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  1. everlong

    Three HOF Careers for Brady

    If not for Stephen Neil getting hurt they win the 07 SB and if not for Bernard Pollard they win the 08 and 11 (rolling up on Gronk) SBs. 09 was the equivalent of the 19 and 20 rosters where they bottomed out and had to start over and they still won 10 games and Brady still played well after...
  2. everlong

    NFL considering allowing throwback helmets, could Pat Patriot return this year?

    I don't think they're ever going back and I while I'm fond of Pat I'm equally fond of Elvis. I wouldn't mind a change back to red as the primary as shown below. I wouldn't mind all the white changed to silver as well for a blend of old and new.
  3. everlong

    Letter to Patriots Hall of Fame Selection Committee on Julius Adams

    The only Patriots in the hall who have played for the team for more than 7 seasons are Tippett, Hannah and Law. Even Buoniconti and Haynes you can make the case they made it as much for what they did with the Fins and Raiders as they did with the Pats. Andre Tippett (1982-1993) Bill Parcells...
  4. everlong

    Letter to Patriots Hall of Fame Selection Committee on Julius Adams

    IMO what the Patriots should do is a correction where they vote on the old timers and let in a batch of them. There's just so many players from the two dynasty decades that will win a vote. For the pro football HOF I believe Kraft has to get a lot more active in promoting his players. You see...
  5. everlong

    Letter to Patriots Hall of Fame Selection Committee on Julius Adams

    I agree with you on Adams being deserving but don't use the pro bowl as a measuring stick. Adams should have made more than one if there was any validity to the process. Rodney and Thuney among others made All Pro teams while not making the Pro Bowl. It's a farce.
  6. everlong

    Happy 3-28 Day!

    And yet we don't blot them and do talk about them frequently. I think of 4 of the losses about 1% combined and 07 the rest for obvious reasons. The axiom is most game come down to one of two plays. There were a dozen gimme's that change that game.
  7. everlong

    Happy 3-28 Day!

    Something that will never get old and instead age like a fine whiskey or wine.........or whine of Falcon's fans.
  8. everlong

    Top ten favorite movies of all time?

    I'm glad Memento got some play in this thread and I'm shocked there was no mention of The Usual Suspects. Also in no order Training Day, Reservoir Dogs, A Bronx Tale, The Matrix (first one only), Dumb and Dumber, Monsters Inc, Inception, Glengary Glenross. I feel like I haven't loved anything...
  9. everlong

    draft strategy question

    With the uncertainty and cap issues that others have pointed out there could be a lot more trading going on. Everyone is thinking Bill will trade up for the QB of the future or he will stand pat and take the BPA. So that means he'll almost certainly trade down, acquire as many picks as...
  10. everlong

    Name this current Patriots roster player scouting report from year of his NFL draft

    Somebody was going to say it.................It's Harry!
  11. everlong

    I Have Exactly Zero Priorities For The Draft Other Than Quarterback

    I'm an early riser so my goal is for the Patriots to make a pick while I'm still awake for the first time since Solder.
  12. everlong

    Hagler v Leonard

    I'm not going to get into a long protracted argument with you on this since it's evident you don't want to have a conversation about it. Sugar Ray played patty cake the end of the round to get his points while running around the ring for most of it. He did zero damage to Hagler which IMO, a pro...
  13. everlong

    Hagler v Leonard

    If it was an Olympic bout Ray would have won. It was a pro bout however so he shouldn't have. It was a great plan by Dundee. Rope a dope part 2........except Ali really won that fight. Hearns had dozens of punches that hurt Hagler more than all of SR's combined for the entire fight.
  14. everlong

    If Brady played in a different era...

    Every QB takes some shots but what they got away with years ago was much worse.
  15. everlong

    2021 I miss football offseason thread

    Another flea flicker against the Squeelers.
  16. everlong

    2021 I miss football offseason thread

    Have to start it off with crushing the Squeelers and watching Tomlin pout.
  17. everlong

    Do the Pats go big and trade away a lot of draft picks for Watson or Wilson now?

    I think Bill wants to prove that if you give him enough talent at other positions he can win with an average quarterback. I'm not faulting him. It's like Brady wanting to prove he could win with multiple teams like Manning did and win without Bill. My hope is if, and only if, they're certain...
  18. everlong

    RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler

    A friend of mine and I were at Tia's on the waterfront circa 1991 and Hagler was there. I don't think a lot of people realized it was him but we did. We shook his hand in passing and told him what big fans we were. 15 minutes goes by and he's trying to talk with these two girls who aren't...