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OT: A Note About Gwedd
OT: UK Pats Fan Suffering depression
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    2-5.. Am I the only one who is okay with this?

    I know what you're saying, it sucks though. Rolling into October I thought we had a real shot at beating KC. Then we had a "moral victory" with Hoyer keeping it close in the first half. After that the wheels have come off and THAT is what is bothering me. The lack of anyone seeming to care...
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    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Dolphins!!!!

    China and Russia also have a great appreciation for forced patriotism and blind obedience to the State. So there are plenty of options, don't just limit it to North Korea.
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    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Dolphins!!!!

    Harry: while I hated his selfish stretch for the goal line when close to the sidelines, I can understand being over-eager especially after last season. He wants to prove himself. What was worse was his first reception. After the catch, he's running at the DB and I think "he's going to plow...
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    OT: Douchier nickname: The Boogiemen or The Perfection Line?

    My stomach turned when I heard Boogeymen. I knew we were dead in the water when Van Noy gave his little "Isn't 8-1 good?" quip.
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    Tom Brady "Football's Fun again"

    Oddly enough, I am also looking forward to football being fun again. Watching Throw Away Tom pout all season made for an unenjoyable experience as a fan last year. And yes, I am aware that not all of the problems for last season are on him. But we could all see his misery, and it was such a...
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    Cam Newton already working out with Mohamed Sanu days after signing with Patriots

    I believe that test is relatively new. My friend got tested in May and said it feels like it touches your brain.
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    Setting Stidham up for Success

    Stidham and Andrews and their SO's are out to dinner, per Instagram. This isn't the first time they've posted something together, so at very least our QB/C are buddies and hopefully this translates to good on the field chemistry.
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    Sony Michel recovering from foot surgery

    Feels like Aaron Dobson part 2. Shows promise the first season then the wheels fall off.
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    Fitzy is back

    Yes, burping for the hell of it Fitzy annoys me to no end. Glad he kept that crap out of this.
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    Mortensen Finally Admits Rush to Publish Deflategate Story

    Don't care, don't care, don't care. Maybe it's being older, maybe it's fatigue from the whole thing. But if I hear or read someone say Cheaters I just shrug and say "If your team cared as much, maybe they would do it, too." They think it. Nothing is going to stop it. I could be bitter like...
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    Mortensen Finally Admits Rush to Publish Deflategate Story

    I don't really care anymore. Brady is gone and it's a battle that, ultimately, doesn't matter anymore. It fueled Brady and the team for a few years and left to two more Super Bowl trophies. E!SPN still sucks, Mort is still an idiot, and what's the difference anymore?
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    2020 schedule to be released tomorrow - (UPDATED: Pats open vs MIA on 9/13)

    I disagree. I think they'll want to highlight us this year to appease the haters. People will time in at prime time to watch a game they think we will lose. Just like the NFL did in 2016, no Brady week 1 Sunday night against the team that was the NFC runner up. Subsequently, I always smile...
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    OT: Don Shula has passed

    Someone posted here back in 2008 "Shula's Steakhouse...home of the $20 baked potato". I always remebered that. And I never ate at a Shula's Steakhouse
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    OT: Don Shula has passed

    I'm sorry for his family's loss. All I saw was a bitter old man who was unhappy he was going to be passed by another coach and lashed out over it to delegitimize that coach's accomplishments. I hope he wasn't as miserable in his personal life as he was whenever he spoke of the Patriots. I...
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    Don't put Parcells in the Patriots Hall of Fame.

    He's in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, which makes sense. He is very deserving of that. I'd rather the Patriots HOF puts in Antonio Brown before Parcells. At least Brown wanted to be here. Parcells can go **** himself.
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    OT: NFL finds Brady visit to coach's house didn't violate rules

    Hell, I'm still waiting for the PSI data from the Seattle @ Minnesota 2015 playoff game!
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    Gronk: "I'm not totally done."

    I'm done with the both of them. You wanted out, you hated playing for the guy trying to get the best out of you, you needed to have your freedom and fun. Enjoy the Tampa retirement community.
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    trade jules

    I hope Jules stays. He'll be the face of the franchise while he is still here.
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    LOOK: Patriots Unveil New Uniform

    Would have preferred white pants with the blue home uniform, or silver pants. But I love the Color Rush Jersey and the white one is excellent. No stupid piping, no gaudiness like the shoulder Elvis or red shadow numbering from those God awful 90's jerseys. If they do a red alternate to go with...
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    Pats to Unveil New Uniforms on Patriots Day

    Could be! My main was a Brady Color Rush, and I have been waiting for the new design so I can buy a new one. Now, the player I buy I'm not really sure about yet.