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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. patriot1136

    How Much Has Our Receivers Improved?

    who is AJ Jenkins ? sounds familiar but can't picture him
  2. patriot1136

    17 game season is official

    not sure if this was mentioned yet or not, but are they changing roster rules at all? Like maybe less game day inactives or allowing more guys to come off the IR?
  3. patriot1136

    How Much Has Our Receivers Improved?

    is Byrd back next year? or is he a free agent? I don't remember
  4. patriot1136

    Current Depth Chart

    I really hope we bring back James White. Imagine all of the opportunities for him with Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry, plus with all the play actions we can do
  5. patriot1136

    Player Signing Patriots Re-sign Deatrich Wise

    cool, he's a solid role player. Need to re-sign Guy to solidify the d-line in my opinion. How's the cap looking?
  6. patriot1136

    Patriots have spoken to every team about QBs

    I like this approach actually. I don't care about style points, just win games and compete
  7. patriot1136

    Events that could have changed our 6-3 SB record in the Brady BB era

    Not sure if this was mentioned or not, but what about the 1 or 2 TD's in the Philly Super Bowl? One of those should have been overturned. That could have changed the momentum of the game. Obviously, Malcolm Butler playing would have helped
  8. patriot1136

    Bob Kravitz writes about Deflategate [Four Games in Fall Documentary]

    Can someone clarify something else for me, wasn't there an issue with the pressure gauges used? like they used 2 different gauges, not calibrated or something?
  9. patriot1136

    JJ Watt might be on the block

    No, he's on the decline and would be too expensive probably. But I personally just don't like the guy. I know thats stupid to say and I don't personally know him, but he just seems like he's phony and bugs me.
  10. patriot1136

    2021 Patriots Roster Discussion Thread

    Does anyone have an idea of the cutoff dates for players to retire? Much of our roster may be influenced by guys retiring or not retiring. For instance, its not 100% if Hightower comes back. Also, there is speculation that J. McCourty could retire (or a move to safety might be good). Bolden says...
  11. patriot1136

    2021 WR Free Agents: who’s a Patriot?

    I'm worried we may not be able to "afford" any of these guys. basically, Belichick may not want to pay any of them and may go bargain hunting.
  12. patriot1136

    Can we finally stop pretending that Cam is good?

    Someone earlier mentioned Edelman. Is it realistic he will be back this season? He would definitely be a boost to the offense and would help out Cam but I didn't think he would be recovered for this season. Plus he would have to shake off a lot of rust. I'd rather him heal up 100% and come back...
  13. patriot1136

    Kyle Dugger

    That would be great actually, if Chung is his backup. Good problem to have. I like Dugger, sky is the limit for him. Just hope he stays healthy.
  14. patriot1136

    Flashback: 2003 AFC Championship Game

    what a great team. solid on both sides of the ball. Eugene Wilson and Asante Samuel were both rookies right?
  15. patriot1136

    Flashback: 2003 AFC Championship Game

    wow, i forgot how nasty the weather was that day
  16. patriot1136

    SI report: TB12 received $1M in paycheck protection loan

    did he keep the money? Or did he end up donating it or something ?
  17. patriot1136

    First Let's Sign Our Own (we have 22 UFA's)

    The salary cap stuff is interesting. I don't fully understand it by any means. But a lot of this is going to be based on how much lower the cap is
  18. patriot1136

    Damien Harris & Jakobi Meyers

    Harris and Meyers are great, solid guys and seem to have a good reputation. I don't feel like they've hit their ceiling yet either. If the O-line can stay healthy, these guys should continue to do well. Now for next year we need a solid WR free agent or need to draft good. I don't think Harry is...
  19. patriot1136

    A few "idle thoughts"

    Looking back, we were so close to winning that game against Seattle. Not to mention, the losses to Denver, Buffalo, and Houston were pretty close. If one of those went our way, who knows what we would be saying now. I do think momentum and sometimes "swagger" from winning games is a thing.