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  1. dannydyn

    Why didn't Belichick light up his Benjamins on fire like that when Brady was here?

    Brady played for years with scrubs because Belichick wouldn't sign anyone worthy. Then Brady leaves, and BB starts spending like the Kardashians' on Rodeo Drive? Why? Why couldn't have BB spend that money when Brady was here? Give him the weapons he needed? That sure would have make him stay? No?
  2. dannydyn

    How far does Brady take TB this coming season?

    Too early, but for 5hits and giggles.... How far does TB12 take TB this season? P.S. - Next year (2021/2022 season) Bucs are playing NE at Foxboro... homecoming.... :) Tampa's schedule: Date TBA at Atlanta FalconsMercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA Date TBA at Carolina PanthersBank of...
  3. dannydyn

    If Brady is gone....

    Who would you like to see drafted/signed to take over?
  4. dannydyn

    The silver lining of being eliminated from the playoffs

    I know it sucks boys, we're not used to watching the divisional round from the sidelines, but let's try to turn something negative to a positive.... For once, we can get 5hit faced, pass out halfway through the game, wake up with seconds left in the 4th quarter covered in drool all over our...
  5. dannydyn

    Tschzille - waived - Only Wants to Play for Ravens.

  6. dannydyn

    MNF: Chiefs @ Chargers (err... Mexican Fiesta)

    Anyone has a good streaming link? Go Bolts!
  7. dannydyn

    Parade Advice

    Going to the parade - need some parking/access 411 please Hey fellas, I’ll be going to the parade tomorrow with the kidos. Driving up to Boston from southern CT. Was wondering where the best and closest spot to park the car is, and how to get to the parade route from there (a quick commuter...
  8. dannydyn

    Playoff defense vs. regular season defense

    I can’t help but wonder where was this defense all season long? Year after year, we complain about the lack of aggression and pass rush, just to find out this defense is fully capable of playing smashmouth, punch in your face style. The defensive performance in the 3 playoff games impressed me...
  9. dannydyn

    Bill Belichick makes Tom Brady study punt coverages. It helps explain the Patriots’ reign.

    Excellent read. Not that we need any more appreciation reminders, but this really makes you appreciate having BB as the head coach...
  10. dannydyn

    First Superbowl since SB49 where....

    Edelman and Gronk will be both 100% healthy and on the field together. LFG! :mad:
  11. dannydyn

    Hey, NFL: Just cut to the chase and ban the Patriots

    Excellent piece! (mods delete please if a re-post) Hey, NFL: Just cut to the chase and ban the Patriots
  12. dannydyn

    Some humpday humor

    Mehta: Why Adam Gase's Jets will end the Patriots Evil Empire - NY Daily News New England is freakin’ 87-23 against the AFC East in the Brady Era. So, how can they be stopped? And why the Jets? Well, for starters, Gase will have the best quarterback in the division for the next decade.
  13. dannydyn

    The genesis of Tom Brady's legend

    I hope this is not a re-post (mods, please delete if it is), but I didn't see previously posted here. EXCELLENT read! The genesis of Tom Brady's legend
  14. dannydyn

    Pats (theoretically) still have a shot at the #1 overall seed

    Of course things are beyond our control at this point, but according to the ESPN playoffs machine, if the following plays out, Pats not only get a 1st round bye, but the #1 seed overall. Granted it’s more than likely that won’t be the case, but wishful thinking is still allowed… :) Week 16...
  15. dannydyn

    Pittsburgh RB James Conner injury

    Looks worse now than initially thought. Not rooting for anyone's injury, but given our upcoming match-up in a couple of weeks, I wouldn't mind him missing more than just this upcoming Raiders game.
  16. dannydyn

    Steelers cheating? Nah, can't be

    If it doesn't hurt, it's not cheating... :rolleyes:
  17. dannydyn

    Jeremy Hill out rest of the season with torn ACL

    Ian [email protected] Source: #Patriots RB Jeremy Hill tore his ACL and will be out for the 2018 season. Awful. well... that didn't take long... the annual ACL victim.
  18. dannydyn

    SB Opponents Discussion: 2014 Seahawks vs. 2016 Falcons vs. 2017 Eagles

    So I'm sitting here, trying to come up with how I feel about this match up, comparing it to the previous 2. 2014 Seahawks had the Legion of Boom, and a very fast, 'punch in your mouth' defense, a mobile QB that can sneak out of the pocket and make great throws on the move, and Beast Mode...