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    Hey Guys...We're World Champs!!!

    Still shaking.....what a comebacks...what a team
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    Super Bowl LI .. PREGAME thread

    If we win toss I would consider taking ball first. Get a lead and make ATL keep well as a younger inexperienced ATL team come out after a 30 minute halftime and try to ramp up again.
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    Butler's interception

    Honestly texted my best friend and said "Not again....not like this." as he like me doesn't like to be around people during Pats super bowls since to him too many non fans annoy him. Then watching the rest of the drive was just painful knowing what was coming.....then that happened and the rest...
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    Brady accepting suspension:(

    Just saw that and I love it. Showed he has no idea of the actual facts of the case. But his ESPN bosses I bet will give him a nice bonus for making sure he kept the company message in check and towed the line.
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    NFL Owners wants Goodell to reduce 4 game suspension and end Deflategate once and for all.

    Its called the printing of money for the 32. Weekly Thursday games...the draft moved to a prime time 3 day event and the coverage leading up to it...all the other little things you see getting major coverage like prime time media day at the SB. Again my experience with fans of other teams are...
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    August 12th Meeting to be open to media? Oh no.....

    It was a rule going back to the old days when teams would share a ball. Stayed on the books but nobody really gave two craps about it until the NYJFL wanted to make noise.
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    New Order From Judge Berman (Friday 7/31 Afternoon)

    I can see how this will go RG "Just surrender and confess Tom and I will lower your suspension" TB "Nope" I picture that being the negotiations.
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    You can feel the anger

    I am going...this is gonna be good
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    Reactions To Kraft 's Presser Dropping the Fight.

    Angry right now doesn't describe it. Honestly bending over and taking it for the so called good of everybody else is bull. So disappointed in this turn of events. Money gonna protect money we has fans now get branded cheaters again because let's face it, if we were innocent we would fight...
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    More from PFT " (Holy crap, I think I’m beginning to agree with Don Yee.) "

    The reason the tide is turning is the knee jerk reaction was see if he said we were guilty, and the wording was phrased where we "probably more than likely" were guilty. Of course the mouthbreathers saw that and ran, but as people have had a chance to digest the crap people should be changing...
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    I got even a better idea. Find the worst game on the whole schedule and raise the banner then. Maybe the Jags game as long as #12 is playing. Why give the NFL their dog and pony show until our team is cleared of all the crimes committed against us by this inept comissioner and his agendas.
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    Tom Brady! Where are you?

    Only issue is right now is outside of falling on the sword and confessing to his "crimes" the uneducated masses will still yell cheater and us as fans are called homers for not drinking the BSPN Kool Aid and not accepting our team as the biggest cheaters in the history of everything, even if we...
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    I was shown this site yesterday, and yeah its a Pats fan who made it and the section on Spygate needs to be mandatory reading material for every hater who thinks a rule in 2006 invalidates 01 03 and 04 championships.
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    The Published Wells Report.

    I hate to say this but much like spygate that statement and the last bit from Kraft has me scared we are getting bent over by Roger again for
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    Man up....did anyone shed a tear?

    Yep, and not ashamed to admit it.
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    We did it!!!! Oh my god my heart sank when Kearse caught that ball, but Butler with the pick and Seattle being fake tough guy punk *****es gave us the space we needed. I love this team man.
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    As It Happened: The Official Belichick Press Conference Thread

    Tommy announcing he got Gisele pregnant again, showing his balls work perfectly fine :p
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    As It Happened: The Official Belichick Press Conference Thread

    Best case scenerio-Revis/D Mac Extension or having Bill Nye the Science Guy give a 90 minute synopsis on air pressure and educate the fools there on some science. Worst case scenerio-Goodell gives us the death penalty, Colts go to the super bowl, I bet the house on Seattle.
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    Deflate-Gate: Here We Go Again

    SO Dawkins says they wish they were talking about the game....well how about not blowing up this "story" to massive proportions.
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    Deflate-Gate: Here We Go Again

    Two things 1 how has the league not contacted Brady yet? Come on get this stuff wrapped up before we leave for Glendale. 2, I wish the media went on hard on politicians as they are on Brady. Brady getting shelled here for a football.