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  1. BobDigital

    Current QB rankings

    I will leave Dak, Trubisky and Jimmy G off this list. I won't be featuring their back ups or any backups. So i'll only feature 29 players. Though Foles who is playing for Chicago would break into this list at some point near the bottom. While this list puts an enthisist on this year, it...
  2. BobDigital

    2020 season prediction

    First let me say I hate the new playoff format. Okay, moving on. AFCE Bills 11-5 Pats 9-7 (Decided to bring them down from 10-6 to 9-7) Dolphins 6-10 Jets 5-11 AFCN Ravens 12-4 Steelers 10-6 (Having Ben will look old-ish this year.) Brown 6-10 Bengals 3-13 ) AFCS Titans 10-6 Colts 9-7...
  3. BobDigital

    A game we will look back on as key to Brady's legacy

    Yes, I know he's no longer the QB here, but I just had this thought today. Let's rewind to 2018. The AFCCG with the KC @ NE. The Pats barely manage to pull out a win on a game that was arguably decided by a coin flip. I don't think anyone believes the way Mahomes was playing at that point...
  4. BobDigital

    What happens if Aliens show up? Here is your answer

    We have seen a lot of movies and read a lot of books about what an encounter with Aliens would mean for humanity. There actually has been a fair amount of work done on this at the governmental levels. It is a subject that has always tickled my fancy as a scifi fan. Here is everything I have...
  5. BobDigital

    Move on from QBs quickly

    What is it you hear everyone say about drafting QBs? Develop them slowly, ease them in, give them a few years so you know for sure what you have. Usually year 3 is the make or break year they say. Well I'm here to say this is utter nonsense! The Patriots will not compete for a championship...
  6. BobDigital

    Patriots defense going into the playoffs

    There is one game left but there are some things to talk about when it comes to think unit. Here are the main issues I want to hit on. #1 Chung - One of the most underrated and key players to this D in 2nd run of SBs has clearly started to show some signs of falling off. His play this year...
  7. BobDigital

    Patriots Midseason grades

    This is entirely based on my personal opinion, but I would love to hear how others would grade these players. Grade meanings A+ All pro level player A Pro Bowl level player A- Maybe pro bowl B+ Very good starter/elite role player B Good starter/very good role player B- Okay starter/good...
  8. BobDigital

    Random midseason thoughts around the NFL

    I guess this thread should be left until after tonight but I honestly don't think anyone cares about Pitt or Miami at this point. #1 The 49ers are a beast of a team. People keep talking about the Pats going 19-0. The 49ers have just as good a chance. While that 51-13 win against Carolina may...
  9. BobDigital

    Defensive Rankings

    There's been a lot of talk around the NFL about defenses. Which one is the best and which one isn't? Particularly when it comes to the Patriots. So I decided to dig a little deeper into the numbers and see what I could find. Please keep in mind I only looked at the top 10 teams in PPG. To do all...
  10. BobDigital

    Rank these NFC teams

    Right now the NFC looks wide open. Rank these teams from best to worst. Saints, Packers, Bears, 49ers, Rams, Seahawks, Cowboys, Lions. All have winning records and have looked very good at points this year. It would be possible to make an argument for any of them having a chance to make the...
  11. BobDigital

    Week 4 thoughts around the NFL

    about 1/4th of the regular season is in the books. I want to talk about some random NFL things that don't deserve their own thread. #1 Defense. In a league which has really done a lot to favor the offenses in the past decade i'm pretty happy to see a resurgence of defense. Around the NFL are...
  12. BobDigital

    The Jonathan Jones hit wasn't dirty

    I'm honestly surprised how big a deal is being made of this hit. Even talk by other fans and announcers of how he should have been ejected. I don't see it that way at all. Allen had every chance to slide before first contact. He didn't. He had every to allow the initial tackle to take him...
  13. BobDigital

    What makes an elite defense? Stars vs Depth

    I was thinking about making a thread comparing this years defense to the 03/04 and to a lesser extent 01 defense. Not to say for sure which is better, we would need more games to determine that. But to point out a bit of a philosophical debate. When you look at the best defenses of all time...
  14. BobDigital

    Week 2 thoughts around the NFL

    Just random thoughts that don't deserve their own thread. #1 Dallas - Can we PLEASE pump the breaks on Dallas? Seriously. They beat what may well be the 2 worst teams in the NFC by scores of 35-17 and 31-21 (NYG and Wash) respectively. Though to be fair the NYG game was far less competitive...
  15. BobDigital

    Gilmore vs Law

    Law being in his prime of course and both forced to play under the same rules. Who would you rather have? We can also through Haynes in there if you want, but I think it makes more sense to focus on the two premier CBs of the BB era.
  16. BobDigital

    Who is the team to beat in the NFC?

    The Rams are very talented but I expect a Super Bowl hangover as do most fans I think. The Saints really faded at the end of last year on offense. It makes me wonder about their chances down the stretch. A lot of people will be high on the Bears, but why would they be better this year? They...
  17. BobDigital

    Pregame Thread: Panthers at Pats

    Let's talk a bit about this one now that were just over 24 hours away. Personally I love this being our 3rd preseason game opponent. They do a lot of things well that the Pats traditionally have issues with. A Cam led team has played and beat the Pats twice. Cam Newton is the type o QB that...
  18. BobDigital

    Record Prediction

    I see the Patriots having a rocky start on the offensive side. I'm not expecting a ton from Harry in the first month. With no help from Watson/Thomas/Gordon I see this offense struggling. Not to mention they'll have basically a rookie LT as things stand now. Steelers L 20-23 - The Steelers...
  19. BobDigital

    Patriots 2018 defense positional usage

    You'll never get a direct answer out of the Patriots for how they want to use their defense and how they want to defend NFL offenses. The only thing we can do is look at what they did in the past and try to figure out what this means for the future. While there is a bit of overlap with certain...
  20. BobDigital

    Patriots 53 man roster post draft

    Obviously some things here are going to change between now and the final roster, but it would be nice to just get a look at things. * is added a new player. QB 3 - Brady Hoyer Stidham Clearly Brady is a lock as is Stidham being a 4th round pick. Hoyer should be the veteran back up unless...