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  1. SoonerPatriot

    Markell Carter gets a pay raise

    Per Reiss: Practice squad defensive end/outside linebacker Markell Carter had his practice squad salary doubled by the Patriots. Carter, the sixth-round draft choice from Central Arkansas who was making $149,000, is now on the books for $306,000. Big raise for Markell Carter - New England...
  2. SoonerPatriot

    OT: Did Peter King and Favre break up?

    Lots of man love for Sanchize the last two weeks especially after the league's self professed best team's "Hall of Fame" worthy OT wins at Detroit (2-7) and Cleveland (3-6) the last couple of weeks. I hope Brett takes it okay. He has been Pete's main squeeze for quite some time.
  3. SoonerPatriot

    Love the leadership potential for Spikes

    It's hard not to like what he does on the field, but I also like that this guy is a very vocal leader in the mold of Ray Lewis. The emotional heart and soul guy is something we've been missing on D since Rodney and Bru hung it up. Mayo is more of a lead by example type. It's hard for rookies...
  4. SoonerPatriot

    The November gauntlet: Looking at the schedule

    Moving on, as bad as this team played today, looking at the schedule you figure they can beat Tenn and Miami at home and go to London and beat the Bucs. Then rest up during the week 8 bye. Now at 6-2, the rough patch comes... Nov. 15 at Indy Nov. 22 vs. Jets Nov. 30 at New Orleans After...
  5. SoonerPatriot

    Props to Guyton

    I like this kid's moxie. He's had a lot placed on his shoulders in a short amount of time and it's pretty clear he has responded. It's not perfect play by any means but he had some nice moments yesterday and played solidly in the Falcons game. What I also like about him is he is also young...
  6. SoonerPatriot

    Peter King's Top 12 QB's of all time list

    Brady checks in at a very pedestrian No. 10 on the list which sort of confirms the theory that King has never viewed Brady as a player on the same level as Manning or Favre. Not really feeling his top two either since that era is so different than the last 40 years. * This list is from his...
  7. SoonerPatriot

    The latest Pats fashion accessory

    Reiss mentioned today in his blog about the confusion on offense at times as far as communication. From Reiss..... Switching up the offensive communication. All of the Patriots' skill-position players had play sheets on their wrists as they ran the no-huddle throughout the game...
  8. SoonerPatriot

    Right on cue....Borges brings the douche

    This is actually one of the plagiarist's more fact based columns. Still, the agenda behind the curtain undercuts it all. Troubling developments - EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - You are what you are and what the New England Patriots [team stats] are at the moment is in trouble. Not...
  9. SoonerPatriot

    Good news on Mayo, at least for now

    Here's the tweet from Reiss from the conference call with BB today. "Clearing up the confusion: Belichick said he doesn't think the injury to Mayo is season-ending. No further details after that." Mike Reiss (MikeReiss) on Twitter
  10. SoonerPatriot

    If Favre is done, he went out with a whimper

    His last meaningful pass attempt was an interception which is fitting. His last play was a chinese fire drill that ended in a penalty. His final stats: 20 of 40 for 233 yards, 3 picks and a touchdown for a 45.1 rating.
  11. SoonerPatriot

    Moving forward

    As I see it there are two distinct aspects to this season. 1-Playoff chase: Unfortunately, we can probably forget about the post season. Matt Cassel is a below average starter and people have been lulled into false sense of confidence because of a workmanlike performance against arguably the...
  12. SoonerPatriot

    OT: It needs to be said, the NFL Network has been a disappointment

    Like a lot of fans, when the NFL network made its debut I was eager to see it. I b!tched to my cable company about not having it and when they finally added it to their channel lineup, I was pumped. Three years later the verdict is in: It's been a consistent disappointment. I'm not sure why...
  13. SoonerPatriot

    The official Steve Young nails on a chalkboard thread

    Is anyone already annoyed by Steve Young's seemingly endless desire to bludgeon draft viewers with hyperbole at every turn? Boomer: "Maybe the Falcons will take Matt Ryan" Steve Young (in hysterics): "There will never be another franchise quarterback in the history of the world! The Falcons...
  14. SoonerPatriot

    I met Wes Welker today

    He was in his hometown (Oklahoma City) to give new weight equipment to a local inner city high school as part of his 83 Foundation. He was very polite and seemed to be genuinely glad to be there. He even helped with some of renovation to the new weight room himself. Anyway, I asked him...
  15. SoonerPatriot

    Why I love the spy gate eruption

    All of us have different stories on how we came to love this team. For me, a born and bred Oklahoman, it was 1991. The Pats were on ESPN a couple of times in the network's early days of Sunday Night football. I fell in love with the uniforms and the goofy but energetic coach (Dick...
  16. SoonerPatriot

    The importance of a Charger win

    Actually more of a bonus. I think the Pats can beat either SD or Indy, but would rather play SD. If they win, SD would have to fly back to SD from Indy Sunday afternoon then turn around and fly all the way back across the country to NE in a 4-day span. That's a grind, even though they...
  17. SoonerPatriot

    Which Jax player shoots his mouth off this week?

    Now that we're set with Jax, which player will shoot his mouth off this week and say something stupid in the media? My money is on Clint Ingram, the thug who speared Brady last year and who also played (poorly) at my alma mater. Mirroring their meat head coach, Jax strikes me as a dumb...
  18. SoonerPatriot

    Request for photo of BB

    Sorry to start a thread on this, but does anyone have the pic of BB taken from behind with him in the hoodie with the hoodie over his head and snow falling? I think it was taken in 2004 and it's a very striking and imposing shot but I can't find it anywhere on google or yahoo or anywhere else.
  19. SoonerPatriot

    Here comes the "blue print" blather

    For the coming days and weeks it'll be the Eagles blah blah blah from the mediots. All of it presumes that BB will sit back and take nothing from this game. It presumes we're defenseless now that the Eagles have provided the "blue print". So predictable. The only thing I'm concerned...
  20. SoonerPatriot

    OT: Colts homer Kravitz (Indy Star) boo-hooing over injuries

    Manning a "superstar" Sunday night (never mind the 6 ints) SAN DIEGO -- Adam Vinatieri missed a clutch kick. Sure, and the Pope will be hosting a toga party at the Vatican on Friday night. Vinatieri...