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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    2020 Jets/JEST/Jete Suck thread

    The jets organization has a very miasmic atmosphere, however once someone is out of that building, that person magically become hirable, heck, we have people on this board talking about gase as a future oc candidate! I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it in any other pro...
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    Pederson fired, Cross Wentz off Patriots wish list

    Something bad happened to Wentz when reich left town. if I was Indy, I would figure out how to get my hands on wentz.
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    JJ Watt might be on the block

    Hard pass on watt. He is a shell of the player he once was. in this upcoming draft, we need to take barmore of Alabama in the first round and then we will have a cheaper player, who is just as good as watt and one who is ascending and not descending like watt!
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    SI claims Steve Belichick is the Patriots next HC

    interesting that saban has won 6 championships at Alabama with 6 different offensive coordinators. The one constant at Alabama is saban runs the defense regardless of who holds the defensive coordinator title,
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    OT: Lions hiring Brad Holmes as GM

    campbell would be a really good hire for them,
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    Divisional round GDT: Ravens @ Bills

    Pro football is a business first and foremost. It is very cruel and very real. pro football is also a bottom line sport. and the bottom line is winning, produce or move along.
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    2021 Cap Space

    you do realize that Hightower and Edelman rarely make it through a 16 game schedule. at some point, we have to admit they are not the players they used to be!
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    Jerod Mayo to interview for Eagles head Coach position

    like I said, Philly will always do the wrong thing,
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    2021 Mock Drafts

    If he makes it past Miami at 3, then someone in Miami needs to be fired. the ideal draft for Miami runs through Alabama. They should draft wr smith and rb Harris in the first round. Then draft ol leatherwood and ol brown in the second round.
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    BGC 2021 TE/PTP Thread

    after painfully watching Keene try to play tight end last year, I wonder if bb just moves him to delvin’s old position. that would open a spot because us to draft a real tight end.
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    BGC 2021 WR/PTP Thread

    Watched the rest of the tape on ty Wallace wide receiver of Oklahoma state. He appears to be coming off an acl tear, but he gets open all over the field. Runs a variety of routes, decent hands. He has a fourth round grade and if he is available when we pick, bb should scoop him up,
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    2020 Jets/JEST/Jete Suck thread

    In three years, someone will hire saleh as a defensive coordinator somewhere.
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    Jack Easterby Blames Kraft Family for Texans Turmoil

    How does a supposed “cancer” like easterby survive so long in bb land?
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    Jerod Mayo to interview for Eagles head Coach position

    If philly’s management had half a brain they would hire Mayo immediately and surround him with a really good former head coach/oc and let mayo lead the team. Mayo is super bright, an excellent defensive mind, loved by players and really good at motivating and bringing together a team. But this...
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    2021 Mock Drafts

    Gronkowski was more of a complete tight end coming out of college. Pitt’s is definitely a receiver first and foremost that shows some interest in blocking. I do not think Pitt’s makes it out of the top ten, unless teams are scared of his concussion history. He is the real deal if he is healthy,
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    BGC 2021 WR/PTP Thread

    Shia smith of South Carolina is another smaller receiver who could help us. Not the biggest or fastest but he gets open all over the field. very immature, not sure how bb would deal with that.
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    BGC 2021 LB/PTP Thread

    The linebackers I really like in this class are: 1.) parsons of pen state- sideline to sideline playmaker. Instincts like Brucshi. If he falls to 15, bb needs to have someone call that in ASAP! 2.) Cox of lsu - transferred in to lsu and performed really well, decent against the run and while...
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    BGC 2021 Pre-Draft/Patriot-Type Prospect(s) thread

    brown is a beast in the running game, Harris made a thousand yards by following number 65 up the field. he’s not as polished as a pass protector, but still better then mason.
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    2020 Jets/JEST/Jete Suck thread

    not sure saleh is anything better than Rex, Bowles or gase. but lafluer, he could be a positive difference maker for the Jets.
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    OT: Jags hire Urban Meyer.

    Is Meyers physically able to coach an entire nfl season? will what he did at Florida and Ohio state translate in the nfl? does he have enough time to fully implement his systems?