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  1. CheeseMonkeys

    Looking for serious people to Join FF league

    If anyone is interested in joining my private FF league, I have some slots open. I ask that if you're interested in joining that you stay with it to the end. It ruins the fun of the league if someone doesn't check their lineup or make any necessary adjustments. Anyone really serious about...
  2. CheeseMonkeys

    NFL predict the pick Group (Mock Draft)

    I'm not sure if anyone else is doing this but I created a group for Pats fans to join. Basically, just create a mock draft for the first 32 picks then submit. There are no mocking trades so If you will be scored on the what number you select a player and how accurate it is in comparison to...
  3. CheeseMonkeys

    Shoutout to Ninko and Gregory

    I think we finally have a Defense full of true football players for the first time in years. Rob Ninkovich has been a huge asset to this defense and may be one of the most instinctive players on the team. He reminds me a lot of Tedy Bruschi with his football smarts. Like Tedy, Rob isn't an...
  4. CheeseMonkeys

    Who do we want to face in 2 weeks?

    INDY or Baltimore? I still don't want to face Houston This is a tough one... :o
  5. CheeseMonkeys

    Pats to wear decals on helmets vs 49ers

    The Pats are going to wear these decals in honor of those impacted by the horric events yesterday.
  6. CheeseMonkeys

    Is Houston better than NE?

    It has been the consensus for many weeks that Houston is the best team in the AFC and perhaps the NFL. I think the Pats have proved that they are every good as Houston. Looking at their records is a bit deceiving. As most people know, the Pats 3 losses combine for only 4 total points...
  7. CheeseMonkeys

    Give me your top 5 QBs

    I seem to be doing this a lot with friends... But here's my top 5 in order: 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Peyton Manning 3. Tom Brady 4. Drew Brees 5. Matt Ryan
  8. CheeseMonkeys

    Brady wasn't sacked vs Rams - first time this season!

    This was the first game this season where Brady wasn't sacked. When Brady doesn't feel the pressure, he plays 10 times better. I know there are some people who like to deny it, but Brady plays poorly if the defenders are getting him onto the ground. I'm very happy about the pass protection...
  9. CheeseMonkeys

    More reps: WoodHead or Vereen?

    Who'd you rather see get the reps this Sunday? With Bolden ruled out for Sunday's game they are both likely to see the field, behind Ridley of course. I love Woodhead but they may have something special in Vereen. Him and Woodhead have a similar skill set but I believe Vereen may become more of...
  10. CheeseMonkeys

    Why was Ebner on the field with the game on the line?

    I know it's already been almost a week but I was just watching Comcast sports and they were talking about this and it got me thinking. Why wasn't Tavon Wilson or Sterling moore out there? There were other more experienced players to put back there, yet Nate Ebner was playing Safety when the game...
  11. CheeseMonkeys

    Looking ahead: Patrick Chung and the Patriots Safeties

    Next season when Patrick Chung's contract is up, do you think NE should offer him an extension before he hits the open market or should the Patriots try to acquire a proven leader at the position. Or both? Obviously we're looking thin at S and weak at CB but potentially how much can we improve...
  12. CheeseMonkeys

    On To the JETS!

    Well, the loss in Seattle was very unfortunate. It's probably best to put it behind us and focus on the Jets. It's gonna be a huge game and a must win. What needs to be done to beat the Jets? I believe it shouldn't be a problem because the Jets offense is weak, or at least Sanchez is! :D
  13. CheeseMonkeys

    Brady uncomfortable in the pocket?

    Don't get me wrong, Brady is having a good season so far, but he definitely looks scared when he has to stand in the pocket for too long. He used to be so poised in the pocket and wouldn't care to take a hit. He was fearless. Does anyone think his performance has been hindered by his hesitation...
  14. CheeseMonkeys

    Alfonzo Dennard

    I feel pretty good about what Dennard can bring to the table, even after just limited playing time. I've lost a lot of faith in McCourty recently but Dennard is a breath of fresh air. He actually turned to see where the ball was being thrown! Depth in the secondary is important but he may be a...
  15. CheeseMonkeys

    You guys will be thanking Bill in the future....

    If he doesn't sign any of these "big name" FAs. In a couple years we will be able to offer Hernandez and Gronk (as well as others) contracts they won't have to walk away from. That is what may be most crucial to maintaining a great offense over the next 6-7 years rather than signing a V Jax or...
  16. CheeseMonkeys

    upgrade over BJGE isn't nessesary

    I've been thinking after seeing many posts about people wanting a top RB on the Pats. Obviously with the passing game that NE runs with Brady/Welker and the TEs, the running game isn't something that needs to be leaned on. A good running game will make it easier to pass the ball but would an...
  17. CheeseMonkeys

    How important is a downfield threat?

    This is a common topic among Patsfans but really how important is it for the Patriots to get a WR that can run Deep and make plays? Imagine an offense with a Brady (HOF QB), Welker (Best slot receiver in the NFL), Gronk/Hernandez (The best TE tandem in NFL history), and a Legit Deep threat WR...
  18. CheeseMonkeys

    Marshall Faulk picks the Pats to win???

    On NFLN he chose the Pats to win? Wow.
  19. CheeseMonkeys

    I cannot contain my excitment

    I am so excited and happy for this team, words cannot even express how I feel. I honestly didn't think we would be sitting here today looking at a Super Bowl. All week I've been so anxious (in a good way) for today to get here, and here it is. I'm not nervous at all because this is just too...