/C) Edge: Pitt Ben was 19/32, 187 yards, 1 TD. Boller was 15/23 , 210, 2 TD, 1 INT. Edge: Boller of course, Baltimore...
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    the hold at the end - anyone have video?

    does anyone have video on the Watson/Gaffney hold at the end? youtube?
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    Brady only threw 1 TD last night, draft Tebow?

    it looks like the league is catching up to us. Brady was held wayyyyy below his TD average. we'll have a top 5 pick, I say we use it on Tebow, who can both run AND pass, which is what Brady can't do. that way defenses won't know what is coming thoughts?
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    Past 5th Quarter?

    sorry dumb question, but what channel is this on? cant find it