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Dec 6th

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  1. sbcpats70

    Idle thoughts - pre-game

    I think Ken makes some very valid points here. My biggest "look out for" for Sunday's game is the Jets' special teams....we have to keep them from getting long returns on Punts and KO's. A stellar performance from the Jets ST's could make a lot of the other matchups irrelevant. If Octodad...
  2. sbcpats70

    Cromartie trying to outdo Rex

    You have the best signature ever.
  3. sbcpats70

    Fred Taylor Needs the Lions Warmup or Save him for the Jets?

    Cut the beast! I've had it with all the Taylor talk...the guy is too old and can't take a hit...he doesn't fit the mold with this year's team, IMO.
  4. sbcpats70

    Does anyone else wanna strangle Jim Nantz?

    The thing I'd want to ask Nantz is who the hell is Vince WILFERK? It's WIL-FORRRK
  5. sbcpats70

    Why did we ever get rid of the old uniforms?

    I have always equated the Reds with futility and being the laughing stock of the NFL...I'd be curious to see what the win percentage is since we went to the Bledsoe Blue and later to the currents vs. Red....I bet it's astounding. Oh, and I HATE the Reds...stupid cartoon character.
  6. sbcpats70

    How about Mankins and #3 to SD for Vincent Jackson?

    I keep thinking this over and over's clear as day. Why not kill 2 birds with one stone? Mankins is not happy and we need a bona fide deep threat. Discuss.....
  7. sbcpats70

    Jarvis Green: A man that was ready to move on

    Surprising to see people down on Jarvis...he was always a good citizen here and, while not a standout (largely due to being in the shadow of Sey and Warren), was always a reliable part of the defense. I wish him well in Denver.
  8. sbcpats70

    On a lighter note...

    The Onion always cheers me up: Everyone At Hospital Already Hates Wes Welker | The Onion - America's Finest News Source Ha!
  9. sbcpats70

    Way to go Tom! Named the comeback player of the year!

    This award should not be given for someone coming back from drug violations and league suspensions, it should go to someone who came back from something they had no control over like injuries.
  10. sbcpats70

    Caption this (MIA"@"NE)

    "Bless you, my son"
  11. sbcpats70

    Never ever watching ' Rob Schneider' again.

    Ahem...wrong. Schneider on One Day at a Time was played by Pat Harrington, Jr. Rob Reiner was meathead on All in the Family. As for Rob Schneider....F 'em.
  12. sbcpats70

    Did not having a veteran backup QB cross your mind when the 'Ankle' was reported?

    I think Cassell doesn't get enough credit. I think the kid would be fine. But, I also think this Brady foot thing is way out of hand. I remember the same issues in 2001 when it was, "Will Bledsoe play??" because of Brady's high ankle sprain, which to me looked MUCH worse than this one.
  13. sbcpats70

    What is inside BB's mind...?

    5 minutes to Wapner....I'm flying Quantas to Phoenix.
  14. sbcpats70

    Patriots Photoshop pic From Giants Forum

    Why don't YOU make one, jackass? Am I the only one that wants to punch this kid in the face?